Best 080 Trimmer Line for Light to Medium-Duty Tasks


Even though the best 080 trimmer line is considered a light gauge, it can and should handle extensive commercial or residential tasks. The trimmer line with the .080 diameter in inches should be your ideal choice if you are looking for a string trimmer line that will handle light to medium trimming jobs. Finding the best trimmer line is crucial because it makes your trimming tasks run smoothly and faster, and with the right size, you are guaranteed the best performance from any brand of string trimmers or weed eaters.

This article has rounded up the best 080 trimmer lines in the market today with their pros and cons, from versions of different shapes to versions made of different materials. Besides the best trimmer lines, we have included a detailed guide to help you navigate the buying process easier.

1. Cyclone Spool Commercial Grass Trimmer Line CY080D1/2-12

Desert Extrusion Cyclone CY080D1/2 .080" x 200' Commercial Trimmer Line Green Made in USA
  • Included: (1) Desert Extrusion CY080D1/2 .080" x 200' Commercial Line Green
  • Made in the USA
  • Patented 6 bladed shape for added cutting power
  • Choice of landscaping professionals; Color coded by diameter size
  • Special copolymer formulation provides longer lasting commercial cutting

Cyclone is a commercial grade round trimmer line designed to tackle light duties and medium grass and weed trims and is most recommended for industrial use because it offers a better cutting power. With a 6-blade shape, the line is sufficient to handle heavy-duty tasks, and with a visible green color, you can see the line. The construction of this Cyclone Spool line uses high-quality polymer materials, ensuring durability, and the construction also makes it a plus for commercial jobs.

Cyclone trimmer line trims up to 2000 square feet of grass in one rewind, which is more than most weed eaters lines, but it has a tangling problem. Additionally, because of the 6-bladed shape, this line can be quite noisy, and you might need ear protection. It is a perfect 080 line for anyone looking for the best trimmer line for their gas-powered hand trimmer.


  • The line has a patented six-blade shape making it more powerful
  • Commercial grade line
  • Affordable price
  • The strong line cuts through heavy weeds and bushes easily
  • Leakproof
  • A bright green color that ensures visibility
  • Guaranteed durability and longer life thanks to the construction


  • The line is short when compared to some of the best trimmer lines in the market.
  • The line can be challenging when inserting into the trimmer head.

2. Oregon 21-380 String Trimmer Line

Oregon 21-380 Gatorline 1-Pound Round String Trimmer Line, .080-inches x 413-feet – Fits Most Weed Whacker Types
  • Long-lasting, high-quality, and breakage-resistant trimmer line for homeowners and DIYers
  • Fits most standard trimmer heads - including fixed-line, semi, and automatic bump-feed heads. Fits most gas, electric, and battery-powered curved and straight shaft trimmers.
  • Fits many popular string trimmer models including (but not limited to): Stihl FS 45 and FS 40 C; DeWalt DCST920P1 and DCST970X1; Ryobi RY40220; Greenworks 21362
  • Impact resistant for stronger performance – Gatorline is made from a fortified Nylon co-polymer that is more durable than standard trimmer line
  • .080-inch diameter trimmer line is the perfect size for smaller jobs like trimming grass and removing seasonal weeds

Oregon 21-380 is a .080 trimmer line that comes in a light green color that ensures it is very visible and comes in a one-pound structure that guarantees durability. The string trimmer line is made of commercial-grade nylon co-polymer material guaranteeing quality, and therefore, users should expect minimal to no breakage when using this line. The string trimmer line comes with 413 feet of string that allows up to 20 refills, and the line is easy to feed on the spool and does not tangle easily; it’s not stiff but flexible to lengthen the lifetime.

Oregon 21-380 is made of a round line design, and it fits all standard trimmer heads designed to work with 0.080 lines. Although this line is not as heavy-duty as other trimmer line shapes, it won’t wear down quickly, ensuring you get plenty of services when tackling light jobs.


  • Visible green color
  • Perfect for small jobs
  • Tangle-free design
  • The commercial-grade trimmer line cuts through grass and weeds easily
  • Allows up to 20 refills
  • Nylon co-polymer material
  • The trimmer line can be used for commercial purposes
  • The line does not wear down easily as other trimmer lines.


  • Basic design
  • Only for light jobs

3. Maxpower 338813 Premium Twisted Trimmer Line

Maxpower 338813 Premium Twisted Trimmer Line 0.080-Inch Diameter, 280-Foot Length, Yellow
  • 280-Foot Length in optic yellow color
  • 14 refills
  • Made from commercial grade premium co-polymer resins
  • Made in the USA

Maxpower 338813 is a yellow 080 trimmer line meaning it is very visible and equipped with impressive features and qualities that allow heavy-duty cutting. It is made of a twisted design and commercial-grade copolymer material and therefore produces little noise, making it suitable for residential areas. Combining high-grade polymers and the twisted shape helps give the line durability and efficiency for added cutting power.

Maxpower Premium comes in a length of 280 feet which is sufficient for most yard jobs and is also energy efficient, and produces less line drag making the twisted line very durable. The 280 feet of the spool is enough for 14 refills, and the fewer reloads ensure more work is done in less time.


  • It produces less noise and decreased vibration
  • It comes in a twisted shape
  • Suitable for commercial-grade tasks
  • It causes less fatigue
  • Offers durability


  • It is a short line yet quite expensive

4. Arnold Maxi-Edge Commercial Grade String Trimmer Line

Arnold Maxi-Edge .08-Inch x 140-Foot Commercial Grade Trimmer Line
  • Maxi Edge .080" Trimmer Line
  • Universal / Fits most straight and curved shaft string trimmers
  • Contains 7 refills, 140 ft.
  • Includes cutting tool

Arnold Maxi Edge is a commercial-grade trimmer line that features a six-sided shape that fits most straight shaft and curved shaft string trimmers. The shape design makes it more powerful than any round trimmer line because it causes fewer breakages when cutting grass, and it trims easier with a 280 feet length of the string, which allows up to 14 refills giving you value for your money. The trimmer line is suitable for commercial or home trimming tasks with clear green color and will last you for a long period before you need to replace it.

Arnold Maxi edge trimmer line is the best 080 trimmer line for anyone looking for a commercial-grade line that offers a perfect balance at an affordable price. The manufacturer also packs detailed instructions and extra tips on how to use the trimmer line so you can purchase it with confidence.


  • Friendly price
  • Gives a great value for money
  • The trimmer line includes a cutting tool
  • Does not break easily when compared to other trimmer lines
  • The 6 point star shape increases the lifespan of the trimmer line


  • List Element

5. Husqvarna TitaniumForce 639 000 51-13 Trimmer Line

Husqvarna TitaniumForce is a sturdy trimmer line that has been constructed from titanium, making it tough to withstand regular use. The trimmer line allows minimum fuel consumption and fast acceleration and navigates well around concrete and stones. It is one of the best trimmer lines to use when tackling medium grass and weeds with minimal to no line waste because it operates quietly and takes a short time.

Thanks to the impact-resistant materials and a patented shape design, the trimmer line wears out slowly compared to other trimmer lines, but it’s also a bit pricey, which is worth the money. However, even though it is compatible with most standard trimmer heads, it’s important to confirm the size, especially for cordless or electric trimmers.


  • Operates quietly
  • It can last for an extended period
  • The trimmer line is quite strong and sturdy
  • Takes a while before it wears out
  • The trimmer line is in a bright color


  • Not ideal for commercial or heavy-duty use

What to Consider Before Purchasing the Best 080 Line

When shopping for the best 080 trimmer line, there are a few factors you should consider to get the best out of your string trimmer, and they include:

1. Material

The strength and length of your trimmer are determined by the type of material you use, with the common types of materials being aluminum, nylon, and copolymer. The high-performance lines are usually a combination of different materials, and this increases their durability and sturdiness. Today, there are several nylon alternatives, including Internally reinforced nylon materials, reinforced composite nylon materials, non-nylon copolymer, and nylon + additives like aluminum.

2. Compatibility

Most lines are designed to be compatible with specific trimmer heads, and this might be an issue if you don’t own one of the specific ones. When choosing a trimmer line for your string trimmer, you should go for a universal one because it has universal compatibility with most standard trimmer heads. Ensure before purchasing your trimmer line that it is compatible and can fit different brands or types of trimmer heads to avoid getting limited.

3. Shape

To the naked eye, all trimmer lines have the same shape, but in reality, all trimmer lines come in different shapes, including:

a). Round Trimmer Line

This trimmer line is the most popular one in the market with a round shape and is suitable for light tasks, minimal weeds, and trimming of grass edges. The round line does not wear down quickly as other string trimmer lines and holds up against tough surfaces like concrete and fences. The rounded lines work exceptionally well in maintaining small residential yards and trimming around garden beds.

The popular trimmer line shape is quite easy to replace and feeds well into most basic trimmer heads. However, the round line is not ideal for thicker grass of heavy weeds because it lacks edges as the 080 trimmer line tears the grass instead of smoothly cutting it as trimmer lines with edges usually do.

b). Square/ Multiple-sided lines

These multi-sided trimmer lines are the best trimmer lines for medium-duties and heavy-duty tasks for commercial use or heavily weeded areas. Thanks to the multiple edges of this 080 trimmer line, you can get precise cuts using your weed eater because the edges catch and slice thick grass and weeds where they stand, giving off a clean look as a result. Also, when using multiple-sided lines, you use fewer lines while cutting through thick weeds than you would if you were using a round trimmer line as the edges of the square-shaped lines chop through grass quickly.

Additionally, the more edges your trimmer line has, the more cutting power you will get. It will bite through heavily weeded areas making a twisted line a suitable choice for large yards that have many weeded areas or commercial jobs. The edged shape allows the trimmer line to slice through weeds and grass instead of tearing them and gives off a cleaner look.

However, the twisted trimmer lined tend to break and tear when they contact hard surfaces easily. Also, the cutting edges usually create additional resistance, which pulls your weed eater towards the ground and making it more tiring and difficult to use this type of trimmer shape.

c). Twisted/Serrated lines

The twisted shape is suitable for heavy-duty assignments for commercial use like thick weeded areas or any large trimming jobs. They offer a lot of strength, durability, and efficiency and have a notable noise reduction. Having a twisted shape gives off more cutting power than the round lines, but because it lacks sharp edges that come with a multi-sided or square-shaped trimmer, it does not give as much compared to them.

The twisted shape upgrades from the popular round shape and offers more stamina when the line comes into contact with hard surfaces like stones, concrete, or fences. Thanks to the reduced noise levels and vibrations, the 080 trimmer in a twisted shape have become a popular trimmer string line among business and homeowners.

4. Diameter

The diameter of your trimmer line depends on how light or heavy your job is, where for the trimming of thick and bulky weeds, one should opt for a thicker trimmer line. The thicker trimmer lines can withstand any bumps against rocks or trees in rough conditions, whereas the thin lines won’t hold up when handling thick weeds.

Before making your purchase, make sure you check the manual of the best 080 trimmer line, as some string trimmers can only handle specific line diameters. Below are the uses for different line diameters:

a). Light to Medium Jobs

Light jobs are the small residential lawn jobs with minimum weeds and need maintaining of the garden beds. These need diameter lines between 0.065 inches and 0.085 inches.

b). Medium to Heavy Jobs

Medium-duty jobs are the large residential yards that have moderate weeded areas or any light commercial use. These string trimmers need line diameters between 0.085 inches and 0.110 inches.

c). Heavy-Duty Jobs

The heavy-duty tasks are the ones that have bulky weeds and are in large areas or yards like the commercial, industrial, or bush coverage jobs. The right line thickness for these jobs is 0.110 inches and above.

5. How Often you Trim

The number of times you trim will determine if the best 080 trimmer line will be sufficient for your trimming needs. If you use your trimmer only a few times each season, then a small roll of your ideal choice of a universal trimmer line will be enough. However, if you use the trimmer several times a week and for heavy-duty jobs, then a large roll would be a better fit for your yard work.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best 080 String Trimmer Lines

1. What is the best .080 trimmer line?

According to our review above, the best .080 trimmer line is the Cyclone Spool Commercial Grass Trimmer Line CY080D1/2-12, and we have stated some reasons above.

2. Is a twisted trimmer line better than other lines?

Yes, it is because the twisted shape design of the trimmer line gives more a cutting edge to it than even the round trimmer line. Additionally, it delivers cleaner cuts, and with reduced air resistance, it produces less vibration and noise than other string shapes.

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