How to Grow…

How to Grow

Growing food in containers is not only possible but can be down right productive and fun.

You can grow things in upside down planters hanging from the wall, vertically growing in eaves troughs on the wall, as well as in a great range of other ways too. It’s limited only by your creativity.

Containers just need a little special consideration when it comes to watering and soil composition but after that just about any type of flowering shrub or perennial plant or food plant will accept life in a container.

So many people live in small spaces now that growers and nurseries are creating new and improved species of plants and trees that have small mature heights and smaller root systems. These plants are designed specifically for the restricted environment of a container.

If you would like to grow fruit trees in tubs then seek out these dwarf species. I’ve had good success with growing cherry trees in containers as they have a smaller root system than other fruit trees.

Create a kitchen garden too, it’s easy and fun! Set a good sized container right outside nearby your kitchen and plant it with oregano, thyme, sage and rosemary all in the same container.

This creates the perfect little kitchen garden that highly accessible right outside your back door. The basil you’ll have growing in the house, so it has a perfect environment.

Incorporate these fresh herbs into your cooking, it’ll that much more delicious knowing you grew the herbs yourself.

Stick with me and I’ll help you learn how to grow all sorts of things in very creative ways. Plants are very versatile and will withstand some pretty unnatural growing environments.

Learn how to grow tomatoes, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, cherry trees and carrots and more right outside your back door.

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