Best Lawn Mower Blades for Well-Manicured Outdoor Spaces


Landscaping, manicuring and maintaining your garden or lawns can be tasking if you do not have the right tools to deal with the grass. The effectiveness of your lawnmower depends on the strength of the motor and its efficiency in cutting. However, buying the best lawn mower blades can help reduce strain on the motor by combining the right length, shape, width and construction.

Finding replacement parts for any equipment can be challenging, especially if you have a layman’s understanding of the device. Hence, we have covered the essential qualities you need to look out for before buying. Also, our list of the best lawn mower blades will help you create a shortlist.

What is a Lawn Mower blade?

A lawn mower blade is the cutting component of a lawnmower. The mower blades are usually designed with high-quality metals that can endure high speed while in contact with grass or other objects on the lawn. The metals used usually vary by brand.

Mower blades come in various shapes and sizes, which will offer different aerodynamic functions. In addition, the different types of blades are designed for different applications. Most of the blades fall within 16 inches and 22 inches long. However, you will find lawn mowers that can facilitate blades between 21 and 48 inches. So you can make your selection based on the model you have.

Are lawn mower blades better?

We have analyzed the best mower blades in the market to help you settle for the best.

1. Maxpower 561713XB Commercial Mulching Blade

Maxpower 561713XB Commercial Mulching 2-Blade Set for 42' Poulan/Husqvarna/Craftsman, Replaces...

The Maxpower 561713XB Commercial Mulching Blade is 21 inches long and 2.5 inches in width. This best mower blade fits many lawnmower brands thanks to their universal star-shaped hole at the center, which guarantees quick installation. So if you have Husqvarna, Poulan or Craftsman equipment, you can take advantage of the universal fit of this product.

Thanks to their thicker and sturdy steel construction, the Maxpower Mulching Blades are excellent at heavy-duty tasks. You can maneuver through obstacles much quicker as it thoroughly deals with thick grass. Plus, the substantial material means these mower blades will last long with diligent maintenance.

Although these are some of the best mower blades for clearing thick grass and shrubs, the sturdy steel may still get nicked by hard objects. Thus, you need to ensure you sharpen the blades often to increase their performance.


  • The lawn mower blades are made from high-quality steel for durability
  • Suitable for heavy-duty use.
  • It has a five-point star center hole, making it a universal fit for most equipment.
  • It comes as a two-pack purchase.
  • It excels at mulching.
  • The blades offer value for money.


  • These lawn mower blades require plenty of maintenance.
  • It misses some spots when used on uneven ground.

2. Toro 22 Recycler Mower Replacement Blade 59534P

Toro 22' Recycler Mower Replacement Blade 59534P Display pack contains 131-4547-03 (Genuine).

If you use Toro mowers, the Recycler Mower Replacement Blade 59534P is the best option for getting the most out of your equipment. The dimensions of this best lawn mower blade are 22 inches in length, 1.25 inches for the width and 0.15 inches in thickness.

Apart from maintaining the correct grass height on your lawns, this product also adds a mulching feature. The Toro mower blades cut grass into tiny pieces used to fertilize your outdoor spaces naturally. Plus, the Toro Mower Replacement Blade 59534P is easy to install, so that you do not need an expert to help you out.

If you want to get a neat yard without any grass clippings, these high lift blades can help. After all, people have different lawn care procedures that may involve alternative ways of adding nutrients to the ground. Although these best lawn mower blades are designed for mulching, you can still add bagging to your lawnmower to assist in efficiently collecting the grass clippings.


  • The blade works well in wet conditions.
  • It also doubles as mulching blades.
  • High-quality mower blades Offers a tremendous clean cut
  • The toro mowers blades offer value for money
  • You can include bagging on the lawnmower.


  • The lawnmower blade requires frequent sharpening.
  • It is only compatible with Toro lawn mowers.

3. Oregon 598-629 Gator G5 Mulching Blades

Oregon 598-629 Gator G5 21-3/16' Mulching Blades Replaces MTD Cub Cadet 942-0616 742-04126 RZT-42...

Next up, we have the Oregon 598-629 Gator G5 21-3/16″ Mulching Blade, which is also a perfect option that you could purchase. The lawn mower blade is a three-in-one mulching blade that could easily replace MTD blades, 42 inches deck, white wards, Yardman and Cub Cadet.

This mulcher blade is 21 and 3/16 inches long, has a width of around 3 inches and has a thickness of about 0.164 inches. The mounting hole of this blade can fit a machine of any kind with six points. Additionally, these blades are designed with Tungsten Carbide fusion on edge, which increases the efficiency and lifetime of the blades.

Unlike other blades with five-pointed mounting holes, this lawn mower blade has six pointed holes, making it easy to fit in any mower, including riding mowers. The good thing is you could use these blades for mulching, and it is possible to use them as high lift blades. Moreover, the reinforcement in these blades is highly effective and only requires very minimal effort to maintain.

When picking such a blade for your lawn mowers, you need to sharpen them before use. Also, you doth need to sharpen it as often as other blades, and you are only required to whet the blades at least twice a year to keep them in perfect condition. To maintain the blades perfectly, you should avoid working over wet terrains since the blades will strain.

The downside is that the blades cannot withstand high impact on heavy obstacles. In addition, the blades will bend easily, and it can be tedious to repair them. Therefore you should avoid using them in rocky areas.


  • Universal six-pointed star mounts
  • Designed with a layer of Tungsten Carbide, making it stronger
  • Dual-function as mulcher and high lift
  • A perfect option for thick grass
  • The blade is easy to install
  • Offers a tremendous clean cut


  • Does don’t work well on wet surfaces
  • Cannot handle obstacles

4. Maxpower 561557B 3-Blade Set

Maxpower 561557B 3-Blade Set for 54' Cut MTD/Cub Cadet/Troy-Bilt Replaces 942-05056a, 742-05056

The Maxpower 561557B 3-Blade Set fits in a deck size of 54 inches for numerous lawnmower brands like MTD, Cub Cadet and Troy Bilt. This product has a 6-point star center hole that fits the mentioned equipment perfectly. Plus, if you want simple blades to use, this easy-to-install model should be at the top of your shortlist.

You can bag grass clippings thanks to the high lifting capabilities of these blades. Thus, you can make the landscaping process much simpler without the need to go around the yard collecting debris from mowing. Although you will need to sharpen these blades before you use them, their affordable price makes them an ideal choice.

It is important to remember that the Maxpower blades are designed to provide the best performance when applied with the proper lawn mower. Also, they are made with Premium Grade high carbon American steel that guarantees durability. Lastly, you can be assured that all Maxpower blades are made to cut with outstanding power.


  • The cuts are clean.
  • Universal blades
  • The blades offer value for money
  • Sharp blades that help reduce the mowing time
  • It is easy to install.
  • The lawn mower blade set is excellent for bagging as it creates an impressive lift.
  • Has a 6-point star center hole that fits MTD, Cub Cadet and Troy Bilt perfectly
  • It is affordable.


  • It is not pre-sharpened.
  • The blades are not effective for mulching.

5. EGO Power+ AB2101 Lawn Mower High Lift Blade

EGO Power+ AB2101 21-Inch Lawn Mower High Lift Blade for EGO 56V 21-Inch Lawn Mower Models...

If you have an EGO lawnmower, the EGO Power+ AB2101 is designed to elevate the edge so that you can get a much cleaner cut. This product deals with grass from the ground up to give you a well-manicured lawn. With a lawnmower blade length of 21 inches, this long tool increases the cutting area to help you get through landscaping faster.

Get this pre-sharpened mower blade to give you a high lift clean cut. With this tool, you do not need to expend plenty of energy into maintaining the edge. Thus, you can save time and still get reliable functionality.

Additionally, the high cutting feature makes these blades suitable for a push mower, where you need to collect the grass clippings. As you manicure your lawns, the equipment will lift and funnel debris into a storage bag to ease disposing of the clutter.

To learn better how these blades work, they are designed with deeper curves on the ends. The curves create the appropriate suction, which helps distribute the pieces of grass cut. The significant part is that the blades can cut through long or wet grass.


  • Its length of 21 inches gives it a wide range of cutting.
  • It is designed for high lift cuts.
  • The mower blade is pre-sharpened.
  • Not much maintenance is required.
  • It can funnel grass clippings for accessible collection.
  • It has three holes.


  • Can not use the Mulcher plug with these mower blades.
  • Not approved to use with the mulching plug. 

6. Honda 08720-VH7-000 Mulching Blade Set

Honda 08720-VH7-000 Mulching Blade Set

Honda Mulching Blade Set is from one well-known brand that produces quality products. This high-quality blade set comes with two blades, the 72531-VE2-020 and 72511-VE1-020. The blades are heavier and sturdier than most other replacement blades and specially designed to be used in Honda mower models.

Honda blades have a 21-inch cutting width and are the perfect replacement for the OEM blades. The mower blades have a thick design with flat edges that offer an unimaginable rapid cutting action. What’s more, the honda blade set is lightweight, making it more effective.

The 21-inch length mulching blade has a double-sided mower blade design, making the performance even better. The best lawn mower blades are also designed with a protective coating to protect the blades from rust or corrosion. It is optional to remove the coating at the edge when sharpening the blade’s edge.

With the many other types of blades in the market, the honda blades offer OEM blades the best replacement. Additionally, these blades will offer excellent cutting quality and cut through wet grass and thick grass.


  • Heavy-duty Blades
  • The blades are compatible with most lawn mowers, including riding mower brands.
  • Perfect replacement for the OEM blades
  • The best blade for bagging grass
  • They can keep a sharp edge
  • Works over dense or thicker grass


  • Blades are, in most cases, shipped dull
  • Installation is tiresome

7. Husqvarna HU22027 48-Inch Premium Hi-Lift Bagging Blade

USA Mower Blades AYP340BP Mulching Blade Fits AYP Craftsman Husqvarna 134149 24676 422719 424752...

If you have a lawn mower with ruined blades and are looking for blades that will save time or energy, the Husqvarna Premium Hi-Lift Bagging Blade is the best choice. Grass mowing is one of the complex and time-consuming jobs, especially if your blades are dull or ravished.

The Husqvarna HU22027 48-Inch Premium Hi-Lift Bagging Blade is one of the best lawn mower blades in the market that will facilitate your work. In addition, this blade will make regular maintenance of your lawn garden or commercial property much easier and quicker.

These Husqvarna best lawn mower blades are from Husqvarna, a well-known brand for offering excellent mowing tools. The blades feature a contoured shape which allows you to cut the clippings into smaller portions.


  • Authentic replacement mower blade
  • Has a durable construction
  • Blades offer smooth and finer cut
  • Extremely sharp blades
  • Installation of the blades is a breeze
  • Good blades for the long term


  • Resharpening the blade can be hard

8. USA Mower Blades AYP340BP

USA Mower Blades AYP340BP Mulching Blade Fits AYP Craftsman Husqvarna 134149 24676 422719 424752...
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The USA Mower Blade AYP340BP features a 6-point center hole to fit into numerous lawnmower models like Cub Cadet, Troy Bilt and MTD. This product is 21.2 inches in length, 2.2 inches for the width and 0.6 inches in thickness. These dimensions make it durable and practical for trimming grass and other small outgrowths.

The USA lawn mower blade is infused with Tungsten Carbide, enhancing its lifespan. Plus, the product allows you to use it for high lift applications and mulching. Thus, you can use a bag for collecting or leaving the grass clippings to add nutrients to your yard, garden or lawns.


  • The Tungsten Carbide requires little maintenance to keep the edge sharp.
  • The replacement mower blades are durable.
  • Center mounting hole Replaces Poulan, Husqvarna, and Craftsman blades.
  • It is not suitable for heavy-duty use.
  • It has mulching and high lift functionalities.
  • It mounts on to brands like Cub Cadet, MTD, Yard-Man and Wards.


  • They are not pre-sharpened.
  • The blades are not effective on wet grass.
  • Obstacles and hard objects can damage the blades.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Lawn Mower Blade

a). Type of Blade

You must check the type of blade that suits your lawn mower perfectly. Most lawnmower blades have similar basic features like an edge for dealing with grass and other outgrowths on your yard, gardens or lawns. However, these tools differ through the various shapes designed to achieve specific goals in landscaping. Below are some of the different variations you can buy.

1. Low lift blade

If you live in a residential area with little outdoor space, you should consider buying low lift blades. These tools are much easier to power, maintain, and are found in light-duty lawn mowers. The low lift blades are specially designed to use on sandy soil since they have low suction power. In addition, they have fewer curved edges compared to the standard ones. 

These lawn mower blades are usually available in three to four inches in size, and they use less power. The fantastic thing is that the low lift blades do not stress your mower much, which will lead to an extended life span. Hence if you are looking for blades that will offer long-term durability, the low lift is the best option.

2. Standard or medium-lift blade

Medium lift blades are more significant than the low-rated ones. This type of blade works best with thick grass, dense grass, and some small weeds because they are larger and can handle more strenuous tasks. Although these blades are sturdy enough for commercial and residential use, they will not harshly cut your grass. These blades are rotated horizontally, and they tend to have a slight curve. Hence, in most cases, they are called straight mower blades. These blades are designed to be used on light grass, and they could also be used on both dry and damp areas. 

3. High lift blades

The blade is designed to clear out thickly growing yards and lawns. These types are the most viable and durable option and work well and fast if you do frequent yard work. Moreover, high lift mower blades can help ease collecting grass clippings. You can use push mowers with bags at the back to reduce the work into maintaining a neat yard. These blades usually come with a vertical angle on the edges that enables maximum airflow through the blades.

Most blades in this category usually range from one to twenty-one inches in length, making them perfect for yards with tall grass. However, the blades will not work as well on sandy terrains compared to other blades since it maximizes airflow, making them suck in dirt or sand along with the grass. In most cases, the dirt will settle in the cutting deck, which will cause premature wear off.

4. Mulching blades

Mulching blades are specialized tools that can chop grass into fine pieces to leave on the yard to add fertilizer naturally. The edge ensures that your outdoor spaces do not look messy once you are done. Additionally, you can get low, medium and high lift options for mulching blades. So if you are looking to replenish the soil in your land, this is a perfect option.

You could use a mulching blade in push or riding mowers. While compared or other blades, the mulching blade will have a more cutting edge, allowing your lawnmower to cut grass finely. In addition, they are usually more curved on the outer and inner surface, which allows trimmed grass to be transferred to the cutting deck, where they are cut into smaller pieces. The inner curves then allow the small particles to settle on the ground.

5. Gator Blade

Like a mulching blade, the gator blades are also a perfect option for fertilizing the soil. However, the Gator blades are designed to be more efficient and create maximum suction on the grass. They usually have a particular angle on the teeth of a mulching blade. The fantastic thing is that the gator teeth push the grass to the sharp cutting edge of your lawnmower as you work. This way, the grass is cut over and over again into tiny pieces.

b). Blade Construction

There isn’t a wide range of variations in the blade length of most products. The shortest ones are 16.75 inches, while the longer ones can go up to 22 inches. It may seem evident that longer blades mean more efficient cutting; however, you need to ensure the blades fit your equipment.

Most lawn mowers allow you to use replacement blades that are not the same size as the original ones. As a rule of thumb, shorter ones mean more work, but longer ones may not fit. Thus, you need to find the sweet spot to make your work easier.

In terms of the width, ensure the blade fits the specifications laid out by the lawnmower manufacturer. A wide blade may not match the deck size or cause damage to the compartment. Alternatively, a narrow blade does not improve the efficiency of the lawnmower’s motor.

The materials used in making the blades have a bearing on how durable the tool is. Strong stainless steel is one of the most popular builds for these products because it is rust-resistant and works well when sharp. Plus, it is one of the hardest metals, and it is guaranteed to last long.

c). Blade Holes

Lawnmowers have a mounting hole for securing the blades. Some have a 6-or-5-point star center hole attachment to install your replacement blade. Also, it would be best if you considered the diameter of these attachments as they can vary from 1 inch to 0.5 inches. Finally, check the lawnmower manual if you doubt whether your purchase will work with the machine you have.

d). Blade Length

Obviously, the blade length is another very crucial factor to consider. You will need to measure the length of your existing blade and get the appropriate replacement blade. The majority of blades fall within the range of 16 inches to 22 inches, depending on the OEM replacement. However, you may find others with longer blades, but they are usually original blades in most cases. In most cases, the original blades are advantageous since they will provide a wider cut. You must purchase a blade with adequate length to fit in place firmly.

When is the Right Time to Replace Lawn Mower Blades?

If your lawn mower is not humming as usual or has reduced its cutting ability, then you should check the blades. Running over objects like toys or rocks can dull blades or completely ruin them. If your blades are dull, you could easily sharpen them by yourself. However, if your blades are ruined, you need to replace them or take the mower to a professional repair shop.

Household lawn mowers will need to be sharpened at least every two years. If they are shared and are still not working, you should consider replacing them. You could also go through the guidebook that came with your lawn mower to get a more precise answer. If your blades are beyond repair or sharpening, then it is the right time to get the best lawn mower blades.

How to Replace Mower Blades Safely

If you need to replace your lawn mower blades, you must know how to do it perfectly for efficiency and safety. Before you replace your blades, it is essential to see if you could salvage the old blades, yopu could sharpen and work with them if they are still in good condition. If you need to replace the blades, below are a few steps and a brief description of replacing the blade mowers.

  1. Purchase the correct replacement blades. If your blades are worn out, you must purchase a replacement blade kit to make the process easier. The replacement kit will usually come with sharpened blades and replacement nuts.
  2. When you have the right and the appropriate blades, you must read the manufactures manual to enlighten yourself on the process. Before you begin, it is a perfect idea to wear thick protective gloves to keep your hands safe.
  3. You will remove the old blades and mount the new blade in the appropriate direction and position. You will need to line up the blades as before the old ones were lined up. Then you will reinstall the nuts and washers. Make sure you tighten the blade enough and do not over-tighten the blade to avoid vibrations in the lawn mower.
  4. Check to ensure the blade is perfectly fitted. Ensure that the blade is mounted correctly and does not wobble when the mower is moved around. It is essential that after you have replaced the blades, you wait for 30 minutes to an hour for the oil to return to the motor.
  5. Do the pre-check mowing. Check to see that the air filters are okay also, ensure that the oil did not saturate the foam filter.
  6. After the examination, you should start up your mower and get to cutting the grass more efficiently and safely.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Lawn Mower Blades

1. What are the best lawn mower blades to buy?

The best lawn mower blades to buy are the Maxpower 561713XB Commercial Mulching Blades. It features a serrated design that increases its effectiveness in mulching and allows you to improve the soil quality of your garden, lawns and outdoor spaces by adding natural fertilizer. The product also fits numerous lawnmowers like Craftsman, Husqvarna and Poulan.

These replacement lawn mower blades are made of stainless steel, durable while reducing the required sharpening frequency. Thus, you do not have to do much to maintain these heavy-duty models.

2. Does a high lift blade cut better?

Low and medium-lift blades may not work as well as the high models for wet cutting conditions. Higher variants have deeper curves at the edges that form suction for circulating and expelling grass clippings. Plus, the increase in airflow does not clog your equipment when working with wet or tall grass.

3. Which is better, mulching or high lift?

A high lift blade generates powerful air currents that can lift and propel grass pieces away from under the mower deck. Also, these models are straight and have aerodynamic qualities that make it easier for them to create the necessary airflow.

Mulching blades have curved cutting edges that increase the surface area for slicing grass. Consequently, you can get finner pieces that you can leave on the yard since they are too small to be troublesome or look disorganized. Additionally, these clippings are a terrific source of natural nutrients for the soil.

The choice between these two options depends on your landscaping needs. If you want to reduce your reliance on artificial fertilizer or manure for your soil, you can go with mulching blades. On the contrary, if you want a clean-cut and neat appearance, you should consider using a high lift blade with a bag for the lawnmower.

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