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Yuk! I have Spit On My Plants! — 24 Comments

    • I just found them on all my basil plants this morning! Yuck! I’m not touching them again – they can all just be ornamental at this point. Gross!

      • I understand, at least they make nice ornamentals as well! Depending on when your winter usually starts, you might have time to get in another crop of basil seeds this year.

        If you decide to do that then get some fine mesh fabric (like this kind) and make a tent over the plants. Hold the fabric up with sticks in a tripod or A-frame type shape. Secure the fabric around the container with twine, make sure there are no gaps. If you grow them protected in this way you should have no issues with spit bugs in the future.

    • That’s awesome! I’m so glad you found the critters and killed them and that the info helped when it was needed.

  1. Thank you for this great info! I Googled the minute I saw that weird foam. Google is amazing
    because of people like you who share your knowledge and readers who share their experiences. Thank you all so much!

    • You’re most welcome. I’m really glad my info helped you! I have to agree, Google is awesome! I’m happy that the events in my humble little garden are helping other people in their own gardens. Thank you to all the people who have commented and shared their experiences!

  2. This spray really worked!!! My cat wasn’t very impressed but I’ve got rid of several bugs on my herbs and parsley. Thank you so much.
    I thought it was some sort of spider. My neighbour’s said it is “cuckoo bird spit”, I didn’t believe them. Thank heavens for Google 😂😂😂😂😂😘😘😘

    • That’s great! You’re most welcome, I’m glad it worked that well for you! My apologies to your cat lol.
      I agree, Google is awesome! I’m glad it clarified where the spit was coming from (no cuckoo birds were involved) and you were able to find a remedy for it.
      I know Google has sure provided me with good answers to some crazy odd questions over the years!

  3. For spit bugs I just pick off the spit by hand and squish the little bug inside. I don’t have many so this works well for me.

    • That’s a very effective way to go after them as well, good job! I’m glad that it works for you and keeps them under control. Thank you for sharing your method 🙂

  4. My Dad and Grandma always told me it was “snake spit”! LOL Guess they were needing to instill in my young mind that you needed to be on lookout and aware of your surroundings when picking fresh blackberries (i.e….Watch for SNAKES!!:) Good to finally know the truth however:). Thanks!

    • That’s great…I love it! Snake spit, it makes perfect sense! I agree, the underlying lesson from your Dad and Grandma was probably to be aware of your surroundings. It’s certainly a good lesson and very important. It’s a wise thing to teach kids and could easily save them from a bucket full of trouble.

  5. Yes… I brought this home with a new parsley purchase. First I washed off with water, believing it to be merely spit.. what the heck?! But now, more spit AND I already have a few good sized black swallowtail caterpillars dining on this plant.. I guess I’ll try to transfer them to another parsley and retreat as you’ve recommended. Drat.

  6. Thank you – I have sprayed the part of the plant where the spittle is, with water, and hopefully it will work. Easier that having to break off the part where the insects are.

    • That should work just fine, rinsing the spit off with the hose is very effective if it’s done consistently as soon as the globs appear. In moderate cases it shouldn’t be necessary to cut off the affected parts of the plant, but when there is extreme damage it may be better for the plant to do so.

  7. These Spittle bugs seem to love my steava. I now wash them off every day.
    I live in southern De. and my plants are next the house on the south side. I don’t want to use sevin on these plants.

    Thanks for the info.

    • Hi Levergne

      I’m glad you found the information helpful.
      The Spittle bugs probably love it for the same reason we do…it’s so nice and sweet!

      It’s great that washing the Spittle bugs off works so well and it’s such an easy way to avoid using pesticides on the problem.

      Thanks for the comment 🙂

  8. Was wondering what that white foam was for a long time myself.

    I am amazed at the ingenious ways of nature; how even the tiniest of bugs have the best safety mechanisms in place 🙂

    Thanks for this informative post

    • Thank you, I’m glad the information helped. I agree, it’s very interesting the way nature works and the way some bugs have found the best method to survive and hide themselves. I’m just glad they are generally easy to get rid of. 🙂

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