Flourish Excel vs API CO2 Booster: Choose the Best!


So you’re considering a purchase of an air plant? Before going to any store, make sure that the bot is offering both Flourish Excel and API CO2 Booster. This will ensure your plants are getting all the nutrients they need!

Seachem Excel vs CO2 is a comparison of two products that are both used to raise the pH level in aquariums. The main difference between the two is that Seachem excel has an active ingredient called “Copper Sulfate” while API CO2 Booster has “Copper Sulphate.”

It’s not easy to maintain a planted aquarium. We must also look after our plant companions in addition to our fish companions. As a result, we must choose the finest fertilizer or boosters for them, which is a time-consuming operation.

So, if you were to pick between Flourish Excel and CO2 Booster Api, which would you select?

Flourish CO2 Booster Api seems to be less successful than Excel. However, unlike API, Excel does not directly hold CO2. API, on the other hand, is a multipurpose substance that may be used in a variety of fish tanks. Excel, on the other hand, is incompatible with moss, fern, val, and other plants.

Do you still find yourself scratching your head? We’ve got you covered! Sit back and enjoy the ride as we take you through the story. At the end of the day, you’ll have your winner.

Is there a difference between Flourish Excel and CO2 Booster Api?


https://www.aquariumcoop.com/ is a good place to start.

Yes, Flourish Excel and API CO2 have a lot in common.

Flourish Excel is an organic carbon source that is bioavailable. It’s designed for use in a planted aquarium to encourage the growth of aquatic plants. It was created without the need of carbon dioxide infusion to make plant maintenance simpler. However, it is not a complete substitute for CO2. 

It supplies the essential chemicals for photosynthesis in plants. It keeps iron in a reduced form so that plants may take it more readily.

CO2 Booster Api, on the other hand, is a liquid carbon source that may be utilized in place of carbon injection. It promotes plant growth in freshwater aquariums. It gives plants the carbon they need in a form that they can absorb from water. It may be used alone or in conjunction with a CO2 system without affecting pH levels.

Is it safe for fish and plants to use Flourish Excel and API?

Flourish Freshwater fish are fully unaffected by Excel, however saltwater fish may be harmed. Use Excel every other day if you have water weeds in your aquarium.

Overdosing may kill your fish and melt your dwarf hairgrass, so be careful.

Flourish Excel, on the other hand, does not include any minerals that might have an impact on the water. As a consequence, it has no impact on pH, GH, or KH when taken as prescribed.

CO2 Booster Api, on the other hand, is safe for both freshwater and saltwater fish. It gives aquatic plants carbon while having no influence on fish. Antibacterial characteristics may be found in it. It also works well with shrimp and snails.

What is the most beneficial aspect of utilizing CO2 Booster Api? Chemical changes in the water are insufficient to affect the aquatic habitat as effectively as Excel.

Does Flourish Excel, like CO2 Booster Api, contain antibacterial properties?

Flourish Excel has antibacterial characteristics as well. However, it may create issues when riding. It also contains Glutaraldehyde, an anti-algae agent. It’s the key ingredient in Flourish Excel, and if used incorrectly, it may kill plants like moss, ferns, Vallisneria, and others. Flourish Excel may and will destroy algae and plants if taken in excess. Furthermore, when used in large amounts, Flourish Excel might harm fish.

When it comes to qualities or Time on the shelf, Excel and API are quite comparable. However, they differ in terms of how they are used and how successful they are.

Let’s look at a brief comparison between Flourish Excel and CO2 Booster Api now.

a brief comparison

Do you want to learn more about how Flourish Excel and CO2 Booster Api may benefit your aquatic plants? Have questions about the CO2 Booster Api and Flourish Excel? For your convenience, we’ve thoroughly examined both Excel and Booster.

But, before we get into the meat of the issue, have a look at the table below.

BuyImageProductUsageTime on the shelf
Get it right now!flourish-excel-vs-api-co2-booster-choose-the-best-3218571flourish-excel-vs-api-co2-booster-choose-the-best-7956353Flourish Excel by SeachemFreshwater reservoirThere is no time limit on this offer.
Get it right now!1650338847_378_flourish-excel-vs-api-co2-booster-choose-the-best-71620471650338848_48_flourish-excel-vs-api-co2-booster-choose-the-best-4982194CO2 Booster ApiBoth a freshwater and a saltwater tank are available.There is no time limit on this offer.

You may also get a quick comparison by looking at the graphic below.


Don’t be concerned! We haven’t yet pulled the curtain back. This program has a lot more to offer. So stay tuned with us to find out which fertilizer comes out on top in the end.

Timeline for Submissions

The Timeline for Submissions for Flourish Excel and CO2 Booster Api is pretty effortless.

Flourish Excel and API should be used on a daily basis. Excel, on the other hand, may be poured directly on top of your aquatic plants. For every 53 liters of water, a dosage of roughly 5 ml should be used. After water changes, 5ml of excel may be added to 11 liters of water.

On the other hand, CO2 Booster Api needs to be applied after taking into account tank size and water volume. This is done in order to avoid an overdose of liquid CO2 Booster. You’ll need to apply 1 ml of CO2 Booster Api for every 10 Gallons of water of water.

Timeline for Submissions for Flourish Excel daily dosage:

Timeline for Submissions for CO2 Booster Api daily dosage:

 Volume of Water (Gallons)Dose Per Day (ml)
Dose Ratio Recommendation101
ADA 60p171.7

To acquire an exact dose, you may use a pipette or a syringe. That is why we have included some of the most accurate and genuine pipette recommendations in our list. Check it out!

BuyImagePipetteHow’s it doing so far?
Buy Now!1650338850_541_flourish-excel-vs-api-co2-booster-choose-the-best-21923651650338851_717_flourish-excel-vs-api-co2-booster-choose-the-best-44606741-10ML Single-Channel Pipettor from Four E’s ScientificA digit display allows for more precise volume control.
Buy Now!1650338853_988_flourish-excel-vs-api-co2-booster-choose-the-best-96627011650338854_723_flourish-excel-vs-api-co2-booster-choose-the-best-6891361Pipette with Manual Adjustment by CGOLDENWALLThe unique nozzle connection design allows for easy observation of the nozzle’s sealing.

Tie for first place

Application Costs Per Gallon

When it comes to the cost of applying your goods, you should consider if the expense is genuinely justified. As a result, we’ll compare the costs of the Excel and API over the course of a year.

A table has been constructed to demonstrate the cost of Flourish Excel application:

 Quantity per year (ml)Yearly Price (USD)
per gallon dose 52$1.15
60p ADA (17 Gallons)920$19.62
55 gallon Tetra2977$63.47

A table has been created which will show the cost of application for CO2 Booster Api:

 Quantity per year (ml)Yearly Price (USD)
per gallon dose36.5$1.3
10 Gallons of water365$13
60p ADA (17 Gallons)620.5$22

As you can see, API costs less than Excel on a yearly basis. But the issue is if consumers are perceiving enough of a difference in their plant’s health as a result of utilizing API. No, it’s not true!

Excel dose efficacy, according to aquarists, is more obvious than API dosage effectiveness. That is why I believe Excel, rather than API, will provide the most value for money.

Flourish Excel is the winner.



https://whyledlight.com/ is a good place to start.

Three things must constantly be in sync to maintain plant growth balanced. Light, nutrition, and CO2 are the three. Maintaining all of the above and using Excel will result in improved growth. 

When it comes to nutrition and CO2, you must keep a close eye on the tank. Consider it a warning sign if you observe algae beginning to emerge. This implies a nutritional imbalance, and you may need to boost CO2 to correct it. Creating a balance in your planted tank lighting, on the other hand, is a little more difficult. Creating a balance with lighting, on the other hand, will need the aquarist’s attentiveness. 

Are you considering replacing the complete lighting system in your fish tank? We propose the following lighting systems:

BuyImageLight for AquariumsBenefits
Place your order right now!1650338856_671_flourish-excel-vs-api-co2-booster-choose-the-best-58216071650338857_912_flourish-excel-vs-api-co2-booster-choose-the-best-3650962AQUANEAT LED Light for AquariumsThere are no restrictions on the size of the rims.
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Now let’s check the Compatibility of Flourish Excel and CO2 Booster Api with your aquarium.

Type of Water

Flourish Excel can be used safely on freshwater fish. Whereas, CO2 Booster Api is non-toxic to both freshwater and saltwater fish. 

However, if the fish tank includes saltwater fish, Flourish Excel should not be used. When using Flourish Excel, it’s critical to know the precise amount of water you’re using. It’s particularly important in smaller tanks like the Tetra ColorFusion Aquarium. Small tank ecosystems are very susceptible. As a result, even a little amount of Flourish Excel may make a significant effect in the tank. 

CO2 Booster Api is non-toxic to both freshwater and saltwater fish. You can have shrimp and craw crabs without worrying of them being poisoned. The amount of water in fish tanks will also play a part in determining how much of it is used.

API is the winner.

Aquarium Lighting and Setup

Proper lighting and CO2 injection are required for a spectacular aquatic plant design. It’s crucial to keep these components in check if you want to grow a range of aquatic plants.

For a tank of around 50 gallons, we recommend a single 150W metal halide bulb. A 150W metal halide lamp with two 36W power compact lamps is another option. In this habitat, almost all aquatic plants survive. It won’t be too much for plants that need some shade, thankfully.

You may use two 36W PC lights for a smaller tank of roughly 15 gallons. For a big tank, such as a 180 gallon SC Aquarium, three 150W metal halide lamps are recommended.

This setup talk, however, hides a very important aspect. In this scenario, we’ve discovered that if you dose Flourish Excel correctly, it tends to operate quicker than API.

Flourish Excel is the winner.

During an overdose, there are a number of issues to consider.

When working with Flourish Excel or CO2 Booster Api, it is critical to use the correct amounts. If you don’t pick the right dose of Excel, you can risk harming your plants. 

What plants are killed when you overdose?

Flourish Excel will have an impact on Anacharis, Sags, Vals, and any liverworts such as Riccia. CO2 Booster Api on the other hand would harm beneficial bacteria during an overdose. However, in this case you can use the Brightwell Aquatics Microbacter. This is helpful for rapidly re-establishing nitrification bacteria in case of an emergency.

Under 30ppm of these two carbo injectors is considered safe. In most cases, a drop checker may be used to determine this. The NilocG Aquatics Co2 Drop Checker is what I use. It’s really handy, and it always provided me with a reliable reading in around 2 hours.

Tie for first place

Suggestions for Liquid Carbon Applications

These are some tips from us that you should keep in mind while utilizing liquid carbon.

  1. Fill a pump dispenser halfway with liquid carbon from the bottles.
  1. Each pump should be counted; the finest bottles should dispense 1ml every pump. This enables you to dose your typical daily amount quickly and accurately.
  1. Buying bigger liquid carbon bottles is a better investment than thinking small.
  1. Apply liquid carbon at the same time every day. It’s best to do this just before turning on the lights.
  1. Liquid carbon is effective against black brush/beard algae. Allow for air drying before applying with a little paintbrush to the injured areas.

Try to stick to the steps as closely as possible. Otherwise, you may encounter unwelcome issues.

Child and Pet Protection



Do you’ve concerns about Pet/Child Safety regarding Flourish Excel/CO2 Booster Api? Well, it’s understandable. But, should you be concerned about your child drinking Flourish Excel?

Yes, you should be worried about the safety of Excel and Booster for children and pets. Nothing is more vital than your children’s and household pets’ safety. Flourish excel includes substances that might be harmful to the health of a kid. If a child ingests Excel or Booster, they should be sent to the nearest emergency facility as soon as possible.

Pets are also at danger since the contaminants may cause their bodies to respond poorly. It may be safe for fish, but it is not always safe for other animals. Excel and Booster should be stored in high cabinets out of reach of youngsters.

Which is the better option?

If you want our opinion, we think Excel is the better option. Despite the fact that API is less costly than Flourish Excel, Excel is quicker. Their application procedures, however, are quite similar.

BuyImageProductWhat can you do with it?
Get It Right Now!1650338861_546_flourish-excel-vs-api-co2-booster-choose-the-best-72166541650338862_860_flourish-excel-vs-api-co2-booster-choose-the-best-7080858CO2 Booster Api Freshwater Aquarium Plant Treatment 16 oz BottleBoth a freshwater and a saltwater tank are available.
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Is it possible to utilize Flourish Excel to replace CO2?

Flourish Excel cannot replace a normal CO2 system. Because it lacks the exact same molecules that CO2 does. It may, however, be quite effective in producing aquarium plants if properly dosed. Always follow the guidelines while using Flourish Excel to prevent injuring your fish.

Is it safe to inject CO2 into fish?

Most fish and shrimp can withstand up to 30 parts per million of CO2. Some people, however, are more prone to drunkenness than others. Before introducing new fish, consider turning off the lights and turning off the gas. This will keep the fish from being alarmed by high gas levels.

Is Flourish Excel capable of raising the pH of water?

No. Flourish Excel has no buffers or minerals, therefore it has no effect on pH, GH, or KH when used as indicated. Plants may use Flourish Excel as a carbon source, but it is not a CO2 source. As a consequence, unlike CO2, it will not acidify water.

Is it possible to employ both Flourish and Flourish Advance at once?

While Flourish Advance and other products should not work together. The stress induced by altering water parameters may be avoided by waiting 24 hours between dosages.


Flourish Excel vs CO2 Booster Api is a difficult comparison to make. But we have discussed both Flourish Excel and CO2 Booster Api in detail. We have analyzed them and brought forward their pros and cons.

Do you have any queries about liquid carbon? Please let us know in the comments section.

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