How to Keep Ants Off Hummingbird Feeders

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Ant Moat in UseFeeding the hummingbirds should be enjoyable and shouldn’t be a battle against the ants. They love to live under concrete too so even if you don’t have any grass or ground space most likely you’ll still have thousands of ants. 

The hummingbirds will love the feeder full of sweet syrup that you put out but the ants will love it too. They can be quite a nuisance and they’ll quickly clog up the drinking spouts with their drowned bodies and eventually the birds won’t come to feed anymore. 

Umbrella Ant MoatIt’s not reasonable to try and kill all the ants to keep them off the hummingbird feeder, the best plan is to outsmart them. This is where an ant moat comes in. This attachment works in a very simple way to intercept the ants as they try to invade your feeder.

An ant moat works with every kind of hanging feeder, it just hooks right above it. The moat then gets filled with water that’s it. The ants cannot get across the moat and down to the drinking spouts. It’s important to clean the moat daily or as often as necessary to keep it clear of ant bodies.Simple Ant Moat

If you’re hanging it in a tree and have excessive amounts of ants in it then I recommend using Tanglefoot on the tree as well as using the ant moat to put up an extra barrier of protection for the feeder. Instructions for using Tanglefoot here.

The best place to hang a hummingbird feeder is under a first or second story overhang that is accessible through a window by just an arms reach.

This way it’s high enough to be attractive to the birds but not low enough that the birds become in danger of being snatched out of the air by a cat. It also gives you a great view of the birds feeding. Here is the super easy recipe for hummingbird food that I use.

If you have problems with ants but still want to feed the hummingbirds, then this is a very simple solution that works.

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