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  1. Fantastic place! That ‘Gyspy Rose’ one caught my eye as I was linookg down the row of photos, too. I am trying to by the thicker-leaved ones myself now, although I was just noticing the other day that the slugs really haven’t been bothering any of my hostas this year. I’m not doing anything to prevent them, so it must be just the year. Have you ever tried growing hostas from seed? I haven’t, but my brother has. Diane

    • I love that one too! But I like so many of the different varieties that it’s hard to choose a favourite. Is there an unusual lack of rain so far this year? If it’s dry then I think fewer of the slugs would survive. Whatever the reason, I’m glad they are leaving your hostas alone!

      I’ve never tried growing hostas from seed, I’ve always bought young plants or roots in packages. I think the range of varieties might be wider when growing from seed over the selection in a garden centre or store. The most unusual varieties would be available and you could create a very unique garden quite easily.

      Thanks for the tip!

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