The 9 Best Chainsaw Chain For Cutting Firewood Reviews


Top 9 Best chainsaw chain for cutting firewood: To be precise, we all know what a chainsaw is. It cuts things for us like woods, entire trees, and much more stuff that we need to be shaped for our daily needs. When it is about firewood for our day to day life, we always prefer a chainsaw to cut things and prepare. The different chainsaw can have different firepower, but the most common element is the chain; they are named chainsaw. We can find a better chainsaw for our use, but if the chain starts disturbing us and needs to be changed, then the real problem occurs. Not all that time, it is necessary to change your whole chain set; besides, it is not possible always because of the financial issues. So, we need to put up a new chain for better use.

In the same way, searching around the online market, you will find many chainsaw chains, which can offer you the service you want, but it is not easy to find the best one. That is why today we have prepared this article with a long list of the best chainsaw chain for cutting firewood. But before we start mentioning those, let us have a quick look at the types of chainsaw chains.

A chainsaw is one of the best equipment for cutting things inside the wood industry, and it is used for cutting and mowing. As we already mentioned, the chainsaw chain is an essential element; therefore, we must know the chain’s type before we buy. Because according to our need we have to decide which chain is ideal for our use.

A chainsaw is the primary tool of the wood industry, used for cutting and harvesting. This equipment has several elements and mechanisms that have a specific use technique with special care. However, it is the tooth shape that determines the cutting ability. According to the tooth shape, chainsaw chains are eight in type,

Top 9 Best chainsaw chain for cutting firewood

1. Oregon S33 Advance Cut 8-Inch Chainsaw Chain

Oregon S33 Advance Cut 8-Inch Chainsaw Chain is mainly designed for those users who are infrequent users and want a low-vibration and low-kickback saw chain. The homeowners also prefer it not by commercial users. This chain has the Chamfer Chisel cutters’ twin cutting corners, and it offers exceptional acts. Moreover, these cutters are long-lasting, easy to maintain, and compassionate. Looking at the highlighted features we have,

Highlighted features

  • It has low kickback performance.
  • Pitch: 3/8″ Low Profile, gauge: 050″, drive link count: 33.
  • For saw sizes up to 42 cc.
  • LubriTec keeps the chain and guide bar oiled for less friction and longer life.
  • Manual type Power Source.


  • This chain is easy to maintain
  • Delivers precise cutting
  • Easy to install
  • Value for money


  • Requires more longevity
  • Doesn’t fit all chainsaws

As Oregon S33 Advance Cut 8-Inch Chainsaw Chain is advertised, it contains the same features according to the users. The primary issue is longevity, which can be ignored if you have the desired performance.

2. Oregon R34 AdvanceCut Micro Lite Chainsaw Chain

Oregon R34 AdvanceCut 8-Inch Micro Lite Chainsaw Chain is mainly designed for a small-sized chainsaw, and it fits well on those; this thing first on 8 in Micro-Lite bars. Talking about one outstanding feature of this chain is that it requires less power when functioning. It also features low-kickback and low-vibration, which meets the ANSI and CSA low-kickback requirements. There are some other highlighted features like,

Oregon R34 AdvanceCut 8-Inch Micro Lite Chainsaw Chain

Highlighted features

  • 8″ chain fits Poulan and Remington brands pole saws
  • UL classified low-kickback saw chain
  • Made in USA at ISO certified facility
  • Advanced technology ensures tough, sharp cutters
  • 8″ chain fits Poulan and Remington brands pole saws


  • This chain is easy to install
  • Light weighted
  • User friendly
  • Perfect fit


  • Not suitable for larger size chainsaw

It is pretty sure that Oregon R34 Advance Cut 8-Inch Micro Lite Chainsaw Chain is for the small size chainsaw, and it is one of the best ones. So, if you have a small one, then go for it.

3. BLACK+DECKER RC800 8-Inch Saw Chain

BLACK+DECKER RC800 8-Inch Saw Chain is Well-matched with: NPP2018, CS818. The RC800 efficiently handles yard projects, like trimming and cutting wood. One of the best things about this chain is that it is compact and lightweight for easy storage, so you can swiftly replace a leaden chain and finish your tasks. Highlighted features of this chain are,

BLACK+DECKER RC800 8-Inch Saw Chain

Highlighted features

  • Replaces dull chains
  • Measures 8.0-Inch in length; weighs 3.0-Pound
  • Compact and lightweight for easy storage
  • Effectively handles a variety of yard clean-up and maintenance projects


  • Does the most household tasks
  • Solid design
  • Strong performance
  • Easy to install and light weighted


  • Less Durability

After watching the features of BLACK+DECKER RC800 8-Inch Saw Chain, it is considered that this chain is very good at its performance, but the longevity is doubtful. But still, it is recommended for its excellent performance.

4. Oregon S40 Advance Cut 10-Inch Chainsaw Chain

Oregon S40 Advance Cut 10-Inch Chainsaw Chain is another quality product from Oregon. It is also for household use and fits well. It is instrumental and powerful due to its low-vibration and low-kickback feature. These chains are tough, easy to maintain, and fits many chainsaw models. 

Oregon S40 Advance Cut 10-Inch Chainsaw Chain

Highlighted features

  • Accuracy cutting, heat-treated, and hard-chromed cutter chain
  • Exceptional cutter design cuts smooth and fast with minimum kickback
  • Built for safety, performance, and quality
  • Fits many chainsaw models like Craftsman/Sears 172.43983, 358.35083, 358.35514. Earthwise CPS40110, LCS32010, LPS4210, PS40010. Echo CS-27IT, CS-3000, PPF-225*, PPF-280*, PPT-265, PPT-265S*, PPT-266, PPT-280* (*Only when used with Oregon branded bars). Greenworks 10in/20V/Li-ION, 2000102 24V Li-Ion, 20262 40V Li-ION, 20292 40V Li-ION, 20362 24V Li-ION, 7A 2-in-1 Pole Saw 20062. Poulan 1800, 2000, 2300, Micro 25 XXV Series. Remington Pole Saw: 106821A, 106890-01, 106890-02, PS1510A, RM1015PS, RM1025P, and RM1025SPS. Troy-Bilt TBCS57. Worx WG309. Sun Joe 20ViON-CS10, SWJ803E, SWJ807E.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Mesmerizing presentation
  • Easy to install
  • Powerful cutting ability


  • Not for every chainsaw

So, watching all the features of the Oregon S40 Advance Cut 10-Inch Chainsaw Chain, we can say this chain has an excellent ability to cut things for your use, but it is not suitable for all the chainsaw. So be sure before you buy.

5. Oregon L74 ControlCut 18-Inch Chainsaw Chain

Oregon L74 Control Cut 18-Inch Chainsaw Chain comes with low vibration and low kickback requirements and fits on an 18 in. bar (.325 in, pitch Pro-Guard). This chain is a brilliant selection for anyone who cuts clean wood and uses a saw that takes .325 in. pitch cutting accessories. In Oregon, you can find the correct replacement parts and accessories for your chainsaw.


Highlighted features

  • 18 in. low-kickback chain
  • Made by the world’s leading saw chain manufacturer
  • Pitch: .325″, gauge: .063″, drive link count: 74
  • For saw sizes 38-62 cc
  • LubriTec keeps your chain and guide bar oiled for less friction and longer life
  • Blued Cutters deliver high-quality protection against corrosion
  • Exclusive OCS-01 Steel provides greater durability
  • Top-Plate Filing Indicators make precise improving easier
  • Chain fits many Stihl brand chainsaws
  • UL classified to conform to ANSI175.1 standards for low-kickback saw chain


  • Easy maintenance
  • Cuts wood perfectly
  • Value for money
  • Durable


  • Product size is not perfect for all chainsaw size

On the whole, Oregon L74 Control Cut 18-Inch Chainsaw Chain is a classy product as it is advertised. This chain is in our recommended list if it fits your chainsaw.

6. STIHL 26RM3-74 Oilomatic Rapid Micro Comfort

If you are searching for a STIHL chain, you should try the STIHL 26RM3-74 Oilomatic Rapid Micro Comfort model. It is 74 drive lengths long, and it is also the reduced kickback tendency version of STIHL Rapid Micro comfort. It also has lower vibration levels to help minimize operator tiredness. This chain offers minimum cutting friction, fast cutting, and handy use for any wood.


Highlighted features

  • 0.325-Inch rapid micro chain
  • 74 Drive lengths
  • Reduced kickback, for less risk
  • Lower vibration levels to help reduce operator exhaustion


  • Comes in a pack of 3
  • Eye-catching body dimension
  • Reduced vibration for better use
  • First-class structure
  • Flawless for all responsibilities


  • Does not comes with fitting manual
  • Less durability

So, watching all the advantages and drawbacks, it is clear that this chain is ideal for use, but for those who are looking for long-lasting material, it can be a second choice.

7. Sun Joe 8-Inch Semi Chisel Pole Chain Saw Chain

Sun Joe 8-Inch Semi Chisel Pole Chain Saw Chain is one of the best replacement chains available, and it has an extended service capacity. It is built for precise cutting and has excellent materials to ensure that it lasts for years without creating any problems. People use this chain for replacements.

Highlighted features

  • 8-inch chain fits Sun Joe models SWJ800E, SWJ802E and iON8PS
  • Precision cutting chain, heat-treated, and hard-chrome cutter chain
  • Unique cutter design cuts smooth and fast with minimum kickback
  • Planned for safety, performance, and quality
  • Advanced technology ensures tough, sharp cutters


  • Reasonable price
  • Best for replacement
  • Effective for any kind of wood cutting
  • Intense cutting sharpness


  • Not fits in all chainsaws

Sun Joe 8-Inch Semi Chisel Pole Chain Saw Chain is in our recommended list because of its replacement use. It can be the right choice if it fits in your chainsaw.

8. Husqvarna Chainsaw Chain 14″ .050 Gauge

Husqvarna Chainsaw Chain 14″ .050 Gauge chains are planned to enhance your chainsaw & reach high presentation. It doesn’t matter what job you need to get through; it will bring in good results. If we look down into the highlighted features of these chainsaw chains,


Highlighted features

  • It is a low kickback, low-vibration chain
  • Established to meet the specific needs of today’s lightweight chainsaws
  • Great cutting performance and big mouth cut
  • Perfect for arborists
  • Perfect for smaller-size chainsaws in high-production environment
  • Prepared for these Husqvarna chainsaw models: 120, 136, 141, 235, 240, 316E, 334T, 335 XPT, 336, 338 XPT and T435


  • Versatile use and powerful
  • Low vibration and user friendly
  • Easy maintenance


  • Sometimes comes with wrong size

These are the main aspects of Husqvarna Chainsaw Chain 14″ .050 Gauge. Regarding the right side, it is on our recommended list.

9. Husqvarna Chainsaw Chain 18″ .050 Gauge

Husqvarna Chainsaw Chain 18″ .050 Gauge is mostly a similar range product like the previous one but has a long-range of cutting because of 18-inch size. It is also considered a commercial cutter chain. Precise cutting, low kickback, and vibration all are offered with this chain.


Highlighted features

  • It is a low kickback, low-vibration chain
  • Established to meet the specific needs of today’s lightweight chainsaws
  • Great cutting performance and big bore cut
  • Perfect for arborists
  • Perfect for smaller-size chainsaws in high-production environment
  • Well suited for commercial cutters, arborists and occasional users


  • It is very easy to clean up
  • Fast replacement
  • Less vibration


  • Not as promoted

On the whole, Husqvarna Chainsaw Chain 18″ .050 Gauge is a well features product and recommended as per use.

How to Install Chain on Chainsaw

There are many moving components into a chainsaw. So, it can be very difficult to find out how to replace the chain of a chainsaw and place it back properly.

But no need to be worried, we will cover everything here. This post will teach you the technique step by step so that you can change your chainsaw chain successfully. Let’s know step by step: –

1. Buy a New Chain

There are two different options for you to find out the right chain. First, you can buy the replica of your current chainsaw chain. In other words, you can buy a new version of your old chain if the manufacturer still provided them.

If you want to get something different or want to blow the old chain into tiny bits, it is very important to buy a chain that will be compatible with your chainsaw and the guide bar of it. 

You have to look for 3 points at the time of buying a chain that is compatible with your chainsaw bar. These are: –

  • 1.Gauge
  • 2.Link count
  • 3.Pitch

2. Get a gauge tool and a wrench

In order to perform this process, you need not only a new chain but also a wrench and a gauge tool. A wrench would be used to open the casing of the chainsaw and also used to loosen the chain.

On the other hand, the gauge tool will be helpful for you to maintain and clean your chainsaw bar.

3. Remove the front panel

Now you have the new chain and all other tools that you need to start this process. First, you have to remove the chainsaw’s front panel.

Among the two sides of the chainsaw, only one side is removable and it is sealed with bolts. You have to find out the right side and have to remove the bolts by using your wrench. 

After removing all of the bolts, lift the casing up and away from your chainsaw. After doing it successfully, you will get the front panel off. 

4. Pull the bar off

After getting the outer casing out, it’s easy to take this thing apart. Now, you can pull and remove the bar and the chain without doing any hard work because of having not much held the bar in place. After lifting off the chain from the base of the chainsaw which is known as sprocket, it would become pretty much easy for you to remove the chain.

5. Remove the old chain

Once both the bar and the chain off of the chainsaw, remove the old chain of the chainsaw from the bar. After successfully removing the chain and the chainsaw guide bar and chain, next need some cleaning tasks.

6. Inspect and clean the bar

The chainsaw bar is one of the strongest parts of a chainsaw that can pretty beat up. We are using it for grinding trees. So, at the time of every chain replacement, you should do a few things to maintain the guide bar. Specifically, these are:

  • Oil hole and the bar track cleaning.
  • The track height measurement.
  • Remove the metal burrs

7. Clean the surround of the sprocket

After cleaning the bar properly, you should clean the sprocket. The sprocket is a metal made cylinder, actually, its mechanism turns the chainsaw’s chain by using the power of the engine on a chainsaw. For cleaning sprockets, you can use rags, an air compressor, and your gauge tools. With the help of these tools, remove the oils, grime, the dirt. Now your cleaning task is officially finished. The next task is to place all the components back together.

8. Re-assemble the bar and chain

The process of re-assemble starts with the chain and bar. Pick your new brought chain and wrap this around the cleaned-up guide bar. The chainsaw has the chain’s drive links which is the sharpest part and it always goes straight into the bar track. The sharp part of the cutter goes through outside.

The chain is too sharp, so you should ensure your safety at the time of reassembly. you should wear protective gloves to protect your hands.

Now assemble the bar and chain together and attach the bar with the chainsaw’s body. Then wrap the new chain around the sprocket and attach the bar slides on the pegs. Finally, re-attach the front panel on your chainsaw.

9. Screw the panel back-on

The front panel and the blot re-attach process are the same of its take off but in reverse. So, easily placed the side panel and screwed it back with the help of your wrench.

10. Tighten the new chain

Your reassembling process is almost finished but its chain is loose now. You have to fix this before it’s safe to run. You can fix this low-tension problem by using the screwdriver side of the wrench. The tension screw is typically placed in one of two places:

  1. It is usually placed on the side next to the bolt which holds the casing.
  2. Sometimes on the front side of the chainsaw.

If you don’t find out the tension screw, look around at your chainsaw’s outside body. You may be able to see a small hole including a screw at its endpoint and it’s your wanted tension screw.

There is also a good alternative, you can find the right location of this screw with help of the user manual. By using this screw, you can easily change the chain tension.

11. Test the Tension of the Chain

After tightening the chain of your chainsaw, you should test its tension before use. There is an easy way to identify that the chain’s tension is enough or not. For this test, pull out on the chain.

Loose level of tension

If the drive links become completely free on the bar track, you have to understand that the chain is too loose.

Good level of tension

When you pull out the drive links a little, its ends will remain within the bar track.

High level of tension

You also ensured that your chain was not too tight. The too tight chains can cause overheat of your chainsaw and also can kill the engine. If the chain becomes a little too tight, it will impact the ease of cutting.

By following these steps, you can easily replace the chain of your chainsaw and can improve the working skill of your chainsaw.

Final Verdict

At the end of this article, we all know the variety of chainsaw chains and the best trending chains in the market. Depending on which firewood you are cutting and what are the other cutting purpose you have to choose you chainsaw chain. It is inexpensive to cut dry firewood with a chainsaw in the long run. Most of the time we prefer the model of chain that doesn’t made for our chainsaw, and as the result we cannot become satisfied. But now as it is listed, hopefully this article will help you to find out which one is better for your use.

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