Flourish vs Flourish Excel: Make Your Aqua Pals Happy!


Aqua Pals are a new kind of fish pet that players can raise and care for. They need only three things: Flourish, water, feeding time! But what’s the difference between these two types? Let’s take a deeper look on this aquatic topic!.

The “flourish vs flourish advance” is a question that has been asked many times. The answer to the question is that they are not the same, but they are both great in their own way.

To thrive and remain healthy, aquatic plants need certain nutrients. To do so, you’ll need some aquarium fertilizer to help the plants grow. However, we recognize that selecting a fertilizer may be a difficult task for anybody.

So, when it comes to flourish vs flourish excel, which do you prefer?

Flourish is beneficial to all plants since it contains essential minerals. This should not, however, be used in a tank with a higher pH level. Excel, on the other hand, is incompatible with mosses and ferns. Otherwise, if you know how to use it correctly, there should be no danger to other marine life.

We realize you’re not just looking for a sneak peek. As a result, we’ll now proceed to a more detailed discussion. Join us on our journey! 

Is there a difference between Flourish and Flourish Excel?


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No, flourish and flourish excel are not synonymous. 

Excel, on the one hand, supplies carbon, while flourish, on the other hand, provides trace minerals. To supply all of your fishes’ wants, you must rely on water fluctuations and fish litter while using excel. When you only utilize flourish, on the other hand, you’re relying on CO2 from the atmosphere, as well as CO2 from your fish.

We now know that these two Fertilizers have some significant differences. So, have a look at the table below for a fast comparison.

a brief comparison 

If you didn’t already know, we had a contentious argument over two different Fertilizers. In terms of consumption, impact, and Time on the shelf, we discovered some major variances. To choose between bloom and excel, you’ll need a complete understanding of these differences. So, for your immediate awareness, here’s a quick comparison of the two.

PriceImageFertilizersDosageEffectTime on the shelf
Get it right now!flourish-vs-flourish-excel-make-your-aqua-pals-happy-5346051flourish-vs-flourish-excel-make-your-aqua-pals-happy-6347479500 mL of Seachem Flourish Freshwater Plant SupplementOnce or twice a week is plenty.In ten to fifteen daysAlmost four years
Get it right now!1650338882_958_flourish-vs-flourish-excel-make-your-aqua-pals-happy-23067701650338883_763_flourish-vs-flourish-excel-make-your-aqua-pals-happy-3722213500 mL of Seachem Flourish Excel Bioavailable CarbonEverydayApproximately 20 to 25 daysThere is no time limit on this offer.

I hope you now have a better understanding of the key distinctions between flourish and flourish excel.

However, we’ve also included a comparison graph for you. Take a look at it if you don’t believe me.


Let’s get down to business!

What Can You Do With This? 

You don’t need to purchase various bottles of flourish with varying quantities, unlike what Seachem claims. Because it’s a freshwater aquarium’s all-in-one plant fertilizer. However, the product is only suitable for tanks with a pH of less than seven. Because large doses of this fertilizer may be harmful to the tank’s marine life.

The Seachem Flourish, on the other hand, is completely harmless to fish and aquatic vegetation. When it comes to all-in-one fertilizers, the debate between thrive and easy green is inevitable.

Excel, on the other hand, is also used as an algaecide. For many individuals, it’s the most effective way to get rid of Black Beard Algae (BBA). Simply pipette the full-day dose straight over the algae-infested region.

In the case of the pipette, here are some suggestions for applying fertilizer dosages quickly. With the aid of a digit display, these devices will let you utilize your dose exactly. They’re also lightweight and simple to use.

Buy Now!1650338886_757_flourish-vs-flourish-excel-make-your-aqua-pals-happy-95348111650338887_790_flourish-vs-flourish-excel-make-your-aqua-pals-happy-29373591-10ML Single-Channel Pipettor from Four E’s Scientific
Buy Now!1650338888_705_flourish-vs-flourish-excel-make-your-aqua-pals-happy-48742411650338889_718_flourish-vs-flourish-excel-make-your-aqua-pals-happy-8281439Micro Pipette with Single-Channel Volume Adjustment

However, if you’re in a hurry, you can misunderstand the number. As a result, knowing an estimated dose will be advantageous to you.

Now let’s return to the main point of contention. Excel, unlike flourish, isn’t appropriate for all types of plants. Excel has largely been blamed for distressing or killing shrimp in the fish tank. 

The majority of people’s Excel issues, on the other hand, may be due to incorrect dose. When used in a smaller fish tank, it’s critical not to rely on ‘capfuls’ or other similar sorts of standards. That is why a syringe or pipette should be purchased.



Also, keep in mind that this product isn’t suitable for all plants. Mosses, Vallisneria (Val), and ferns, in particular. 

You could destroy these plants if you use Excel on them. If your aquarium includes plants from these categories, either stop using Excel or proceed slowly and cautiously.

Flourish is the winner.

What is the Dosing Recommendation?

The flourish, on the other hand, comes in a variety of sizes. While this is advantageous for long-term customers, it might be challenging for newcomers. The instructions and measurements for each bottle are different.

Furthermore, the treatment frequencies vary with size. It may state 2.5 ml for every 50 liters twice a week, or more if necessary. ‘6 ml per 40 gallons per week,’ it adds at times.

For a newbie, this may be extremely perplexing, and the nutrient concentrations are kept low to avoid overdosing. As a result, you may need more fertilizer than the recommended amount.

As a result, this product is best suited for someone who is already acquainted with its capabilities. Because it may be tough for a new customer to absorb all of the subtleties at first. 

However, you may watch this video to get a general concept of how to use fertilizer safely in fish tanks.


The beautiful dosage instruction chart may be seen below. Check it out to avoid overdosing or underdosing your aquarium plants and fish.

If you use Excel, though, you must medicate your plants every day. One disadvantage of this fertilizer is that it is not long-lasting. It has an extremely short half-life, roughly 12 hours, compared to normal Flourish. This means that, unlike Flourish, it won’t stay more than a day in your fish tank, and you’ll have to medicate your plants every day. 

Also, before the “light on” stage starts, add the daily dosage of Excel to your tank. For the most part, this will take place in the early morning.  

Also, using Excel, double-check that you’re multiplying the fertilizer you’re putting in the water column with the CO2. Because if the amounts of these two components don’t match, algae may form. Furthermore, you may need to alter your light intensity or duration to match the CO2 you’ve given through excel. 

So, for Excel, there are essentially two dosage procedures: 

  • The most crucial is your daily dose. It recommends that you dosage at a rate of 5ml (1 capful) every 200 liters of water.  
  • The second one is that after a major (more than 40%) water change, you should use 5ml (1 capful) every 40 liters.  

However, inexperienced aquarists may find it difficult to use the ‘capful’ measurement in Excel. As a result, with a Fluval Spec V, you may dose utilizing drops as the measurement.

Here’s a table showing Seachem’s dosage recommendations. Take a peek at it to learn more:

Number of Drops in a Milliliter=20
(gallons of water/ML of Seachem Excel) is the standard dosing ratio.10.57

In the morning, add 10 drops of excel into your 5-gallon aquarium. This is really easy and fast, and the results with plant growth and management in a vast growth will undoubtedly brighten your day!

Another schedule for dosing following a big water change may be found below:

Number of Drops in a Milliliter=20
(gallons of water/ML of Seachem Excel) is the standard dosing ratio.2.11

Do you want to know why this higher dosage is recommended? It seems that a big water change will significantly minimize the leftover Excel and CO2. This high dose is an attempt to make up for what has been lost. 

In summary, when comparing flourish’s dose work to excel’s, flourish’s use is less complex and long-lasting.

Flourish is the winner.

How long does it take to complete a task?

If you use Flourish on a regular basis, the improved mix will improve mineral absorption and keep your plants healthy enough to avoid illnesses. Following its application, you’ll see some favorable changes in your plants within the first 10-15 days.

The root development under the surface is stimulated by this formula. The aquatic plants’ stems and leaves will develop enough during the first treatment time.

The product’s purpose is to reduce the quantity of iron in water. It also raises and maintains the amount of ferrous iron in the planted tank at the same time. Ferrous iron is an essential component for plant life.

Furthermore, it is simpler for plants to absorb than regular iron. All plants, water critters, and fish are completely safe from the fertilizer.

However, if your tank becomes clogged with unwanted aquatic species, fertilizers will be rendered worthless. As a result, you should clean your tank of sludges and other garbage on a regular basis. Dr. Tim’s Aquatics KOI-Pure Waste-Away Sludge Busting Organisms are a good option in this instance. This garbage container is completely eco-friendly, and it assisted me in quickly cleaning all of the sludges.


Spec-tanks.com is the source for this information.

When we compare Excel’s functions to ordinary flourish, we can see that they are very different. Furthermore, the productivity of the Flourish Excel (carbon source alternative) has certain limits. Because plants are much more efficient at eating CO2 that has been released into the water.  

Excel, the chemical version, is more difficult for plants to utilise. As a result, plant growth will be slower than with CO2 or Flourish. As a result, seeing any change or development in the plants will take significantly longer with Excel than with Flourish. 

Flourish is the winner.

Is there any organic carbon in it?

Despite the fact that the ordinary flourish lacks nitrogen, potassium, or phosphorus, it does contain a vital component. This is organic carbon, which is required by all plants, particularly aquatic plants.

Carbon dioxide frequently contains organic carbon. However, if your planted tank lacks sufficient carbon dioxide, this element might be advantageous to your plants.

We recommended several of these fertilizers together with eco-complete and flourite when comparing the two. Because fertilizers like Flourish prevent excessive algae from growing on your aquarium’s substrates. Overdosing, on the other hand, might have the opposite effect. The absence of algae will make your tank seem cleaner and more rich and bright.

Similarly, Flourish Excel is a bioavailable natural carbon source. Carbon is required by all plants. CO2 is the most common source. It might, however, come from natural organic bonds such as photosynthetic intermediates.

Tie for first place

What’s the Time on the shelf of These Fertilizers?

It’s best to keep the sparkling bottle refrigerated for 3 months after it’s been opened. Mold and funguses will not develop in the packaging due to the cooler temperature. Flourish, on the other hand, has a four-year shelf life from the date of manufacturing. 

When you aren’t using the product, we also suggest that you keep the cap securely closed. Because the supplement loses its power every time it is exposed to air, this is the case.

Flourish ing, on the other hand, does not “expire.” If you want to improve the quality of the product after it’s been opened, you may refrigerate it, but it’s not required. Keep at room temperature since excessive temperature fluctuations may “degrade” quality, although it is still useable.

Excel is the winner.

How much does it set you back?

Flourish Comprehensive and Flourish Trace, for example, both cost roughly $10.50 for a 16.9 oz bottle. Nonetheless, they’re deficient in two of the most important macronutrients – nitrogen and phosphorus – much as API Leaf Zone. Just in case you have a tank with a lot of bioload. 

You may spend another $10.50 on Flourish Nitrogen and another $10.50 on Flourish Phosphorus if you don’t have any. 

You can end up with a line of seven or more containers by the time you’ve done pouring in all of the needed nutrients. Not only is it inconvenient to handle many bottles, but each one has a distinct amount and technique frequency. 

Flourish, on the other hand, is less expensive than flourish excel. 

Let’s have a look at how we can do it!

One of the concerns of taking Flourish Excel on a regular basis is if it will be worth your money. We evaluated the costs of flourishing vs. excelling, and the results were stunning! 

Take a look at the table below for an overview:

 Volume of Water (Gallons)Volume of Water (Liters)Annual Quantity of Flourishing (ml)Annual Quantity in Excel (ml)Yearly Price (USD) FlourishYearly Price (USD) Flourish Excel
Does a gallon of gas last a year?$1.728$4.46
Aquarium Spec V 5.621.253.76303$9.68$25
Aquarium Spec III 3.513.233.6189$6.05$15.59
Aquarium (55 Gallon) 55.0208.25282,977$95.04$245.60

Let’s conduct some more calculations. If you bought a 5-gallon aquarium, your annual cost of using Excel would be $25. As a result, the cost seems to be relatively reasonable in light of the benefits gained. In a nutshell, it’s highly cost-effective for tiny aquariums.  

However, if you get a bigger tank, your investment will be wasted. Having a 55-gallon aquarium and dosing Excel on a yearly basis would cost you roughly $245. Slowly, this might perhaps outweigh the cost of filling CO2 tanks. The expenditure slanting point will vary depending on the goals and objectives.

Flourish excel is available in the following sizes: 

However, you are aware that the 500 ml bottle is available. It’s a good buy in this price range since it’s a soft spot.

Are These Appropriate for Kids?


Tetra’s blog may be found at https://blog.tetra.net/.

Flourish includes 1,5-Pentanedial, which might cause allergic reactions in certain people. 

Similarly, excel has the potential to cause major eye and skin irritation. If breathed, it may induce allergy or asthma symptoms as well as breathing issues since it includes powerful chemicals like Glutaraldehyde.

So, if you or a kid drinks the solution and/or becomes irritated as a result of contact, you should seek medical help as soon as possible.

So, which would you choose?

With all of the aforementioned features, use, and security concerns, it is entirely up to you. You should choose one that is both simple to use and safe. The one that doesn’t kill your plants or fish if you take too much of it.

PriceImageProductWhat is the benefit of it?
Now is the time to get it!flourish-vs-flourish-excel-make-your-aqua-pals-happy-5346051flourish-vs-flourish-excel-make-your-aqua-pals-happy-6347479500 mL of Seachem Flourish Freshwater Plant SupplementGrowth on a tight schedule
Now is the time to get it!1650338882_958_flourish-vs-flourish-excel-make-your-aqua-pals-happy-23067701650338883_763_flourish-vs-flourish-excel-make-your-aqua-pals-happy-3722213500 mL of Seachem Flourish Excel Bioavailable CarbonLong Time on the shelf with organic carbon

I trust we delivered on our commitment by include all pertinent information in the written document.


Is it possible to combine flourish with excel?

Yes, you can combine Flourish and Excel. There are no known difficulties or interactions since they are two separate products. However, you should take excel with caution since an overdose may be lethal.

Is it true that flourish excel raises the pH level?

No, flourish excel has no buffers or minerals of any sort, therefore when taken as directed, it will have no effect on pH, GH, or KH. Excel is a source of carbon for plants, but it is not a CO2 source. As a result, it will not acidify water in the same manner as CO2 does.

Final Thoughts

That was all we had to say about the differences between flourish and flourish excel.

If you’re choosing between these two fertilizers, be sure it’ll work in your aquarium. Otherwise, your plants and fish will suffer as a consequence.

Best wishes!

The “seachem flourish products” is a fish-specific product that can be used in the aquarium to make your aquatic friends happy. It is also known as Flourish or Flourish Excel.

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