Felco F-2 Bypass Pruners

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Felco F-2 Bypass Pruners






Ease of Use





  • High quality
  • Replacement parts available


  • Limited branch width capability

Felco is a well known name and is considered the Cadillac of garden pruners. When you buy a set of Felco’s you can be assured that you are buying top quality from a company that stands behind their product.Felco F-2 Bypass Pruner

Felco has many different sizes and styles of pruner but the F-2 is the most popular one and it fits most hands.

If you have smaller than average hands or you are buying these for a child, then I recommend the F-6 (Buy them here)

Bypass pruners are most commonly used for the general pruning of live plants in the garden.

The best part of owning a set of Felco pruners is that you can buy all of the replacement parts individually when they wear down or get broken. This makes these pruners more affordable in the long run over cheaper pruners that you have to replace completely.

Felco sells the springs, blades, locking mechanism and other accessories like handy belt holders. Each spring is nickel plated to increase the lifespan of the product. Nickel plating is used to enhance corrosion protection, improve hardness and reduce friction. This results in greater wear resistance and a tougher product.

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