How to Prune a Spirea


Spirea are one of the most commonly planted shrubs in home landscapes. They are easy to grow and have a long blooming season. However, spirea can become overgrown and leggy if they are not properly pruned.

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Spirea is a genus of about 60 to 80 shrubs native to Asia, Europe and North America. They are deciduous with opposite, simple leaves and borne in clusters of small flowers. Spirea are popular garden plants, grown for their massed flower effect. The flowers range in color from white to pink and appear in early summer.

What You’ll Need

-Pruning shears

Spirea is a common shrub that’s known for its pretty spring flowers. Pruning spirea is a simple task that you can do to keep your bush looking its best. Read on to learn how to prune a spirea.


Spirea shrubs come in many different varieties, with a wide range of sizes, shapes and colors. But despite their different looks, they all share one key trait: They respond well to pruning. In fact, regular pruning is essential to keeping your spirea healthy and looking its best.

Here are some general tips on how to prune a spirea:

-The best time to prune your spirea is in early spring, before new growth begins.
-Start by removing any dead or diseased branches. Cut these back to the ground or to a healthy bud.
-Next, thin out any overcrowded or crossing branches. These can rub against each other and damage the bark, which can lead to disease.
-Finally, remove any branches that are growing in an unwanted direction. You can also shorten longer branches to create a more compact, full shape.

When pruning, always use sharp, clean pruning shears. And be sure to disinfect them between cuts to avoid spreading disease.


In conclusion, pruning a spirea is a great way to control its size and shape. It’s important to prune early in the season, before the plant begins to produce new growth. Use sharp, sterilized pruning shears to make clean cuts.Be sure to remove any dead or diseased branches.

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