Top 10 Easiest to Grow Food Plants

There are many, many food plants out there that are easy to grow and are suitable for beginners and kids. This list is just some of my favorite ones that I’ve grown in the past and that I know to be very cooperative for beginners. It can pretty much be assumed that any plant that grows food will need a considerable amount of direct sun hours every day during the growing season. 

1. Basil – Annual – Can be grown indoors – Pinch to encourage new growth – Likes moist soil – Edible flowers

2. Rosemary – Perennial in warm climates but annual in cooler ones – Needs minimal water – Edible flowers

3. Oregano – Perennial – Cut it back to encourage new growth and reduce straggly look – Edible flowers

4. Hot Peppers – Annual in cool climates – Native to Mexico – Needs minimal water

5. Peas – Annual – Easy to sprout – Fast life cycle, produces quickly – Needs a trellis

6. Strawberries – Perennial – Regenerate the crop by planting runners

7. Raspberries – Perennial – Spreads by underground rhizomes but this is controlled by the use of a container

8. Blueberries – Perennial in temperate climates – Likes hot sun and warm rain

9. Carrots – Annual – Many different varieties of seeds to try 

10. Potatoes – Annual – Almost a no maintenance food crop – Use grow bags – Needs minimal water 

Enjoy growing these easy food plants in containers. Get started next growing with these yummy vegetables and fruit. Let me know if you need help getting started.


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