Best Electric Fence for Goats to Curb Them From Climbing


Goats are known to be notoriously curious animals. They love climbing from one place to another, making them one of the most challenging livestock to contain. You will see them regularly squeeze through fence wires, chew and push against fences or try to jump over them. Furthermore, goats are also usually good at escaping and will do everything to do so. Therefore, we recommend you invest in the best electric fence for goats.

Why Do You Need an Electric Fence for your Goats?

An electric fence for agricultural fencing uses electric shocks to deter domestic animals from crossing a boundary. This electric fencing is very effective in containing goats. Most of them will respect the hot wires and won’t go near them. Besides preventing your goats from climbing and trying to jump over the other side, the right electric fence can keep your goats secured as well as safe from predators like coyotes and stray dogs; also, you can leave for a quick trip with peace of mind knowing well your barn is still under control.

With that in mind, let’s check out the four best-rated electric goat fences on the market.

1. Premier (Double Spiked) PoultryNet Electric Fence

Premier PoultryNet Electric Fence, 48' H x 164' L, Double Spiked, White

Besides being a great fence for poultry, the Premier PoultryNet Electric Fence can also work well for cattle, goats, and guard dogs. It’s very easy to set up; it will take you about 15 minutes to install. Moreover, it usually comes with built-in posts and a 48-inch electrifiable prefabricated wall. And, the stainless steel conductor with copper usually makes this fence much effective electrical conductivity.

The fence also features a double spiked post which adds stability for it to stay on gentle grounds. The stability makes it sturdy to keep bears, raccoons, deer, foxes, and coyotes out from attacking your goats. Nonetheless, the package doesn’t come with an energizer.


  • Super easy to install
  • Effective on preventing your goats from jumping to the other side
  • The wire lines are made of quality construction
  • Come with effective electrical conductivity


  • Not recommended for uneven terrains

2. Premier 42-Inch Electric Goat Net Fence-Yellow

Premier 42' Electric Goat Net Fence 9/42/6 Yellow - 164' Roll

The Premier Electric Goat Net Fence usually comes in yellow color, visible to animals and humans. The roller is 164 feet long and 42 inches high, guards sheep, goats, and other small domestic animals, and scares predators like dogs, foxes, coyotes, and bears when properly energized. This electric fencing works for pigs; however, we recommend first train them to operate this electric fence by placing the fence in a permanently enclosed space and letting them learn a bit with the fence. Moreover, It’s however not intended for use with birds.

As far as you only need one roll, the 164 ft of this Premier Electric Fencing will work; it can as well make up to 2 rolls. Nonetheless, since your feeder is small, it won’t work with many reels as this fence usually moves over grass that consumes energy, particularly when wet, for instance, early in the morning.

Installation usually takes about 15 minutes. Besides, the only electrified part of the network is the horizontal strings; the vertical parts aren’t electrified. So, if the vertical parts get broken, you don’t have to worry since the shocking parts won’t be affected. Furthermore, the fence will work if the energizer is connected to the soil and the horizontal part is separated.


  • Very effective and durable
  • Visible for both humans and animals
  • It’s usually water-resistance in rainy weather.
  • You can use it to tame pigs, sheep, and goats.


  • Doesn’t come with the energizer, and you can’t fence your poultry farm.

3. Premier ElectroNet Sheep and Goat Netting Fence, White

Premier ElectroNet Sheep & Goat Netting Fence, 35'H x 164'L, White, Single Spike - Premier Top...

If you’re looking for the best electric fence for goats, not only keep them protected but also keep out predators like dogs, coyotes, and bears. This wire fence usually consists of 9 horizontal wires; however, the bottom horizontal wires aren’t electrified to offer to the ground. Besides, you must perform routine maintenance to reduce weed load as it usually drains the energy from the fence if it happens to touch the live strands.

The metal filaments of this netting fence in the lower horizontal filament usually act as a ground bar to complete the circuit. When installing this goat fencing, use PVC posts with 6-inch single metal spikes and FiberTuff support posts at corners and ends to reduce sag. When you use support posts at the fence corners, you won’t need to remove them when trimming and mowing around the fence.

Maintaining and replacing this netting fence is easy as installing it. Therefore, if you’re a farmer who usually spends the most time on the farm, you can confidently use this network without hassle. Moreover, if you want the network to be effective, you need to energize it; however, the energizer is sold separately. However, we recommend using an AC/DC energizer or a Premier Solar for your specific needs for best results.


  • Durable and doesn’t rust or corrode
  • Easy to handle and maintain
  • It’s usually water-resistance in rainy weather
  • Affordable price 


  • You can’t tame small animals.

4. Trident (9/35/7) Electric Sheep and Goat Netting- Green

Trident Electric Sheep/Goat Netting 9/35/7- Green, 164'

If you’re looking for the best electric fence for goats that comes with stainless steel strands, count on the Trident Electric Sheep and Goat netting. This 35-inch high goat netting is one of the cheapest electric fences on the market. It usually protects your goats from predators. Besides, it’s medium-mesh size to use it on cattle, chickens, pigs, goats, and sheep.

This electric fencing is very effective in containing goats. Most of them will respect the hot wires and won’t go near them. Besides preventing your goats from climbing and trying to jump over the other side, the right electric fence can keep your goats secured. Also, you can use it to raise livestock for commercial purposes.


  • Very easy to install
  • It’s portable and safe
  • One of the cheapest electric fences for goats on the market
  • Made of durable stainless steel strands.


  • The durability can be an issue in some conditions.

7 Simple Steps on How to Install an Electric Fence for Goats

 Electric fencing can be a great choice, especially for full pastures. You can easily set up an electric fence than pulling woven wire. It’s even less expensive. When installing it, here is what you will need;

  • T-posts
  • T-post insulators
  • Corner post insulators
  • Aluminum wire or galvanized steel wire
  • Electric fence charger (we recommend you to get one stronger than you think you might need)
  • Grounding rods (2-3 )

 1. Dig in the T-posts about 12 to 16 feet apart. You don’t require a lot of posts

2. You will need 4 to 5 strands of electric wire to install the wire fence for your sheep, goats, and even pig, meaning each t-post will require 4 to 5 insulators on them.

3. Once you have installed the posts up together with the perimeter of your wire fence line, it is time to string the wireline.

4. Now, attach the insulator to your starting point and enfold the wire around. Ensure you do this for every strand of wire.

5. Place the hot wires at least 9 inches apart. Therefore 9″ above the ground, then at 18″, 27″ and 36″ for a 4-strand fence.

6. Ensure you pull the wire fence tight when stringing it to prevent sagging. Also, in corners, you’ll need to use other corner insulators again.

7. When you get to the stopping point, ensure you secure the wire fence to the end insulator and ensure the wire is tight.

What to Consider When Installing the Best Electric Fences for Goats?

1. Coverage area

The coverage area should be one of the factors to consider before buying the best electric fence for goats. Generally, a goat requires at least 250 square feet. Nonetheless, goats are free-running and jumping domestic animals, so the larger the area, the happier they are.

2. Head gaps

Goats are notorious animals, and most of them like to push their face to the fence and every corner. So if the gap in your best electric fence for goats is too large, the goat is most likely to go through and get stuck. Furthermore, if you have kids, you should pay much attention. Young kids usually love to put their hands over the fence to feed or touch the goats. These actions can sometimes be very dangerous. Therefore, we recommend you ensure the fence has 4 x 4 inches, which keeps both the kid and the goat inside safe.

3. Fence attachments

Before installing the best electric fences for goats, you need to consider the fence attachments. Goats usually love to push things; therefore, when attaching wire panels, ensure you stick to the inside fence surface so that when the goats want to push the fence, they push the wire panels into the post, making it much hard for the goat to escape. Also, leave the hinged ports not swinging out freely because if they unluckily release the latch, they will push the gate close rather than opening it.

4. Visibility

The visibility of the goat fence matters since it makes them recognize the barn or fence. Some animals like deer and horses usually have a limited perception of color. On that condition, it might be difficult for them to recognize their location if the fence has too thin strands.

To avoid these cases, you can use thicker fence wire or opt for vertical strands since they increase visibility and act as a psychological barrier to livestock. Also, sticking tape or colored ropes on the fence is good to help the goats recognize the barn or fence more easily.

5. Height

When goat fencing, we recommend you ensure the height is at least 4 feet. This height will prevent the mischievous goats from jumping or climbing over the fence. However, also pay attention to the gap spaces below the fence since if they can’t jump over, they will most likely try to crawl under the fences.

6. Obstacles

When installing the goat fence, most people usually like to place more obstacles in the fenced area to create more natural space for their goats. It can be old tires, small logs, or even a stable. However, ensure the obstacles aren’t too high as the goat can step on them and eventually jump over the fence.

7. Climate

Every climate type will be suitable for various types of fences. For instance, dry weather and dry soil usually make it hard to dig the post hole. On the other hand, the humid climate is usually suitable for using electric fences since the moisture in the soil acts as a natural conductor. So if you’re living in a dry climate and want to install a goat fence, consider using earth-return wires or wide-impedance energizers. When the fence is properly energized, it can effectively deter coyotes, stray dogs, bears, and foxes.

Frequently Questions Asked on the Best Electric Fence for Goats

1. How many electric volts should a goat fence have?

Some goat species usually have thick insulation layers that require higher voltage. Besides, goats usually tend to experience fences, so you should ensure the space cables are short and high enough to avoid explosions. So, the fence for goats should have a voltage of 4000 to 5000 V. However, if the species have a thin skin layer, 2000-3000 volts of electricity will be enough to keep it behind the fence.

Yes. The chain fences can work for goats too. However, if you select a chain-link fence, be aware that; it’s cumbersome to remove it if it’s not used anymore or move the breeding area. Also, the cost is huge if you plan to build a large barn.

3. How high should the goat fences be?

Goats are capable of jumping twice to thrice as high as their heights. They can as well damage overhead cables. If the fence you’re using is not sturdy or durable enough, it might be as useless as well. So, a 40 inches electric fence with 4 or 5 separate wires from 4-7 inches is enough for keeping goats behind the fence. However, they must have sufficient energy for the livestock.

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