Green Basil Dressing or Marinade – Backyard Food Growing


This delicious Basil Dressing or marinade is useful for many different dishes and appetizers. Your guests will love the fresh from the garden flavour when you use your own home grown basil. There are so many ways you could use this wonderfully fresh and delicious recipe. 

½ cup        Freshly grown basil leaves
2 cloves    Fresh garlic, crushed (or 2 teaspoons of garlic from a jar)
3 Tbsp      Fresh squeezed lemon Juice
½ cup       Olive oil


  • In a food processor blend the first three ingredients until smooth
  • Then add the olive oil very slowly as the processor is running
  • Add measured oil until the mixture is of pouring consistency, it’s important to add the oil slowly for complete emulsification to happen
  • multiply this recipe if you more basil, this is quite a small recipe

Other Basil Ideas

  • Marinade any meat (I recommend chicken)
  • drizzle over any salad really
  • Use it as a spread on bruschetta 
  • Toss it in with hot pasta
  • Use it as a dressing on cold pasta salad
  • Make delicious, healthy pesto

This mixture can be put on chicken or fish as a marinade 12-24 hours before before baking or barbecuing. Use a zipper storage bag, it’s easy with no mess. This mixture can be made with a little less oil and then used as a spread for delicious toasted bruschetta bread.