Kessil vs Radion: Finding the Best for You!


Kessil vs Radion: Which one is the best for you? You may be surprised to learn that there are two different types of lights, and it’s important to know what features each light comes with!

The “kessil a360 vs radion xr15” is a question that has been asked many times. The two lights are both great lights, but they each have their own pros and cons.

Kessil and Radion lights have recently created a reputation for themselves in the market. They’ve long been the most well-known brands in aquarium lighting, and for good reason. As a result, they’re the primary selections for the majority of aficionados.

So, if you had to choose between Kessil and Radion, which one would you choose? 

When it comes to selecting which one is the finest, there are many factors to consider. You must discover what works best for you! Consider things like lighting, coverage, spectrum, Color blending, and the theme that best fits you. Radion focuses on a more enthusiast-friendly setup, whereas Kessil is ideal for general users.

If you’re not sure which one to go with, we’ve got you covered! To assist you, we’ve explained all you need to know about Kessil and Radion goods. 

Let’s get started!

What Are the Benefits of Using Artificial Light in Your Aquarium? 

Before you decide on the kind of lighting your aquarium requires. It’s time to speak about lighting. Any aquarium’s lighting is very crucial. Many aquarium owners, on the other hand, neglect the importance of artificial lighting in their tanks.

You can adjust the amount of light your fish receives by using artificial light in your aquarium. Some fish enjoy bright light, while others prefer dimmer and darker environments.

When it comes to natural sunlight, it’s impossible to say how much light your fish should receive. Artificial lights, on the other hand, can be set up to meet the needs of your plants.

You should also make sure your aquarium lights are of decent quality. The water will heat up in a random way if you use regular incandescent lamps. As a result, the water around the lights will be warmer than the rest.

Furthermore, plants such as java moss cease developing due to insufficient illumination. 

Your fish’s health is jeopardized by the lights’ inconsistency in temperature. As a result, excellent LED lights are required.

You may find Kessil and Radion items on Amazon in this respect. The Ecotech Radion, on the other hand, is a pioneer in this sector. 

As a result, the argument between Kessil LED lights and Ecotech Radion LED lights must be addressed. 

Comparison of Products 

Let’s get this party started. What factors should you consider before choosing a light for your aquarium? The comparison has been broken down into sections to assist you in determining what you need. We’ve gone through them extensively and made recommendations based on the Categories.

Lighting, design, control, Comparison of Brands, and pricing are just a few of the areas. Illumination 

Illumination is the most important component in determining the quality of aquarium lighting. Your lights must be bright enough to completely illuminate your tank. At the same time, it should not get too hot to harm the tank’s habitat. 

If you’re looking for a short overview of these two brands, look at the table below.

CategoriesProducts by KessilRadion is a series of radio stations.
CoverageDepending on the angle, up to 48″ 30 inches and up 
SpectrumVarious spectrums are available depending on the product. Spectrum AB+ CoralLab
ShimmerNatural gleam Natural gleam 
PenetrationUp to 30”24-30”
Color blendingThere is no diffuser since the mixing is built-in. For mixing, a diffuser is required.
Efficiency of PARThroughout the tank, PAR is effective.Directly beneath the light, there is a lot of PAR. 
DimmingDims to resemble a natural cycle There is a manual dimming option available. 

Let’s dive into the specifics now that the synopsis is out of the way!

Kessil’s In-Depth Analysis 

When it comes to lighting quality, Kessil has a number of top-notch items up its sleeve. The majority of Kessil lights are created particularly for the tank. So whether you have a Freshwater, Saltwater, or refugium tank, you’ll be able to locate anything suitable. 

The AP9X is a wonderful choice if you’re searching for something consistent. It’s one of Kessil’s most extensive lights. The AP9X is the Kessil benchmark. As a result, the dispute between Kessil ap9x and Radion is constantly current. 

The a360x should be right up your sleeve if you’re looking for additional customizability. It’s great for folks who desire a multipurpose tank and comes in a variety of colors and styles. When it comes to comparisons, the Kessil a360x is usually pitted against the Radion XR15. 


Kessil creates fantastic items for a wide range of tanks. Freshwater, on the other hand, has the brightest lighting. The majority of Freshwater fish demand a combination of sun and shade. Some fish like to spend the majority of their days in the light, while others prefer to spend their days in the dark.

As a result, your lighting should assist you in both situations. Freshwater fish need a minimum of 5 hours of constant illumination throughout the day. While some fish need a darkened environment the most of the time, others do not. 

For the fish to hide in, you’ll need rocks and driftwood. Furthermore, although light is beneficial, too much illumination might be distressing to certain species. As a result, know how much light your fish need and behave appropriately. 

Kessil offers a wide range of lighting options. So, have a look at their characteristics and choose the one that’s right for you!

The A360X Tuna Sun from Kessil is the finest Freshwater light on the market. The A160WE and A80 are also excellent choices.  


When it comes to Saltwater tanks, lighting quality isn’t as critical as it is for Freshwater tanks. In general, 1 to 2 watts of light per gallon of water is sufficient. In seawater, the hue and spectrum of light aren’t as crucial.

Investing in the correct aquarium light, on the other hand, is crucial, and Kessil is here to help! They provide a wide variety of lights in various sizes and features to pick from. One of the greatest Saltwater lights available is the A500X Tuna Blue. 

The Tuna Blue versions of the A360X, A160E, and A80 are also excellent. The AP9X and AP700 are good considering for lighting under the tank.


It may be difficult to set up a refugium. It’s an important component of both an aquarium and a complicated gardening system. Natural illumination is desirable in a refugium, however artificial lighting may also be used.

In terms of refugium illumination, you’ll need to perform some preliminary investigation. You must understand the colors and spectrums that your plants demand.

These three LED lights, on the other hand, function in a variety of spectrums, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your requirements. 

Radion’s In-Depth Analysis 

Radion takes pleasure in becoming the lighting company of the future. They are always investing in research in order to provide better items for their consumers. As a result, Radion lights are often among the most distinctive and effective goods available!

Radion, on the other hand, has a lesser collection than Kessil. As a consequence, you may need to make some little concessions now and again. However, the designs are quite detailed and are likely to meet all of your requirements. 

Radion lights, unlike Kessil, are quite versatile on their own. Most lights come in a variety of colors and spectrums. As a result, you can use the same set of lights on multiple tanks without any problems. 


If you have a freshwater tank, you are well aware of the need of adequate LED lighting. And that’s exactly what Radion’s specialist technology can help with. The Radion G2 is a freshwater tank-specific version. As a result, it may be really advantageous to you! 

Radion lights have the benefit of being able to function in a variety of spectrums. The majority of lights are made out of a jumble of different colored lights. As a result, you have the option of turning off certain colors. As a result, the spectrum will be suited for your fish. 


When it comes to saltwater tanks, Radion doesn’t offer any lights that are specifically designed for them. As a consequence, most users may find it a little perplexing. If you’re looking for a Radion light for your saltwater aquarium. For you, the G5 is the finest option. 

The G5 includes a HEI lens, which lets you to adjust the light quality. Furthermore, there are no special lighting needs for saltwater tanks. As a result, you may leave it operating in its default settings. However, we advise you to take it easy with the blue lights.


Running a refugium is a huge undertaking. It’s a complicated ecology in and of itself, and illumination is essential. Any lighting errors might lead to a lot of problems. As a result, acquiring the Radion G5 or XR30 for your refugium may be a terrific idea.

However, you’ll need to make a few adjustments to for your refugium lights to function. For the plants, it’s best to just use 100% intensity on the red and blue lights. If you have algae, you may also switch on the whites. 


The design is another important consideration while selecting the proper product. Everyone has a certain design style in mind, and the lighting should reflect that. Both the design and the placement of the lights are important. 


Kessil is head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to design. For their lighting, they offer a variety of styles to choose from. As a consequence, you may choose the kind you need without sacrificing quality. 

Kessil creates a variety of light designs. From spherical ones that may be hung to flat ones that must be mounted, there’s something for everyone. As a result, the options are limitless. Whatever design you want, Kessil offers it, as well as the appropriate accessories.

One of their best-looking items is the Kessil AP700. There are two light sources on the borders of the flat-top design. You may hang it from the top or use a mount. The Kessil AP700 vs Radion Pro debate is debatable, despite the fact that the Kessil lights are not as fancy as the Radion lights. 


There aren’t a lot of designs accessible on Radion. The designs they create, on the other hand, are rather contemporary and one-of-a-kind. When compared to other products on the market. Radion is the way to go if you’re a minimalist design aficionado! 

Radion is also quite adaptable. You may utilize the Radion design Kessil mounting arm if you’re a Kessil user who wants to switch to Radion. You won’t need to make a second purchase for that. 

If you don’t have any mounting arms, don’t worry. Radion mounting arms are currently unavailable. So, here are several mounting arms that may be useful.

Radion is not for you if you desire numerous tiny lights or a spinning light. They have flat tops on all of their lights, which may be hung or mounted. 


How much do you want to be able to manage your lights? Some people desire to have complete control over their environment. Others, on the other hand, prefer to use pre-made settings. As a result, knowing how to manage your lights is critical. 

Kessil and Radion both have very comprehensive control systems. These are some of them:


Kessil comes with a number of pre-programmed options to make your life simpler. The lights simulate the natural cycle to provide a realistic environment for your fish. To meet the demands of your fish, the lighting varies according on the time of day. 

However, if you want to keep your fish under control, you’ll need some more equipment. While your lights have some controls, they are insufficient. 

So, how do you regulate the Kessil lights? 

Kessil lights may be controlled in two ways. The Spectral controllers are the most straightforward method. You’ll need a controller that works with your lights, and then you’re ready to go. You may also get a WiFi dongle for your lights and use the Kessil WiFi app to control them.

You can also manage the temperature of your lights using Kessil. Plants like dwarf hairgrass will perish when the temperature rises. In such scenario, you may also lower the temperature.

The settings in both the app and the controller are comparable. As a result, possessing any of them is perfectly acceptable. Knowing the Kessil spectral controller parameters, on the other hand, is critical. 


When it comes to Radion, it’s a lot easier to handle. The light switches are quite useful, and the connection is excellent.

So, what’s the best way to control Radion lights? 

Basic tasks like as power, rinse, and cycle are performed through the capacitive button on the lights. In addition, all Radion products are cloud-connected. As a consequence, you can easily access and adjust your lights. You’ll need the Ecotech marine website or app for that. 

You won’t need any extra equipment for connecting, which will make things simpler. In the long term, it will be simpler! 


The ease of use is critical in determining the product you need. While both Kessil and Radion are quite simple to operate, they do have a few quirks. We recommend putting the user’s experience ahead of all other considerations. 


When it comes to Kessil, the company’s product line is somewhat limited. You have a number of goods that meet certain demands and are perfect for specific scenarios. While there are options for each category, there is a lot of potential for personalization. 

Kessil has something for everyone, whether they have a freshwater, saltwater, or refugium tank. These lights are also available in a variety of forms and sizes. As a result, you may arrange them as you wish. 

Kessil offers a collection of accessories to make things simpler for you. Everything from hanging tools, mounts, and goosenecks to everything in between may be found here. As a result, you may obtain a thorough experience with Kessil without having to put in a lot of effort. 


It’s more of a “one size fits all” approach when it comes to Radion. The majority of their items are made up of a variety of lights, spectrums, and modes. As a consequence, a single light may be used in a variety of tanks.

This, however, is a double-edged sword in the process. Because there aren’t many items, you’ll have to adjust them properly. So, if you’re not used to working with light, it can be a challenge. 

The majority of Radion lights have flat tops. As a result, they can only labor in mounts, either alone or in groups. As a consequence, if you have a design in mind, you won’t be able to employ them. They do, however, fit into most universal mounts. As a result, you won’t need to buy a separate mount for them. 

Comparison of Brands 

Understanding the brand’s stance is also highly important, even if it isn’t required. Knowing about the brand provides you an impression of the product’s quality.


Kessil is a lighting manufacturer with a wide range of products. In the area of wall, laboratory, and aquarium lighting, they’re a well-known brand. They have a lot of lighting knowledge and their goods are well-liked.

So, why is Kessil so good, you might wonder?

The explanation is that Kessil has a greater understanding of LED lighting than its rivals. They have successful LED lighting products in a variety of industries. As a result, they understand how to create items that benefit consumers!


The EcoTech maritime firms subsidize Radion lights. They’re a business that specializes in aquarium supplies. They contain everything you’ll need to effectively operate an aquarium. Radion offers it everything, from pumps and submersibles to high-end lighting. 

So, what makes Radion so special? 

Radion is successful because it understands the demands of its customers. They work for a thriving parent firm that specialized in aquarium supplies. As a result, their research and efforts are reflected in the present Radion product range. Making a statement with them!

Price Points

The cost of a product is a major consideration when deciding which one to employ. It’s not a good idea to go overboard on more expensive items. As a result, we attempted to make things as simple as possible for you. 

And when we’re discussing Kessil and Radion products, discussing within their Price Points is key. For example, the Kessil a360x vs Radion G5 price or Kessil AP700 vs Radion Pro price is for similar products.

High Capacity 

Kessil’s high-end product line is excellent. The A500X, AP9X, and A360X are among them. They range in price from $450 to $800 for single items and bundles.

Radion’s products are rather clear. The Radion XR30 G5 is one of their most costly and best-selling items. The cost of a new G5 is estimated to be approximately $890.

If you’re looking for a light from this collection, these are the best options-


Kessil also offers a wide selection of items in the mid-price segment. The A160WE, for example, is a comparable model that costs between $250 and $400. 

The flagship G4 from Radion is the finest of their mid-tier lineup. The G4 pro, on the other hand, may cost up to $799. The standard model, on the other hand, starts at $399.

These goods from this category may be found here:

kessil-vs-radion-finding-the-best-for-you-3025271kessil-vs-radion-finding-the-best-for-you-2030042Controllable LED Aquarium Light by Kessil A160WEGet a Quote
1650339399_474_kessil-vs-radion-finding-the-best-for-you-66163401650339400_925_kessil-vs-radion-finding-the-best-for-you-8850272RADION XR30 G5 LED Lighting PRO RADION G5 LED LightingGet a Quote

Low-end range 

Kessil is the way to go if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on lighting. The A80 and H160 are less expensive lights that perform as well. They’re among of the finest on the market, with prices ranging from $150 to $200. 

At the lesser end of the spectrum, the Radion G2 and XR30 are some of their finest. Depending on availability, these devices may cost between $300 and $400.


When it comes to lighting, it’s a long-term commitment. You must get a lamp that will endure for many years without causing you any problems. Repairs and replacements will simply make it more difficult to use. 


Kessil has a name for itself for longevity. But, knowing how long Products by Kessil last is important. According to the manufacturer, the lights are meant to last 35,000 hours without any problems. So, you can get 5-7 years of use without any trouble. 


Despite the fact that Radion does not disclose any information about their goods, they may still be identified. The diode determines how long Radion goods last. The diodes have a lifespan of around 5 years, after which they begin to degrade. As a result, most Radion products have a 5-year lifetime. 

Service after the sale 

Another important issue is how you handle the things after you’ve received them. If there are any issues, you must ensure that they are resolved quickly. As a result, after-sales service is critical. 


According to the majority of customers, Kessil’s after-sales support is second to none. Customer support is excellent, and contacting them through email is simple and quick. However, in some parts of the world, finding Kessil replacement parts can be difficult. 

However, we recommend doing simple activities such as putting Kessil in the canopy or Gooseneck on your own. 

So, how do you put the Kessil gooseneck together? 

The installation of a gooseneck is rather straightforward. Place the gooseneck against the tank’s sides and secure it with screws. Once the screws are secure, adjust the neck to your preferences, and you’re ready to go! 


Radion, like Kessil, is excellent at providing customer service. The website makes it simple to contact their customer support. It’s quick and easy to use, and most of your questions may be answered right away. 

As a result, you should be able to install Radion goods.

To install Radion goods, you must choose the appropriate quantity. It won’t be an issue since most Radion devices fit into universal mounts. You’re set to go if you follow the directions that came with the mount. 

Value at Resale

What happens if your items become obsolete? In most cases, we sell these items in order to replace them with newer ones. Knowing what to anticipate when our goods become obsolete is the best course of action. 

The Price of resale is calculated using a simple formula. 

Knowing the estimated Price of resale = Purchase Cost – (Depreciation * Years) might be extremely helpful.


Generally, Products by Kessil last around 5 years. So, calculating its depreciation after 5 years is a good idea. From our research, we’ve seen that the Value at Resale drops by 9-19% every year. So we can calculate based on that.

In the graphic below, you can see how much Kessil has depreciated.

Cost of PurchasingYears of Use Price of resale Percentage of Depreciation

The table discussed the Value at Resales of Kessil lights over the years. If resale is important for you, you’d find it beneficial.


Radion’s price will recover over time, much as Kessil’s. The value of Radion lights may drop by 11-12 percent every year over the course of five years. While the prices are identical to those of Kessil, knowing them is always beneficial.

The chart below shows the depreciation rates.

Cost of PurchasingYears of Use Price of resalePercentage of Depreciation

Here’s a chart displaying the pricing changes of Kessil and Radion goods over the last five years to help you understand. 


The rate of depreciation of a Kessil (priced at $450) and a Radion (priced at $461) light over 5 years is seen in this graph.

Recommendation from Us 

Now that we’ve gone through them thoroughly, we can point out some key distinctions. These are some of them: 


In the lighting industry, Kessil is a household name. As a result, the majority of their items live up to their brand. In terms of design, they’re leagues ahead of the competition. Because they cater to a wide range of design aesthetics. 

The customizability is also unlimited since they offer items dependent on the kind of tank. There are options suited specifically for your tank type. So, if you know your way around them, you can do a lot. 

Their preset settings are equally as helpful for novices. One of the most significant benefits of Kessil is its exceptional lighting. The items are designed to work with just one sort of light. As a result, the light quality is excellent. 


While Radion might be a little difficult for beginners, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks! It’s fantastic to have the option of several spectrums from a single light source. Especially for those who have many tanks. 

In addition, the higher-quality HEI lens provides superior illumination than some of its rivals. The brightness of the light compensates for the absence of lighting.

Without the need for a controller, the Mobius control allows you to control from any computer or mobile device, anywhere. People with hectic schedules who don’t have somebody to care after their tanks would appreciate this.

When we compare the items, we can see that they both have advantages and disadvantages. However, we believe that Kessil exceeds Radion for a variety of reasons. 

These include the lighting quality, improved controls, and the advantages it provides for novices. Kessil provides something for everyone, whether you’re a beginner or a pro! 


Is it true that Kessil lights are good? 

Undoubtedly! Kessil produces some of the greatest aquarium lights available. Users all throughout the globe like their goods. 

Is it possible to utilize Radion without ReefLink?

While ReefLink makes things simpler, you can still get things done without it. You may use EcoSmart to access it from any computer that does not have ReefLink.

What is the lifespan of EcoTech Radions? 

The diodes determine how long they last. After 5 years, the diodes begin to disintegrate, and their power begins to dwindle. 

Final Thoughts 

It’s critical to get the correct light for your aquarium. Any mishandling of your tank might be fatal. As a result of their high quality, Kessil and Radion are the first options for most clients. 

If you’re deciding between Kessil and Radion, we’ve solved the Kessil Vs Radion discussion for you! We’ve covered all you need to know to make the greatest decision for you!

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