My Mission

My mission is to inspire people of all ages to do some gardening in whatever available space there is. Small spaces, some apartments and other homes without yards can still do it too. 

Gardening in small spaces and even vertically is pretty fun and can be quite productive. It’s also a lot less work. The delicious flavour of home-grown veggies and fruit is nothing like the ones in the grocery store. I also hope to support the bees and other beneficial insects by encouraging people to plant the flowers that are preferred by them.

It’s important to include lots of different flowers to attract bees as well as other types of pollinators such as hummingbirds. Beneficial insects are very helpful too because they’ll eat the destructive bugs in the garden.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoy the site!
Leave me a comment, let me know how I can help you out.

4 thoughts on “My Mission”
  1. I have been container gardening for two years, and I love it! I got to your wonderful site when I was looking for hints and directions on planting carrots. Yep, found what I was looking for and a whole lot more…. Do you have a fb page? I searched but did not find one. I already follow several gardening sites. I love hanging out with those. From whom I can learn. I look forward to learning from you!

    1. Hi, thank you for your message! Glad you like the site and post on carrots, let me know if you need any further help.
      The Facebook page is still on the to-do list, but soon!

  2. Hi Stacy

    Just had a good look at you gardening site.
    Wow you have done extremely well. I love the idea of growing plants in pots and this would also include fruits and vegetables as well.

    It is a great idea to have them in pots. The part you mention with the Carrots I didn’t think of it until I read your blog.

    This was about planting Carrots as to have them in a looser soil in particular if they were in the actual ground it just take one hard spot or like you stated one rock that will cause them to be stumpy, crooked and bent. Even have that split you may see on some carrots.

    I believe there are many benefits in having your favorite types of food growing in pots or containers.

    I live in a rented place and there is nothing I would want should I even need to move is to pull out all my veggies, plants and other fruits.

    Not only can this harm them as replanting can create a shock as you don’t know what is underneath the new soil. But by having them in pots or containers you can take them with you and those issues don’t exist.

    Just relocate to a sunny or shady place depending on the what you are growing and that’s it.
    Plus it’s also great as when the seasons change and also the position of the Sun as well.

    By having pots and some movable containers you can reposition them so they get maximum sunlight throughout the year.

    I will be visiting you site more often and you have many great ideas I like the Cherry Tree in containers. I didn’t think about them in containers so that is a great idea.

    I will be rethinking some new strategies with my garden and what I can grow apart from the usual favorites such as carrots, lettuce, tomatoes and herbs.

    Thank you for creating such a wonderful site and as I said will be paying you a few more visits along the way.

    Take care be well


    1. Hi Andre
      Thank you for such awesome feedback, I appreciate you taking the time to look through it! The site has definitely gone through a lot of evolution over the years since starting it.
      Carrots respond remarkably well to being planted in pots. As long as the container is 12″ deep or more, you’re good to go.

      Having the carrots in pots gives you ultimate control over the quality and density of the soil, which makes it quite easy to grow perfect carrots from nearly every seed. The hardest part is not over planting it and putting too many seeds in the container. It’s easy to get too many in one pot and then none of the carrots grow properly.

      I agree, I wouldn’t want to have to dig up my garden when it’s time to move (wow that would be a heck of a job)…and the plants wouldn’t like it either.
      I think being able to move the containers around is one of my favorite aspects of this type of gardening.

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the site and gained a few bits of information from it. Let me know how your planting adventures go!

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