Bud Candy vs Terpinator: The Best Fertilizer for Hydroponics


The best fertilizer for hydroponics is a plant-based fertilizer that promotes healthy growth. The most common type of plant-based fertilizers are peat moss, bone meal and leaf mold.

“Bud Candy vs Molasses” is the best fertilizer for hydroponics. Bud candy is a mixture of molasses, sugar, and nutrients that can be used to grow plants in soil or hydroponic systems.

It’s never simple to have a good start, particularly if you’re a beginner grower. We realize how concerned you are about the development of your plant.

But don’t worry, we’re here to make your life simpler.

You’ve probably heard of fertilizers from other gardeners. But there are so many of them on the market that you’re not sure where to start. Fortunately, we are here to assist you.

So, if you have to choose between bud candy and Terpinator for your hydroponics, which one should you go with?

Bud Candy is an organic floral enhancer that boosts plant energy for improved tastes, yields, and overall plant strength. Terpinator, on the other hand, is a natural nutritional supplement that boosts plant-oil and terpenoid synthesis while also boosting taste and dry weight. 

That’s alright, right? Then, without further ado, let’s get right down to business. 

A Brief Overview

Bud Candy and Terpinator seem to be doing the same thing. Both assist the plants by boosting production, but they work in distinct ways. The best thing is that they’re both 100 percent natural.

For your convenience, we’ve created a fast comparison table. Please have a look-

Shop Now!bud-candy-vs-terpinator-the-best-fertilizer-for-hydroponics-6532959bud-candy-vs-terpinator-the-best-fertilizer-for-hydroponics-48494961 Liter Bud CandyEnhances the sweetness and quality of the product.From the start of blooming until one week before to harvest.
Shop Now!1650338697_457_bud-candy-vs-terpinator-the-best-fertilizer-for-hydroponics-81962651650338698_253_bud-candy-vs-terpinator-the-best-fertilizer-for-hydroponics-83392251 liter TerpinatorAids in the production of oils and aromas3-5 times each week

In addition, we’ve included a graph for your consideration.


This was just the beginning. We’re now on our way to the main meal. So please bear with us!

If you don’t have enough time, you may skip forward to our Which is the superior option? section for a fast decision.

Comparative Analysis



To help you understand how the fertilizers vary, we’ve put up a full comparison. You may simply determine which is better suited to your plants after comparing them in all of the main characteristics of the best fertilizer. 


It’s understandable that you’re concerned as a user; what are the components in Bud Candy?

The greatest thing is that Bud Candy is completely organic. 0.5 percent water-soluble magnesium is the sole nutrient specified on the label. This is due to the fact that different states have varying labeling rules. The following is also included in the package: 

  • Potassium Soluble (K2O) 
  • Sulfate of potassium 
  • Citric Acid is a kind of acid that is used to
  • Vitamin C (ascorbic acid)
  • Polyphenolic Compounds are phenolic compounds that are found in plants. 
  • Esters
  • Cane Juice (Raw)
  • Brown Molasses, Sweet
  • Extract of Fermented Yeast  

All of them are natural sources of nutrients for your plants. 

Terpinator, on the other hand, uses a quality source of potassium to your plants derived from Sulfate of potassium. We combine this with a proprietary blend of natural Ingredients to create a liquid fertilizer that improves the resin and terpene production of your plants. Ingredients must be sourced in the right ionic form so that they are not only dissolvable in water but also made readily available to the plants to uptake.

Tie for first place


If you’re concerned about the cost, we’ve addressed that as well. Various pricing for different amounts may be found on the internet. 

Bud Candy costs roughly $20 for a liter of Bud Candy on most websites. Terpinator, on the other hand, costs roughly $23 for 1 Litre.

Bud Candy seems to be less expensive than Terpinator.

Bud Candy came out on top.


One of the numerous worries when it comes to fertilizer is its availability. Bud Candy, fortunately, is accessible in every state in the US.

Terpinator is also widely accessible since it is an organic fertilizer. These nutrients are readily available at any hydroponic store. 

In addition, the bottles for Bud sweets and Terpinator are different. Let’s take a closer look!

Get Now!1650338702_282_bud-candy-vs-terpinator-the-best-fertilizer-for-hydroponics-66941461650338703_170_bud-candy-vs-terpinator-the-best-fertilizer-for-hydroponics-7046858Milligram Scale (50g/0.001g) by ZENCROHigh-precision sensors and an easy-to-read LCD display characterize this electronic digital measuring spoon.
Get Now!1650338704_339_bud-candy-vs-terpinator-the-best-fertilizer-for-hydroponics-50670311650338705_173_bud-candy-vs-terpinator-the-best-fertilizer-for-hydroponics-2432131Measuring Cup and Digital Kitchen ScaleIt’s accurate and simple to use. The LCD display is large and simple to see.
Make a decision right now!1650338707_25_bud-candy-vs-terpinator-the-best-fertilizer-for-hydroponics-87506031650338708_633_bud-candy-vs-terpinator-the-best-fertilizer-for-hydroponics-3635193Terpinator – Liquid Nutrients, 1 Gallon, For Hydroponics and Soil
Make a decision right now!1650338709_620_bud-candy-vs-terpinator-the-best-fertilizer-for-hydroponics-55089971650338710_796_bud-candy-vs-terpinator-the-best-fertilizer-for-hydroponics-84618161 quart Terpinator – Liquid Nutrients for Hydroponics and Soil
Make a decision right now!1650338711_905_bud-candy-vs-terpinator-the-best-fertilizer-for-hydroponics-52758911650338712_318_bud-candy-vs-terpinator-the-best-fertilizer-for-hydroponics-3999479Terpinator Pack of 2 RZF10010 1L Fertilizer Nutrient (1 Quart/0.946 Liters) Terpinator Pack of 2 RZF10010 1L Fertilizer Nutrient Terpinator Pack of 2 RZF10010 1L Fertilizer Nutrient Brown
Make a decision right now!1650338713_720_bud-candy-vs-terpinator-the-best-fertilizer-for-hydroponics-18279091650338714_716_bud-candy-vs-terpinator-the-best-fertilizer-for-hydroponics-9138804Terpinator RZF10010, 1L Fertilizer Nutrient, Terpinator Pack of 4 RZF10010, 1L Fertilizer Nutrient, Terpinator Pack of 4 RZF10010, 1L Fertilizer Nutrient, Terpinator Pack of 4 Brown
Make a decision right now!1650338716_121_bud-candy-vs-terpinator-the-best-fertilizer-for-hydroponics-63585281650338717_470_bud-candy-vs-terpinator-the-best-fertilizer-for-hydroponics-9865671Terpinator – Liquid Nutrients for Hydroponics and Soil, 6 gal. Terpinator – Liquid Nutrients for Hydroponics and Soil, 6 gal.
Make a decision right now!1650338697_457_bud-candy-vs-terpinator-the-best-fertilizer-for-hydroponics-81962651650338698_253_bud-candy-vs-terpinator-the-best-fertilizer-for-hydroponics-8339225Terpinator – Liquid Nutrients for Hydroponics and Soil, 2.5 gal. Terpinator – Liquid Nutrients for Hydroponics and Soil, 2.5 gal.

Tie for first place

Versatile Application

It’s undoubtedly a waste of money if a $20 product just does one thing.

But what about the good news? In this scenario, you don’t have to be concerned about it. Bud Candy and Terpinator are primarily intended for usage in hydroponics. They may, however, be employed in soil.

The quantity of filtration needed by hydroponic fertilizers is the fundamental difference between soil and hydroponic nutrients.

Bud Candy and Terpinator may also be used along with other organic fertilizers. Here are some of the finest organic fertilizers to use with them to get the greatest results.

So, if you’re considering it, What are the benefits of Bud Candy for plants?

Bud Candy provides sugars, amino acids, and vitamins to your plants, resulting in larger, more delicious blossoms. It gives your plants the glucose they need to get over the mid-bloom lull.

Terpinator may also be used on soil plants. It will boost the scent and plant oil levels.

It also helps to increase taste by boosting the terpene profile specific to your plant’s DNA.

We don’t advocate using them in aquariums, however. Instead, you should use substrates that have been particularly prepared for your plants. 

When it comes to substrates, you must choose the appropriate one. Substrates such as Flourite or Eco-complete are excellent choices. However, you must choose them depending on their characteristics.

Tie for first place

Safety Concerns for Pets and Children


Green Matters (https://www.greenmatters.com/) is a website dedicated to environmental issues.

What if it gets licked by my dog? What happens if my kid consumes it?

Bud Candy and Terpinator are both organic pesticides that may be used on food plants. They are, however, fairly poisonous and may be harmful to youngsters or pets if swallowed. Touching it may also cause minor skin discomfort. Touching large quantities of plant fertilizer, on the other hand, may cause burns.

As a result, there’s a risk that your inquisitive pet may dig up and devour your fertilizer. However, it is dependent on the quantity of food they consume. It shouldn’t be an issue if the quantity is minimal. 

If someone eats a substantial quantity, they should be sent to the hospital right away. As a result, it’s recommended to keep them out of reach of youngsters.

The good news is that these fertilizers are generally safe for children and pets. Furthermore, we found these two to be rather innocuous when comparing Tiger Bloom to Big Bloom. 

Tie for first place


When you smell Bud Candy, you’ll notice that it has no unpleasant scents. Instead, it has a pleasant aroma.

If you notice an unusual odor, it’s probably because it’s beyond its prime. You can detect whether your fertilizer smells nice or terrible by sniffing it. However, do not inhale it.

Bud Candy, on the other hand, will not attract pests. Your bud sweeteners should also not catch your neighbors’ curiosity. Because it has a light, pleasant scent.

Terpinator, on the other hand, has no discernible scent. It won’t have a noticeable fragrance since you’ll be combining it with water. They don’t seem to attract pests, according to users. You won’t have to worry about fleas or irritating your neighbors as a consequence.

Tie for first place

Applicant Count

Your other grower pals may have given you a lot of fertilizer advice. Although the experience of consumers is vital, you must remember that utilizing the proper quantity of product is significantly more crucial.

Most importantly overuse can cause severe harm to plants like burns. Thus, you need to know the perfect Applicant Count for your plants.

These Applicant Counts vary in Bud Candy and Terpinator. Below we will discuss them according to the different plant growth stages.

Let’s go!

Stage of Vegetation: 

Cannabis plants’ vegetative stage may span anywhere from 3 to 16 weeks, or even longer in outdoor plantations.

Depending on the desired plant size, most gardeners let their indoor plants vegetate between 4-8 weeks. Cannabis plants may begin blooming as early as the fourth week of the vegetative stage.

Bud Candy is a candy made from buds.

You may absolutely use Bud Candy throughout the vegetative stage. Carbohydrates will be used by the plants to generate more energy. Bacteria and fungus will also feed on the sugars, providing extra nutrients to the plants.

Bud sweets should be used from week 4 until week 8. 1 gallon or 1 liter of o.5 ml-1 milliliter


This product is safe to use throughout the plant’s life cycle and is compatible with all fertilizers and growth medium.

During the Vegetating Stage, however, combine 5-10 ml per gallon and utilize it for 3 to 16 weeks.

Growth Stage for Reproduction and Fruit Set:

Fruit set happens a few days after floral opening and marks the ovary’s shift from flower to developing fruit. Physiological fruit fall is the term for this phenomena. This period varies depending on the plant, as does the length of time we need to apply fertilizer at that point.

Bud Candy is a candy made from buds.

Bud Candy is quite simple to use. Simply add 2 ml per liter or 0.4 teaspoon per quart to the reservoir. This phase begins in week one and lasts until week six.


Terpinator should be used for 8-11 weeks, according to Terpinators’ official website. In a gallon of water, combine 10–30 ml.

Make sure you’re using these fertilizers at the rates we recommended. Most importantly, you must be patient. Before utilizing extra items to attain quicker results, wait for the results.

Timeline for Submissions

We have discussed the Applicant Count. Now let’s move on to the Timeline for Submissions. But keep in mind this is an ideal schedule for your growing plants. 

Bud Candy

When it comes to fertilizer, the first thing that springs to mind is, “When should I apply Bud Candy?”

Bud Candy may be used to feed beneficial microorganisms in the root zone at any time, from rooted cuttings until the week before the flush. However, for maximum results, we recommend applying it from week one through week six of the blooming period.

Week Bud Candy
Week 12 ml/L
Week 22 ml/L
Week 32 ml/L
Week 42 ml/L
Week 52 ml/L
Week 62 ml/L

Make sure it’s proportionate to the amount of water. This, according to users, produces the best outcomes. 

In terms of measurement, we believe that a measuring tool kit may help guarantee that you obtain the correct amount of fertilizer. So, in the table below, we’ve included a few of them. You may read it if you want to.


It may be used during a plant’s whole life cycle. So, how frequently should Terpinator be used? 

Terpinator should be used every time you water your plants. You may also use it with any fertilizer or growth medium. 

The ideal routine for your plants is mentioned below.

a week ( Every watering)Terpinator
Week 15ml/1 tsp
Week 25ml/1 tsp
Week 35ml/1 tsp
Week 45ml/1 tsp
Week 52 tsp/10 ml
Week 62 tsp/10 ml
Week 73 tsp/15 ml/1 tbsp/15 milliliter
Week 83 tsp/15 ml/1 tbsp/15 milliliter
Week 95 tsp/ 25 ml
Week 105 tsp/ 25 ml
Week 115 tsp/ 25 ml
Week 125 tsp/ 25 ml
Week 12+5 tsp/ 25 ml

Make sure you’re sticking to the timetable we’ve laid out for you. Overuse will not provide the finest results; instead, it will injure your plants.

We found Terpinator to be simpler to use than bud candy since it can be used with any fertilizer. 

Terpinator comes out on top.

Methodology of Use


https://bobsgrowmart.com/ is a good place to start.

It is important to know the perfect Methodology of Use as it varies from plant to plant. So, you must be thinking How do you use Bud Candy nutrients?

Bud Candy fertilizers are simple to apply. During the blossoming time, just pour the fertilizer into the reservoir with each watering.

Bud Candy and Terpinator are both used in the same way. They are both water soluble. All you have to do now is fill your watering container with fertilizers. Always modify fertilizing rates according to your plant’s reaction.

The reservoir in deep water culture systems should be replaced every 3-5 days. While using Terpinator, make sure the reservoir is aerated.

Tie for first place

Consequences/Side Effects

Two of the greatest liquid organic fertilizers on the market are Bud Candy and Terpinator. These formulae are incredibly powerful, straightforward, and simple to use. However, much like every other fertilizer, they have side effects. Both magnesium and potassium may be found in blossom sweets.

At the same time, Terpinator concentrates on providing your plants with a high-quality potassium supply generated from Sulfate of potassium. If you misuse them, you will cause more harm than good. 

Because excessive amounts of magnesium do not develop soon in soil, a little more magnesium is not very detrimental.

Magnesium, on the other hand, decreases calcium absorption. As a result, the plant exhibits general signs of an excess of salts, such as stunted development and dark-colored foliage.

Too much potassium produces nitrogen shortage, which is the most serious concern. This will eventually impede the plant’s development and cause chlorosis. Your plants’ natural color will be ruined.

It causes the bottom regions of the stem’s older leaves to yellow. The veins on the leaves then become crimson. Newer leaves will also be smaller in size.

The best outcomes aren’t determined by how much product you use, but by when and how you use it. So, to achieve the finest outcomes without overusing them, we urge that you follow our guidelines. 

So, which is the better option?

Now that you’ve gone through the Comparative Analysis you must have got a good idea of the purpose and results of these fertilizers. After a Comparative Analysis, we would recommend that Terpinator is a better product.

PriceImageProductWhich is the superior option?
Grab Now!bud-candy-vs-terpinator-the-best-fertilizer-for-hydroponics-6532959bud-candy-vs-terpinator-the-best-fertilizer-for-hydroponics-4849496Bud Candy Fertilizer, 1 Liter, Brown/A, Advanced Nutrients 2320-14Flowers taste better when they’re sweetened.
Grab Now!1650338709_620_bud-candy-vs-terpinator-the-best-fertilizer-for-hydroponics-55089971650338710_796_bud-candy-vs-terpinator-the-best-fertilizer-for-hydroponics-84618161 quart Terpinator – Liquid Nutrients for Hydroponics and SoilBetter at boosting plant oil

Can I combine Bud sweets with other nutrients? is a question that may arise in your thoughts.

Bud Candy is 100 percent organic, so it can be used in an organic regimen with ease. When you apply synthetic fertilizers, it also gives your flowers vitality. 

You can really utilize both of them at the same time, which is what we suggest. Because the texture of fruit includes diverse nutrients, even though their goal is to raise production, blossom boosting, and enhance scent. As a result, we suggest using both or combining them with additional fertilizers. 

We also understand if you are on a tight budget. The only terpinator, on the other hand, is one of the greatest oil-boosting fertilizers, according to several reviews. However, we suggest combining it with Epsom salt. It is less expensive, with 3 pounds costing roughly $5. 

If you aren’t utilizing bud candy, we suggest applying at least some form of magnesium fertilizer. Bud Candy offers magnesium to fast-growing plants during peak bloom periods. Plants that lack it blossom slowly and grow dull-looking, yellowish leaves. 


Now that we’ve gone through our article, we hope it’s answered all of your questions. If you still have questions, we’ve addressed the most commonly asked questions in this area. 

When do I need to quit taking Terpinator?

Terpinator will last for two years if sealed and kept in a cool, dry location away from direct sunlight. We suggest that you use it within a year after its first release. 

Is Terpinator a natural product?

Yes, Terpinator is 100% organic. The main ingredient Sulfate of potassium is collected from natural sources.

What does a gallon of Bud Candy cost?

You should add o.5 ml-1 ml per gallon or 1L of water during the vegetative phases, and 10–30 ml per gallon of water during the reproduction and fruit set stages of growth.

Does Terpinator have any effect on EC?

Terpinator has a negligible effect on your EC. It’s also pH neutral, with a great pH of approximately 6.

What does a gallon of Terpinator cost? 

You should add 5-10 ml per gallon of water during the vegetative phases, and 10-30 ml per gallon of water during the reproduction and fruit set stages of growth.


That was the last thing we had for you today. We hope this article has answered all of your questions regarding bud Candy versus terpinator.

As a gardener, you may now simply pick the fertilizer you desire. Please let us know if this information was helpful in the comments section below.

In the meanwhile, happy planting! 

The “purpinator” is a fertilizer that has been used for decades. It contains no phosphorus, and it also doesn’t contain any nitrogen. This means it is perfect for hydroponics.

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