Fluval Spec V Pump Upgrade: Is this Worth Doing?


Fluval Spec V is the newest version of the popular Fluval pump. It has been designed to be more efficient and quieter than before, but will it still meet your needs? We find out!

The “fluval evo 5 pump upgrade” is a question that many people are asking. Is the upgrade worth it? If you want to know, I’ll tell you.

For the longevity and adaptability of your aquarium, you must upgrade your pump. With the update, you can take care of all of your maintenance and repair needs. It also boosts the efficiency of your air pumps.

So, are you considering upgrading your Fluval spec v pump?

There may be several difficulties that suggest your pump need replacement. There isn’t a Fluval replacement on the market, but with a few tweaks, the pump should be ideal for your fish tank and deliver enough water flow. Alternatively, you may replace your pump with a mini-pump from another manufacturer.

Are you eager to learn all there is to know about the subject? If that’s the case, let’s get started!

Is it Really Necessary to Upgrade?

You may sometimes have problems with your aquarium tank and discover that your Fluval spec v pump is not functioning. Let’s look at the potential problems and when you should replace the pump.

There is no air in the tank.

A steady flow of air into the tank is required. The tank should not be empty.

more than 24 hours in the air However, this issue seems to occur more often than normal in standard v. Because the air duct may not always provide adequate air pressure. 

If your fish is suffering from a lack of oxygen, you must act immediately to rescue them.

If your old air tube is damaged, you may replace it with one of these suggested air tubes.

fluval-spec-v-pump-upgrade-is-this-worth-doing-6586043fluval-spec-v-pump-upgrade-is-this-worth-doing-4940503Aquarium Airline Tubing by Penn PlaxGet a Quote
1650338924_564_fluval-spec-v-pump-upgrade-is-this-worth-doing-98516601650338925_776_fluval-spec-v-pump-upgrade-is-this-worth-doing-6633191Flexible Silicone Black Airline TubingTo learn more, go to this page.

In this instance, however, you should first check the air duct connections to the air pump. Check to check whether the air pump is working if they’re all connected without a crack.

You may check this by removing the air tube from the pump and placing the air duct on top of it.

The pump is aimed towards your face. You may feel a rush of air on your face if the pump is working properly. If you can’t, it’s likely that the air pump isn’t working.

The Water Is Cloudy

The most likely cause is that the filter’s air tubes have become disconnected or blocked with fluorite, eco complete, or other gravels that you use. Or the filter sponge isn’t working properly since the Fluval Spec V air pump is notorious for failing soon. 

The filter will work and the tank will be cleansed after the tubes have been cleaned or reattached, and the pump has been repaired or replaced.

If the pump is working but the tank is still milky, the problem is either with the filter or with the water.

For your aquarium, here are some filtration ideas. Take a peek around-

I hope that these solutions will assist you in resolving your problem.

Pump is making a lot of noise.

The plastic hoses of the pump might get blocked and break down if your filter hasn’t been cleaned. This might result in a lot of noise.

However, with time, the rubber diaphragm in standard V (the component that rattles inside the air pump and delivers the air) becomes too fragile or weak. Then it stops working properly or cracks. 

The fish will be able to breathe just a little amount of air or none at all. It causes the pump to work harder, causing even more disruption.

Here are some rubber diaphragm suggestions to help you solve the problem:

1650338926_323_fluval-spec-v-pump-upgrade-is-this-worth-doing-39495631650338927_498_fluval-spec-v-pump-upgrade-is-this-worth-doing-5685898ASP14525 Supreme (Danner) Diaphragm Replacement KitGet a Quote
1650338929_539_fluval-spec-v-pump-upgrade-is-this-worth-doing-81244451650338930_821_fluval-spec-v-pump-upgrade-is-this-worth-doing-9683634Rubber Cup Parts Diaphragm Air Pump 10pcs homozyGet a Quote

Replace your present diaphragm with one of these and see if it solves the issue.

The fish are gasping for air and seem to be distressed. 

If fish are gasping for breath and pulling their crowns out of the water, there may be a problem.

It’s a serious problem that has to be solved right now.

It’s critical to make sure the air pump is always working properly. If the pump is on, tell us which fish are in distress and how many there are. 

If the tank becomes crowded, which is quite probable in spec v since its pump often fails to create the appropriate water flow, the fish may get upset.

Let’s see what technological updates are available for your pump to address the difficulties described above.

What Should You Look for When Purchasing a New Home?

You should spend some time investigating the water flow requirements and efficiency of your tank. That way, you won’t be disappointed if you upgrade or choose a new updated pump.

Installation is simple. 

While upgrading, the simplest extra equipment might increase the pump’s weight by up to 20%. As a result, the influence on installation and handling should be taken into consideration. It won’t be of any use if your upgraded pump doesn’t fit.

Pump Lift

So, what’s the deal with the pump lift?

The pump’s lift indicates the maximum height at which it can push water. This does not, however, suggest the lift’s height. The pump lift is around 1.15-1.2 times the lifting water’s height.

If your aquarium is 1m tall, for example, you need upgrade to a water pump with a 1.15-1.2m pump lift.

Controlling the temperature

An aquarium’s ideal temperature range is 76-80°F. As a result, your pump upgrade should work with the heater. By compatible, we mean that the best place to put a heater is near the absolute water flow. 

For example, in an air pump’s stream. As a result, the heater and the air pump are essentially in the same part. The fast and equal circulation of heated water throughout the tank is achieved by having water flow swiftly through the heater.

If the air pump and heater aren’t compatible, controlling the temperature and water Rate of Flow at the same time will be challenging.

Rate of Flow 

A good rule of thumb to remember is that a pump needs to have a Rate of Flow of 5 GPH (gallons per hour) for each gallon of water in the aquarium. For instance, if you own a 29-gallon aquarium you need to upgrade to a pump with a Rate of Flow of a minimum of 145 GPH to successfully turn over the tank.

Let’s see if you can improve the pump by making some modifications. 

Is it possible to upgrade the pump by making modifications to it?

If your pump doesn’t fit in the rear chamber and isn’t performing well due to incorrect alignment, you may attempt various modifications. Let’s have a look at what we can do about it.


You’ll notice various variations in your motor after completing the upgrade. This will assist you in precisely fitting your pump and getting the greatest performance out of it with little effort.

Prior to ModificationAfter Mod
Larger and unsuitableSmaller and more appropriate
Stock hose is taller, so it isn’t submerged. Stock hose is smaller and entirely immersed. 
Weak water Rate of Flow and Controlling the temperature Standard water Rate of Flow and Controlling the temperature 
Produces a buzzing soundWith the new nozzles, there is no noise. 

The benefit of this modification is that the previous pump spilled roughly 1/8′′ into the rear chambers due to the overflow.

It’s just over 1/4′′ now, thanks to the new pump, and it really skims and absorbs the unpleasant things. There’s also a lot of circulation and flow within the tank, reaching even the sand at the bottom.

Let’s get started on the process!



  • Remove the rear cover using a flathead screwdriver.
  • Using a tiny flathead, remove the front adjustable knob.
  • Things start to become interesting in this section. You’ll see a little piece of plastic when you remove the knob off that keeps the pump from slipping down into the return pump chamber.
  • Just get rid of it! For a clean break-off, I just grasped it with wire cutters and spun it in the direction of the plastic.

As you can see, the small bracket is now out of the way, and you won’t be able to turn the knob any more.

  • It should nearly fit when you test it.

If the pump has a nipple on the back, after the cover is removed, it will not rest flush with the rear of the pump.

  • Cut it flush with the pump with a knife; it won’t damage it.
  • Put the little suction cups on now.
  • The standard hose fits over the new pump flawlessly. The only problem is that since it’s taller, you’ll have to clip it. If it bends somewhat after installation, you may trim it by around 1 inch or more. After that, just place the pump in place and call it a day.

Which Should You Choose: A Pump Mod or A New Pump?

To be honest, it all depends on how well your pump works. If you just need to boost a few features or address a few small flaws, the pump mod should suffice. When performing a mod, however, all economic elements must be considered.

Occasionally, though, the whole pump installation might be replaced with a new one. This approach may be used in a reactive manner if, as a result of an incorrect installation, in-service needs exceed the present unit’s capabilities. Or it might be the result of changes in air or water management, or it could be a worn-out pump.

It may also be done ahead of time when the financial advantages of replacing a whole pumping unit outweigh the costs of a new pump.

So, if the tweaks don’t work, let’s examine which replacement pump would be ideal and affordable for your tank.

Which New Pumps Are Good Fluval Spec V Replacements?

Just as you must pick between several fertilizers to promote the health of your aquatic plants, your fish tank pump requires an update to optimize its function.

However, you’ll need to update your pump to meet the dimensions of your tank’s pump chamber. The length and breadth of the standard v pump portion are 2-1/16′′ (52 mm) and 2′′ (51 mm), respectively.

Surface agitation and gas exchange are provided as part of the first upgrade concern. 

Surface agitation is important for the health of your aquarium since gas exchange occurs at the surface. 

Without surface agitation, oxygen that rests on the water’s surface cannot enter the water, and any excess carbon dioxide in the water cannot escape.  

The new pump should provide a steady stream of bubbles that will push the carbon dioxide to the surface, causing agitation and allowing for gas exchange.  

CWKJ 80 GPH 4W Submersible Water Pump Upgrade


What has changed since Fluval Spec V?

  • Light and airy
  • Tube of Strong Air
  • Cleaning is simple.

In these locations, the CWKJ 80 GPH 4W Submersible Water Pump outperforms the Fluval Spec V-

Light and airy Tube of Strong Air Cleaning is simple.

The pump has a balancing knob that allows you to acquire the exact amount of water pressure you desire. It comes with three separate nozzles for creating varied impressions, each with its unique arrangement.

There are two different lengths of nozzles provided. If you try the smaller one, the ultimate Rate of Flow would be less than 80 GPH. 

The high-quality motor, on the other hand, provides you with a relaxing environment. It has a stainless steel impeller shaft for durability and corrosion resistance.

Concern No. 2: Increased Oxygen

Increased surface agitation offers more oxygen, which is one of the most significant advantages. That being said, surface agitation isn’t the only way to get oxygen into your aquarium’s water. 

Using the new pump in conjunction with an air stone should produce millions of little oxygen bubbles that will immediately inject large quantities of oxygen into your tank water. 

All living creatures in your aquarium need and benefit from oxygen. This includes fish, plants, and even beneficial bacteria, all of which are essential to the general health of your environment.

Simple Deluxe 80 GPH Submersible Water Pump Upgrade


What has changed since Fluval Spec V?

  • Pump lift of roughly 1.2 m
  • Rate of Flow is adjustable to 50 GPH
  • Cleaning is simple.

This pump is designed for usage in low-water situations. Its water entrance is located at the tank’s underbelly and can pump water up to 1cm deep. The 3600 omnidirectional filtration, determining how tough it is to empty your fish tank.

It also includes a 5ft robust cable, which is an advantage for installation. The suction cups are also rather powerful. 

The pump’s sealing, however, is a minor flaw. Although the epoxy does not completely cover the surface, this should not be an issue until it is buried in deep water.

Concern 3: Enables the use of the sponge filter

Another benefit of the upgrading is that it will enable you to employ sponge filters. 

Because sponge filters lack their own motor, they can only be used with an air pump. As a result, they depend on an air pump’s upward power to move the water from the tank through the sponge filters. 

Tetra Whisper 2.5W Air Pump Upgrade


What has changed since Fluval Spec V?

  • Improve the flow of oxygen and water.
  • Quiet
  • It works well with the sponge filter.

Only this pump may be the greatest value when it comes to operating a sponge filter. Getting this pump gives you a lot of possibilities.

  • If you want to separate the ducts and have a lot of air stones, two-way valves are a good option.
  • Larger stones, sponge filters, and pneumatic décor will be available.

Concern 4: Excellent for Quarantine Tanks 

When it comes to quarantine tanks, the immediate addition of beneficial bacteria from filter media isn’t the sole advantage of upgrading. 

One of the most often advised treatments for a fish ailment is to elevate the temperature significantly. In order for the fish to be able to battle whatever ailment it is suffering from.

Higher water temperatures result in decreased oxygen levels, which is an issue. When treating a sick fish, make sure they have adequate oxygen to recover completely. 

When you add the new improvement to your tank, you should be able to raise the water temperature to combat the illness. At the same time, the water must be kept clean, oxygenated, and acceptable for quarantine.

PULACO 50 GPH 3W Mini Submersible Water Pump Upgrade


What has changed since Fluval Spec V?

  • Design that is ultra-quiet
  • Improved suction power
  • Maximum Rate of Flow without a pump water pipe

This mini pump seems to offer a sufficient and decent adjustable water Rate of Flow. It helps to push the warm water from the heater throughout the tank and helps to keep the temperature under control. 

The suction cups, however, are the only issue. They don’t seem to be well adhered. Aside from that, if you’re having trouble controlling your tank’s temperature or want to eliminate noise, this pump might be a worthwhile improvement.

Is the Upgrade Appropriate for the Volume of the Aquarium?

The Fluval Spec V’s ‘V’ denotes the tank capacity, which is roughly 5 gallons. As a freshwater aquarium, the tank is adequately equipped. 

So, based on the tank amount, size, and freshwater, we’ve suggested all of the upgrades and tweaks that are appropriate. 

Are There Any Other Upgrades in Technology?

If your fish are suffering from problems in the tank caused by the air pump, you might attempt several technical enhancements to improve the airflow.

Filtration Pumps That Are Less Noisy

Unless your equipment is directed to different locations, filtration pumps have generated one of those persistent buzzes you receive from your aquarium. However, with the new low-voltage aquarium pumps, you’ll enjoy a smooth performance regardless of where you put your pump. It’s suitable for both salt and fresh water and uses less energy than previous pumps.

Here are a few suggestions for you:

1650338940_118_fluval-spec-v-pump-upgrade-is-this-worth-doing-96882971650338941_434_fluval-spec-v-pump-upgrade-is-this-worth-doing-422274450 GPH AQUANEAT Aquarium Water PumpGet a Quote
1650338942_388_fluval-spec-v-pump-upgrade-is-this-worth-doing-32620361650338943_555_fluval-spec-v-pump-upgrade-is-this-worth-doing-57031823000L/H, 24W) VIVOSUN 800GPH Submersible PumpGet a Quote

You can remedy the noise problem with your fluval spec v by upgrading to one of these pumps.

Smartphone Surveillance

Isn’t there an app for nearly anything in this day and age? So why not get your aquarium an app? To operate your aquarium gear, there are a variety of monitors on the market, with more being created or tested. 

If any problems arise in your tank, it will notify you in real time through your smartphone. Furthermore, you may control other features like as lighting, pumps, filters, and even automated feeders from your mobile device.

We expect to see more bluetooth and wi-fi enabled aquarium pump technologies in the near future.


Is there an air pump in the aquarium?

Only the silicone pipe goes into the tank, not the air pump. If you have a cabinet for your aquarium, the pump will sit beneath it, or it will stand to the side or behind it. Whatever matches your own taste.

Is it possible to switch off my upgraded pump at night? 

The air pump, unlike the filter, isn’t a necessary piece of equipment, therefore turning it off at night won’t harm your aquarium’s health. If you have plants in your aquarium, though, you should absolutely keep the pump running at night. 


On the Fluval spec v pump update, this was all we had to provide.

However, after you’ve upgraded your pump, double-check that it’s not causing any problems for the fish. Check to see whether you installed it correctly if it begins to make a lot of noise.

Have a wonderful day!

The “fluval evo pump” is a new upgrade from the original Fluval Spec V. It has been said that it is worth doing because of the upgrades, but there are also some downsides to it.

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