Thrive vs Easy Green: Which Aquarium Fertilizer is the Best?


Which Aquarium Fertilizer is the Best?

Thrive vs Easy Green: Which Aquarium Fertilizer is the Best?. Thrive has a lot of different products, but it’s all in one aquarium fertilizer was voted best by users on Amazon.

Your aquarium plants have begun to turn yellow and are on the approach of passing away. To keep them alive, you’ll need the greatest fertilizer. Thrive and Green is simple to make. are the two most popular fertilizers on the market today.

However, deciding which one is appropriate for your planted tank is crucial. So, in the thrive vs. Green is simple to make. discussion, which one should you pick?

In terms of nature, both of these fertilizers are pretty comparable. Their dose rate, on the other hand, is what separates them. When compared to Thrive, Green is simple to make. may be used less. Furthermore, the items are priced differently. Here, we can see that simple green is the most costly. As a result, you must consider this before making a decision.

Are you enjoying the sneak peek? We’ve gone through these two fertilizers in great depth in this essay. It will provide a much better picture, possibly assisting you in selecting the best one for your tank.

As a result, if you have any free time, read this.

A Quick Recap

Let’s take a look at the big picture before we get into the details. Let’s look at the fundamental distinctions between thrive and simple green all-in-one fertilizers. 

ImageTitleSubstance is lacking.SizeDose PercentagePrice
thrive-vs-easy-green-which-aquarium-fertilizer-is-the-best-4600797thrive-vs-easy-green-which-aquarium-fertilizer-is-the-best-8298619Thrive Fertilizer for Planted AquariumsNitrate500 milliliters, 2 liters, and 4 litersper 10 liters, 1 pump (2ml)Purchase on
1650339607_949_thrive-vs-easy-green-which-aquarium-fertilizer-is-the-best-38567591650339608_697_thrive-vs-easy-green-which-aquarium-fertilizer-is-the-best-5966694All-in-One Fertilizer for Green is simple to make.Copper1 liter, 500 ml10 gallons/1 pump (1ml)Purchase on

We now have a fundamental understanding of the two fertilizer products. Let’s look at the details of the comparison.

Comparative Analysis

Now that we’ve seen the teaser, we can go further into the specifics. We’ve grouped some common inquiries about each of these goods into categories. We’ve done the same thing with the popular tiger bloom and the large bloom. We’ll do the same with this. 

What Do Fertilizers Contain?

All of the needed micro and Macronutrients must be present in the fertilizers. The majority of them are designed to be water soluble so that the plants may absorb them readily.

The ingredients in Thrive are usually listed on the label of the fertilizer. The components for the simple green may be found in the same place.

The substances utilized in both the thrive and the Green is simple to make. are listed below. This list will explain what each fertilizer includes and the sort of nutrients it requires.


Fertilizers are split into two groups by the components they contain. Micronutrients and macronutrients are two types of nutrients.

Macronutrients are the quantity of food consumed by a plant in terms of mass volume. The quantity of macronutrients in this fertilizer is shown in the table below.

ComponentObjectiveThrive’s monetary valueGreen is simple to make. Quantity
Nitrogen is a nutrient that is found (N)• Contributes to photosynthesis • Is responsible for the plants’ rapid development2.5600%2.66%
Phosphate is a kind of phosphate (P2O5)• Improves plant immunity • Assists with root formation1.5800%0.46%
Potash is a mineral that may be found in (K2O)• Stabilizes bud development and plant growth • Increases tolerance to fungal infections9.7400%9.21%
Magnesium is a mineral found in the human body (Mg)• A key component of chlorophyll • Activates essential enzymes0.3200%0.7%


Micronutrients are the nutrients that a plant eats in a smaller volume. The quantities of micronutrients in these two fertilizers are compared in the table below.

ComponentObjectiveThrive’s monetary valueGreen is simple to make. Quantity
Boron(B)Aids in the production of cell walls and the integrity of the plant’s structure. 0.0080%0.015%
Copper(Cu)Plants’ immune systems are strengthened, making them more resistant to illness.0.0002%0.00%
Iron(Fe)Participates in the chlorophyll production process.0.4200%0.13%
Manganese(Mn)Aids in the development and growth of plants.0.1680%0.036%
Molybdenum(Mo)Makes it simpler for plants to utilise nitrogen.0.0006%0.00098%
Zinc(Zn)Some carbohydrates and chlorophyll are formed with the help of this compound.0.0038%0.0072%

These are the chemicals that make up each of the products. These fertilizers are both non-organic, however the chemicals are suitable for aquatic plants.

Winner: Because both fertilizers contain virtually all of the needed nutrients, this is a tie!

How much does it set you back?

Both the thrive and simple green fertilizers are essentially the same product with somewhat different characteristics. As a result, they fall inside a specified mid-range price range.

The price of these two fertilizers varies depending on the quantity of packing they come in. The simple green, on the other hand, is more costly than thrive. The price difference between these two items isn’t that great. As a result, their prices are fairly reasonable. 

Thrive takes the lead in this round!

Is it possible to get it?

Both fertilizers are widely accessible and in large amounts. Both of these items may be found at your local botanical store. You may purchase them in varied amounts depending on your need. 

Before you go out and get a new one, make sure you have any left over. Because there is a strong demand for them and they may run out.

How adaptable is it?

Liquid fertilizers include Nilocg Thrive and Aquarium Co-op Green is simple to make. Fertilizer. In tanks with water column feeder plants, liquid fertilizers are often employed. 

To clarify, these fertilizers are used by plants that receive nutrients via their physical pores. The nutrients in the water are absorbed by them. 

Both liquid fertilizers include water-soluble chemicals. As a consequence, these components are readily combined with water. This, in turn, makes it easier for the plants to absorb nutrients via their bodies. 

You may be wondering whether I can use thrive in my shrimp tank.

Yes, it is true! Normal thrive, on the other hand, has a trace amount of copper, which is poisonous to invertebrates. This is when Thrive S enters the picture. Thrive S does not include copper, unlike Thrive. It’s made especially for your prized shrimp aquarium. It also includes all of the other necessary nutrients.

Green is simple to make., on the other hand, is copper-free, so you may use it in your shrimp tank. 

Another issue to consider is whether or not liquid fertilizers may be used in reef tanks. Plants and coral reefs are not the same. To grow, they need various nutrients. 

Calcium, nitrogen, and phosphate are all essential nutrients for coral reefs to thrive. Of a reef tank, the additional ingredients in all-in-one liquid fertilizers will be squandered. As a result, these fertilizers are not appropriate for reef aquariums.

Green is simple to make. is supposed to be ideal for tanks with low, high, or medium tech. Most hobbyists, on the other hand, prefer to use tank-specific fertilizers. Rather of utilizing a single fertilizer for all kinds of tanks, use a combination of fertilizers.

Thrive, on the other hand, provides a large product selection to meet a variety of needs. They offer the right fertilizer for you, whether you have a low-tech or high-tech tank. Here are a few examples: 

Is it dangerous to my child or animal?

Yes, consuming these fertilizers may hurt your kid or animal. Because they include a variety of harsh chemicals that may be harmful and cause health problems. As a result, it is preferable to keep them out of their reach. 

If you have any pets, keep the fertilizer out of their reach. It’s possible that they’ll have a bad response to it. The intensity of the response might be affected by the quantity of alcohol taken. 

A modest quantity might trigger a gastrointestinal discomfort. You should, however, examine whether your pet has a respiratory issue. It might be caused by ingesting a lot of fertilizer.

In this instance, you should seek medical attention for your pet as soon as possible. There might be serious repercussions if you don’t. You could also be concerned about the fate of the other species in your aquarium.

Is There a Bad Smell?

Because of their high chemical concentration, fertilizers now have a strong odor. Neither Thrive nor Green is simple to make. are exceptions. 

Because the odor is now rather strong, it attracts pests and insects. Furthermore, breathing the odor is harmful to your health. When applied to aquatic plants, you’ll notice that the fragrance makes you dizzy. 

However, once the stench is diluted with water, it vanishes. As a result, you don’t have to be concerned about your home smelling! However, if the tank does stink, you must properly clean it. Because it’s possible that the tank is filthy.

What Is The Dose Percentage?

The dosage rate is the number of times you must medicate your tank every week. It is typically determined by the kind of tank you have. It also changes depending on the fertilizer you use.

For a low to medium-light tank, you’ll need to medicate once a week with Green is simple to make.. With only one pump, Green is simple to make. treats 10 gallons of water. You’ll need to increase the amount if your tank has a medium to high light level. 

A bottle will last roughly a year in a 50 gallon medium-light tank. The quantity of dose should also be checked on a regular basis. You may do this by using test kits to measure all of the important water parameters. 

These test kits will provide you data on all of the water’s parameters. It also contains the nitrate content. Nitrate levels in your tank should always be between 10 and 20 parts per million. 

Depending on the quantity of nitrates in your tank, you need adjust your dosing rate. Reduce the dose rate if it exceeds the threshold.

So, how often should you make use of thrive?

This is dependent on the amount of plants in your aquarium. Dose once a week if your tank is a typical planted tank. Dose 2-3 times a week if your setup is heavily planted. But remember to keep your nitrate levels in control. 

One thrive fertilizer dosing pump may treat up to ten gallons of water. A 500 mL bottle will last around a year in a 55-gallon tank at this pace. Winner: For a given quantity of water, you’ll require less Thrive than Green is simple to make.. In addition, Green is simple to make. is more costly than Thrive. As a result, utilizing Thrive will save you a lot of money.

How Should Fertilizer Be Used? 

So, how do you utilize thrive fertilizer or simple green fertilizer? Both of these fertilizers are simple to apply. They almost always come with a pump. The volume of water per pump treat is specified on the bottle’s label. 

Normally, a single pump can treat up to ten gallons of water. As a result, you’ll need to figure out how much fertilizer you’ll need based on the size of your tank. Then, depending on your requirements, push the pump. Yes, it’s that simple.

You may be wondering what to do if my fertilizer comes in quantity. In such situation, a convenient pump will come in helpful. Here are some suggestions: –

ImageName of the productPump CapacityIt’s available on Amazon.
1650339610_332_thrive-vs-easy-green-which-aquarium-fertilizer-is-the-best-49662561650339611_291_thrive-vs-easy-green-which-aquarium-fertilizer-is-the-best-1588552Aquarium Dosing Bottle by NilocG Aquatics1 ml pump on a 500 ml bottleIt’s available on Amazon.
1650339612_182_thrive-vs-easy-green-which-aquarium-fertilizer-is-the-best-68358091650339613_560_thrive-vs-easy-green-which-aquarium-fertilizer-is-the-best-1638075Aquarium Dosing Bottle by NilocG AquaticsBottle holds 500 mL and has a 2 mL pump.It’s available on Amazon.

You may choose any of these depending on your needs.

Are There Any Negative Consequences? 

Fertilizers have a lot of side effects, even if they’re organic. This might arise as a result of excessive fertilizer application. This is due to the fact that it leads plants to grow reliant on them. It may also poison the plant, killing it completely.

In your tank, a rise in nitrate may be a major issue. As a result, it’s important to know whether these fertilizers raise nitrate levels. Thrive is known for not causing a surge in nitrate levels. Green is simple to make., on the other hand, raises certain concerns.

Is it true that Green is simple to make. raises nitrate levels?

In a nutshell, simple green does not raise nitrate levels! Although this fertilizer contains nitrogen, it does not include nitrate. The nitrogen provides nutrients to the plants, which is necessary for the photosynthesis cycle to continue. 

Even if you’ve applied too many fertilizers, there’s a technique to lessen the problem. To absorb the excess, use a protein skimmer, nitrate pads, or phosphate pads. Furthermore, GFO, carbon, or a deep sand bed may all be beneficial.

Thrive, on the other hand, does not have nitrate compounds in its ingredients. Plants might wilt and lose their color due to a lack of nitrate. This is a severe issue for a plant since it will impair its photosynthetic potential. 

Furthermore, the shortage will cause it to die slowly. The lack of nutrients is slowly destroying it. To address the deficit, you’ll need to boost your nitrate levels using nitrate supplements like potassium nitrate.

It’s the same in the case of simple green fertilizer. However, copper is to blame. Green is simple to make.’s mix has no copper nutrients, resulting in a deficit. As a result, copper sulfate or copper oxide should be used to deal with the deficit.

Winner: Another tie, since one has a nitrate shortage while the other has a copper deficiency.

What Kind Of Outcome Should You Expect?

In the end, it’s all about the outcome. Because you apply fertilizer on a regular basis with the goal of seeing your plants improve. As a result, if correctly used, you should see a beneficial result within a few days. This is a sign of high-quality fertilizer. You may also use an enhancer to help your aquatic plants grow faster.

Which bud booster is the best?

Phosphorus is abundant in bud enhancer. As a result of this, you may enhance the blooming process and increase the flowering stage growth. Using bud enhancers, on the other hand, is a two-edged sword. Too much usage may cause the plants to die. It would also be harmful to your aquatic creatures.

Bud booster works nicely when used in moderation. We propose the following high-quality bud enhancers.

These bud booster products are among the finest on the market. You may use them to help your plants grow faster.


Thrive fertilizer is made from of nutrients. It aids the growth and well-being of the plants. Better immunity, a good rate of photosynthesis, and, most importantly, a growing and happy plant are all benefits of using thrive. The chemical ingredients in the thrive fertilizer help to accomplish this.

Green is simple to make.

The Green is simple to make. fertilizer can also bring very good results. As its benefits are quite the same as the thrive fertilizer, we can say Green is simple to make. can also bring better health to your plant. As well as the growth of the plant gets significantly increased.

Green is simple to make. also has the benefit of its impact on aquatic animals. Fish, crustaceans, and various aquatic animals get the nutrition benefits from the fertilizer as well. Which is a win-win situation for all the members of the aquarium biosphere.

Winner:  We can say that Green is simple to make. has a slight edge here. 

Both of these fertilizers are excellent for aquarium aquatic plants. In addition, both of them contain nutrients and immunological components that help the plants resist illness. These fertilizers are also suitable for soil-based plants due to their flexibility. Other soil-based and hydroponic plants will benefit greatly from these items. 

Most importantly, since fertilizers are a liquid soluble substance, they are the most vital and superior possibilities available.

So, which is the best option?

Now after seeing this thorough discussion, we can say that both these products are great. But the Green is simple to make. fertilizer gets the best of thrive by some few margins. We can say that it’s the better one to use.

This doesn’t mean Nilocg thrive fertilizer isn’t any good. It has equally great properties for usage and versatility for both aquarium and soil-based plant fertilizing. But the point where Green is simple to make. gets the upper hand is its positive points for the aquatic animals as well. 

And that’s all about the comparison between thrive vs Green is simple to make.!


Does Green is simple to make. have copper?

No. Green is simple to make. doesn’t have copper in its ingredients. So, using Green is simple to make., you’ll need to use copper solution to compensate for the lack of it in the fertilizer. That way, you’ll get the best outcome for your plants.

What is the best way to apply thrive on my lawn?

A healthy grass lawn may be achieved by using thrive fertilizer. 2ml of fertilizer in 10 litres of water, sprayed on your lawn on a daily basis Within a few days, you’ll see the results.

Is Green is simple to make. Snail safe?

Green is simple to make. fertilizer is safe for snails. The fertilizer doesn’t have any toxic compounds that could affect the health of the snail population and all the other types of invertebrates. You can use it without any fear


That’s all there’s about thrive vs Green is simple to make.. We’ve tried to give you a clear view of which one would be the best option for you to buy.

Now, here’s a bonus tip: you can detach the tank and utilize both of them. Then, if the performance has persuaded you, you may choose one.

Have a wonderful day!

Thrive is a new type of aquarium fertilizer that has been on the market for a while. It is advertised as being easy to use, and it can be found at most pet stores. The product comes in several different types, so you will have to decide which one works best for your tank. Reference: thrive aquarium fertilizer review.

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