Top 10 Best Lawn Sweepers In 2020 (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)


Top 10 Best Lawn Sweepers: Getting a fresh and fascinating garden might be a hard chore; however, it is one of the terms that is considered to be too urgent. Your garden is an essential introduction for a fitting stranger who will observe your house so that it would create an outstanding impression!

Lawn sweepers might be a handy yard instrument as they can spontaneously take aside wreckage like leaves, broken branches of trees, grass, and anything else waste that will end up in your yard. These are effectively time-saving and back-saving instruments that keep leaf pickup swift and trouble-free, but we had a little bit of trouble finding a perfect one when we set out finding and expressing that you might confront the same problems as we did.

These machines can protect your time and cash when keeping your yard. In terms of removing any wreckage, the best lawn sweepers might not hamper the lawn. They act to keep your yard fresh, out of danger, and fascinating. We have found out the ten most investigated and well-recommended lawn sweepers that could create such an impact on your courtyard.

Top 10 Best Lawn Sweepers (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)

Now we’ll discuss the top 10 Best Lawn Sweepers with their reviews so that you can pick up the best one suitable for you. Let’s go.

1. Agri-Fab 45-0492 Lawn Sweeper

This lawn sweeper helps foster a superior garden without paying you a lot of money or driving up too much of your time. The Agri-Fab sweeper has extraordinary redaction and can practically remove wrecks from your garden to keep a secure and fresh space for pleasure. The pattern uses a mesh back ‘Flow Thru’ hopper to ambush and receive lawn waste. It can drive far better than other designs since it does not need to be vacated as often.

The 2-step assembly will need less than 25-30-minutes as you can move to act swiftly. The whole lawn sweeper might be deteriorated and pulled up for facile storage while it is not in action—this lawn sweeper is seemingly driven in all seasons for lawn providence, whatever the weather. You can hold down your lawn upkeep in the colder season to assure that your lawn doesn’t go to wreck – Though it isn’t being employed.

Key features

  • Sweeper width: 44″.
  • Hopper size: 25 cu.
  • Wheels: 12″ x 3″ semi pneumatic wheels.
  • Storage: Foldable hopper bag and folding hitch for heavy storage.
  • Dumping: Bare hopper bag with the steel discharge lever.
  • Warranty: Limited for 3 years.


  • Suitable for all seasons.
  • Offset hitch.
  • Allows simultaneously to cut and sweep.
  • Easier to work alongside obstacles.
  • Having an adjustable brush-height.
  • Easy to operate.


  • Some products may not give proper quality control and are sloppily manufactured.

Despite having a few disadvantages, this lawn sweeper is extremely convenient and easy to drive in all seasons to get your garden in superior condition.

2. Sun Joe AJ801E 12 Amp Electric Scarifier

The Sun Joe Amp Electric Scarifier is a model for little to medium shaped lawns resuscitation. It appears with an electric scarifier and a lawn dethatcher to keep your garden in top-shape and assure that your herb grows green and bloomy.  Fostering on top of your lawn patronage is made extremely easy with this instrument. It is ignited by a high-voltage amp motor that can service for hours when you deal with your garden. The step-up efficiency of this device, which aids keep your lawn fresh and pleasant, is ameliorated through the distinct Airboost Technology. 

This technology exaggerates debris access and depends on steel tines that are produced to stay sharp for greater. This assures that this lawn sweeper will be active even after periodic use season after season. The Electric Scarifier is extremely forthcoming to use and can be started swiftly with the push-button prompt. This allows for facile maintenance, and you can get to work in a flash, to get your garden in high quality spontaneously.


Key Features

  • Ignited by a robust 12-amp motor.
  • The Dethatcher Joe rakes a 12.6-inch extensive way in an individual pass.
  • Tailor steps up depth with 5-position depth monitoring.
  • Ideal for regenerating small to mid-sized lawns.
  • Air Boost technology.
  • Employ the 5-position depth monitoring knob to outfit the raking depth from -0.4 in. (10 mm under the ground) to 0.4 in. (10 mm above the ground).


  • Extremely easy to operate and start.
  • Exclusive Airboost technology enables it to work easier.
  • Aimed for repeated and long-term use.
  • No gas, oil, or tune-ups.
  • Maintenance-free.
  • Keeps herbs green and sound.
  • Ideal for lawn rejuvenation.


  • In some rare cases, the motor can be broken down suddenly when used as a scarifier.

The electric Dethatcher Joe starts swiftly with the push of a button and easily gets the job done except contaminating the ambiance with toxic carbon outflow.

3. Agri-Fab Tow Behind Lawn Sweeper

It has an outstanding potency which provides you to receive further garden wastes for longer, as it needs to be emptied vacated less. It depends on enormous aerial tires that allow plane transportation even on uneven lawns. This provides you to clean the whole garden without anxiety or further damage. The Agri-Fab Tow -Behind Sweeper might be operated to both clear the garden of wrecks such as fallen leaves, dals, and other wastes as well as being used to feeding your garden.

You can scatter grass corn over open areas in the spring and summer months to enhance the temperament of your yard. This model depends on a steel-rod bond that is extremely easy to open during the action, providing you maintain as you can placement an eye on what’s occurring. This lawn sweeper is extremely easy to control, and as it is a tow-behind, it needs little endeavor to get your garden in standard shape.


Key features:

  • Sweeper width: 42″ width.
  • Hopper size: 12 cu.
  • Wheels: 11″ x 2.5″ semi aerial wheels.
  • Storage: Collapsable hopper bag for spontaneous storage.
  • Dumping: Bare hopper from the tractor by pulling the release rope.
  • Tow-behind is easy to fix and operate.
  • Warranty: yes


  • Extremely large capacity.
  • Aerial tires that can be used on all terrains.
  • Tow-behind is easy to fix and use.
  • Easy to open and monitoring closure.
  • Can clear and feed the garden.


  • In some rare cases, the assembly directions can be unclear and drawings may not correct.

This tow-behind sweeper is extremely suitable and easy to use in all seasons to keep your garden superior. With the lawn sweeper, the work is a snap to do and faster than applying a bagger since they catch almost twice the amount of material and can be vacated except leaving the tractor seat.

4. Brinly Tow Behind Lawn Sweeper

This normal yet feasible lawn sweeper has an outstanding capacity and can capture leaves, dals, grass clippings, and any other garden waste spontaneously. The Brinly Tow-Behind Lawn Sweeper has a broadcast motion that provides you to control large gardens and keep them in superior.  It is a model for residential homeowners and even light trade chores. The tow-behind hitch is ubiquitous and should fix most lawn tractors, making it effective for a wide range of people.

As it is embedded in your lawn tractor it protects you a lot of energy and time – you can easily operate and let it do the action. As well as getting your garden fresh and safe, you can use this lawn sweeper to scatter fertilizer and grass seeds through your garden with the amalgamation. This makes it effective for every season. It is extremely easy to use and depends on calibration controls that can be easily measured. The Brinly lawn sweeper has a large 42-inch working width and 20 cubic foot hamper allows get your fall yard clean up done swiftly and simply.


Key features

  • Capacity: 125 lb.
  • Weight: 42 lb
  • (6) high-velocity brushes with indexed brush height adjustment allow a maximum sweep of debris.
  • Large 20 cubic foot hamper and 42-inch sweep for a small number of passes over the yard and less emptying.
  • Patented storage design allows easy and suitable storage with minimal space needed.
  • The high-performance sweeper is a model instrument for sweeping up leaves, pine needles, grass clippings, and old grass after dethatching.
  • Warranty: No


  • Outstanding capacity lawn sweeper.
  • Ubiquitous tow-behind hitch.
  • Effective for all seasons.
  • Clears gardens and medicates them.
  • Broadcast motion that can control larger surface areas.


  • Sometimes it may be experienced poor assembly instructions.

This tow-behind lawn sweeper can be operated to clear and medicate your lawn in all seasons, making it an effectively ubiquitous device. The Brinly lawn sweeper having a large 42-inch working width and 20 cubic foot hamper provides get your fall yard clean up done swiftly and easily.

5. Ohio Steel 50SWP26 Pro Sweeper

The Ohio Steel Pro Sweeper is a bourgeois standard device that has a great receptivity. It can be operated for a long time to clear and medicate your lawn except requiring to be vacated.  It features a distinct patented spiral brush that can pick up debris, keeping this easy to capture, more effectively than standard brushes. This outstanding technology also works to put a low strain on the gears, getting it to work better for longer even with returned use.

The hopper can be conveniently vacated from your tractor seat with the tension of a rope, assuring that you don’t have to shut what you’re doing. This keeps it more skilled and can act faster than most other lawn sweepers. It can be simply fixed to your lawn tractor which will protect you a lot. The attachment has been refreshed with a no-slip positive locking system that will not tremble out of place.


Key features

  • Most features of any residential grade lawn sweeper.
  • Strong-duty steel body design.
  • Sealed steel ball bearings on brush axle.
  • High-density spiral brush with 11″ polypropylene bristles.
  • Large diameter bristles are more densely packed amalgamate.
  • Minimizes wear on gears & fills hopper fuller than straight brushes.
  • The Size of the sweeper is 42 inches.


  • Features exclusive technology that works effectively.
  • Designed to withstand periodic use.
  • Hoppers can be easily vacated from the seat.
  • Attaches easily to a lawn tractor.
  • 5-position hitch adjustment provides a custom fit to all tractor brands.
  • Simple to use and handle.


  • In some rare cases, it can be damaged.

This professional standard lawn sweeper has been produced to be convenient and withstand repeated use, having great capacity, and keeping your lawn fresh and attractive.

6. Ohio Steel 42SWP22 Sweeper

This professional-grade lawn sweeper has a superfluous capacity so it can work better for prolonged, except having to be vacated. The 22 cubic foot strong-duty collector bag can control a wide range of garden wastes, inclusive grass cuttings, broken branches of trees, leaves, and sticks. It features a patented spiral brush that acts to lift more wastes from your garden lawn than other models. This technology assures that this sweeper acts to provide a perfect and more feasible clear of your garden, getting it safe and advantageous for all the family.

As this sweeper brush works effectively, low stress is pushed on the interior gears which will get them working for prolonging. This lawn sweeper has been constructed to last, creating it a large investment for residential or small mercantile projects.  It is extremely easy to use and control which helps protect your time when cleaning your lawn. Ohio Steel is a well known and reputed garden company that allows high-quality, innovative tractor technology.


Key features

  • Capacity: 22 cubic feet.
  • Weight: 86 lb.
  • Warranty: No.
  • Product dimension:51 x 18 x 16 inches.
  • Manufacturer: Ohio Steel.
  • The Size of the sweeper is 42 inches.
  • Manufacturer: Ohio Steel.


  • Professional grade tractor.
  • Bountiful for residential or small trade projects.
  • Exclusive technology handles this sweeper for prolonged use.
  • Acts better than other models.
  • Easy to use and control.


  • Some cases poor quality control.
  • Difficult assembly.

Ohio Steel 42SWP22 Sweeper is manufactured to an incredibly superior level and has been aimed to stay this way, even after repeated use.

7. Agri-Fab 45-0218 Push Lawn Sweeper

The Agri-Fab Push Lawn Sweeper is lightweight and facile to push around your garden as you clean your circumstance. It appears assembled assures you can get to work instantly. Since it is lightweight, this device can ring up in the shed or garage for suitable storage. The hopper bag has an outstanding receptivity and can be spontaneously withdrawn to vacate. It is convenient for small residential gardens and can create such a distinction to the nature of your garden.

Since it is a push lawn sweeper, the height can be fixed to fit any user and is extremely easy to maintain. This keeps it the model instrument for so several different users. It is secure to use, so it is convenient for houses with families and small kids.  If you want to have a professionally controlled lawn except for the effort, then this is an excellent sweeper for you. It can create such a variety to your land by taking off leaves, twigs, and other wastes.


Key features

  • Sweeper width: 26″ Width
  • Hopper bag: 7 cu. ft. capacity
  • Wheels: 9.75″ x 2.25″ plastic wheels
  • Storage: Collapsible hopper bag for convenient storage
  • Dumping: Lift hopper bag to dump
  • Assembly: Some assembly needed; a video instruction indicator is available to help with the assembly process
  • Height adjustment: Adjustable brush height


  • Lightweight and convenient to store
  • Simple yet efficient sweeper
  • Suitable for residential homes
  • Safe to use and control
  • Allows professionally maintained lawn without effort


  • It can fall short on performance
  • The brushes spin can be the wrong way.

This normal and lightweight lawn sweeper can offer a professionally controlled lawn to residential spaces except effort or struggle. The Push lawn sweeper with adjustable height settings provides an easy way to pick up lawn clippings and leaves off the lawn.

8. Agri-Fab 45-0320 Tow Behind Lawn Sweeper

This tow-behind lawn sweeper can be fixed to most lawn tractors, keeping it convenient for a broad range of people. The hopper bag is constructed from high-quality mesh and can receive a lot of garden wastes, together with leaves, twigs, grass cuttings, and several other kinds of garden debris. Since this is a tow lawn sweeper, it is extremely convenient, easy to use, and can clear your garden effectively except a lot of effort or time on your part.

The garden wastes can be spontaneously vacated through a dump rope feature. This means you can vacate your lawn sweeper and get back to act except delay, getting this an outstanding option for those with large lawns and a lot of chores.  The wheels are semi-pneumatic which keeps them a model for most terrains. These wheels can give easy transportation and will get your lawn sweeping extremely easy. This lawn sweeper has been constructed to make cleaning your garden and getting this space clear easy.


Key features

  • Sweeper width: 42″ width
  • Hopper size: 12 cu. Ft. Capacity
  • Wheels: 11″ x 2.5″ semi pneumatic wheels
  • Storage: Collapsible hopper bag for convenient storage
  • Dumping: Empty hopper from the tractor by pulling the release rope
  • Assembly: Some assembly needed; a video instruction guide is available to help with the assembly process
  • Height adjustment: Adjustable brush height
  • Hitch: Ubiquitous hitch fixes quickly and easily to any brand of tractor


  • Can be fixed to most lawn tractors
  • Hopper bag is easy to vacate
  • Can capture leaves, grass clippings, and dals
  • Semi-pneumatic wheels
  • A dumping rope keeps it easier except having to dismount the tractor.


  • Some cases it may poor assembly instructions arrived damaged.

This lawn sweeper has been constructed to make garden maintenance easy and effective.

9. Ohio Steel 42LS Lawn Sweeper

This lawn sweeper has been constructed to be easy to use, maintain, and monitor. This keeps it convenient for a lot of different residential homeowners. It can clean your lawn and keep up the quality, esthetic, and safety of your garden spontaneously.  The handle can be fixed to your garden tools, such as a lawn tractor, to allow easy use and spontaneous clearing. The wheels are textured to get a great play on most garden surfaces. This can get you moving to create your lawn maintenance even facile and more efficiently.

The hopper bag has an outstanding capacity and can be easily vacated of garden wastes. The Ohio Steel Sweeper has an outstanding performance power and is one of the best value tools of its kind. It doesn’t have to pay a lot to have a professional-standard lawn!  Since this lawn sweeper is extremely easy to use, maintain, and monitor it is advantageous for so many different people. It can be applied to small residential lawns to get them safe and fresh for the total family to pleasure.


Key features

  • 4.5 to 1 brush to wheel turning ratio.
  • Extra-wide 9 in. chute impedes clogging.
  • Collapsible hopper removes entirely for fast and heavy storage.
  • Sealed ball bearings on brush axle.
  • 5-position hitch adjustment provides a custom fit for all tractor brands.
  • Hitch pin included.


  • Extremely easy to use a lawn sweeper
  • Outstanding performance
  • Super value device that effective for residential projects
  • Textured wheels for most terrains
  • Spontaneously clears and maintains your lawn


  • In some cases, it may cause damage.

This normal yet useful lawn sweeper is effective for residential gardens and can easily get them clean, fresh, and attractive.

10. Earthwise LSW70021 21-Inch Leaf & Grass Push Lawn Sweeper

The Earthwise Sweep It is an extremely easy way to remove leaves, grass cutting, dals, and other wastes from your garden. Getting a clean and fresh garden can obviously enhance the way your home figures. By this lawn sweeper, it has never been easier to have a fresh and pleasurable garden. The removable hopper bag has an outstanding capacity and can be spontaneously vacated during your clear up action. This keeps your garden maintenance even facile and more effective.

This lawn sweeper can be spontaneously monitored and needs to be pushed around your garden. This provides you to monitor how and where your garden is being fostered. It is a lightweight tool that can be normally stored within a garden shed or garage. You can simply keep it on hand for those days when the waste has piled up.

The height can be simply fixed which is important as using the sweeper at the wrong height can be injured and ineffective. This normal and easy to use tool can make such a variety to so many different homes.

Key features

  • An effortless way to pick up leaves, twigs, and wastes from your lawn.
  • 26-gallon Removable Hopper Bag.
  • Folds and Hangs Easily for Storage.
  • 21-inch Wide Sweep Path.
  • Lightweight and easy to push with fixed height settings.
  • 21-inch Wide Sweep Path.
  • Weight: 12 lb
  • Warranty: No


  • Easy operation to get gardens clear
  • Removable hopper bag has an outstanding capacity
  • Easy to maintain
  • Lightweight for easy storage
  • Height can be fixed


  • Sometimes the operation can be disrupted.

This normal and easy to use lawn sweeper can create garden maintenance effortlessly and will improve the appearance of your space.

Lawn Sweepers Buyer’s Guide

The lawn sweeper is incredibly useful, inexpensive, and significantly best to use as a garden instrument rather than a rake or mower bagger for getting your lawn debris-free.

Types of Lawn Sweepers

There are mainly two key types of lawn sweepers that you should consider while you purchase.

Tow-behind lawn sweeper

These hook up backward your lawn agrimotor, so all you require to do is fix and conduct. Normally, this is the most advantageous choice and needs less energy for your sake, however, if you don’t have a lawn agrimotor, then the only other option should be a hand-operated push sweeper.

Push forward lawn sweeper

In terms of this type of lawn sweeper, you’re the power after the handlebar. In between the types, the cleaning pathway is much pimping on a push sweeper than a tow sweeper, and the bag is normally less.

Here are a few points you have to consider for selecting and buying the best lawn sweeper.

1. Sweeping Path

  • In terms of tiny lawns, we recommend using a lawn sweeper from 21 – 26 inches in width.
  • In terms of medium-sized areas, use a lawn sweeper with a width that ranges from 26 – 38 inches.
  • In terms of wide lawns, look into the machines with a width that is above 38 inches.

2. Types

Normally, there are 2 types of lawn sweepers available in the market – pull behind and manually push along. If you have a tractor then consider the pull-behind model to coating large-sized lawns except for much strain. If you have a tiny or medium-sized lawn area then select buying a push type of lawn sweeper to clear your lawn easily.

3. Types of wastes to pick up

You should keep in mind that not all lawn sweepers sweep all types of wastes that are there in your courtyard. So, detect the one that is aimed to pick up the wastes (that includes grass clippings, pinecones, fallen leaves, dals, etc.).

4. Hopper Capacity / Collecting Bag

By choosing the sweeper with a bag having outstanding capacity will support you to vacate it less frequently. As often as not, the size of the hopper will change with the size of the sweeper machine. So, detect the models, know their bag gathering capacity, and select the bag that is good enough for your place to reduce the time expending or disposing of the wastes.

5. Material

The material used for constructing a lawn sweeper is another essential factor to consider before buying. Normally, a metal made sweeper is a better process than a plastic one as the metal made lawn sweeper is weighty, stable, and hardworking whereas the plastic one is lightweight and simple to move the sweeper. The aluminum lawn sweeper acts better than any other lawn sweeper ever because it is lightweight as plastic and dynamic, viable, or long-lasting as a metal.

6. Height Adjustment

Hitches alter in height and this height is dependent on what you’re doing it with like a garden tractor might vary from a zero-turn hitch. Simply, look for a sweeper with a multi-hitch height, if you’re unsure of what height you need the sweeper in which it provides more versatility.  So, select the one which has this feature to hold grass and debris of all sizes from the lawn.


It becomes necessary to use a lawn sweeper entirely of the year either by pushing or pulling operation at differing speeds. Therefore, it should be made with premium or robust material that can make it durable enough to strive for eternal use and thereby economize your money for its maintenance and repair cost.

8. Budget/Cost

If you are looking for a heavy-duty and durable lawn sweeper, then the price will be higher. However, if you have limited money then purchase the best one which you are looking for. Usually, the push lawn sweeper ideally costs within $50-$150, on the contrary, $200-500$ cost might be for the tow behind lawn sweepers, which may vary on the size, band, and feature as well.

9. Warranty

Warranty is another point that most of the customers are finding for before buying any product. Though we won’t get a warranty with every product you should find warranties on different brands which allows a costly and high-end lawn sweeper.

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