The Crack Weeder – Backyard Food Growing


The Crack Weeder is also known as a patio knife. It’s an amazing and very efficient tool for getting the weeds out from between paving stones. So often the roots of these weeds are completely out of reach or the top just breaks off at the surface and that allows the root to continue to grow and get stronger.

This basically, is the only tool for the job, I own one of these and I use it for weeds between stones and much more. I couldn’t take care of my yard without it.

I use it for lifting stones, scraping stones, pulling out grass, leveling gravel, moving paving stones is easy, it’s great for leverage in lifting heavy stones that wouldn’t normally be possible to lift. 

Once the stone is lifted it works as a scraper to get the soil off of the bottom of the rock. It’s useful for breaking up hard soil and mixing in soil amendments too. 

It’s very versatile and a little bit dangerous when it’s new. The blade is very sharp on one side which is used for lots of things including cutting landscape fabric, but it can cut you too if you’re not careful. 

This is a great gift to give a gardener, they will love it and find many uses for it in no time!