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Thank you to all of my readers past and present!

I value every single one of you, thank you for your visit to my little garden site here and for your contributions, comments and purchases. I hope you’ve found some of this information helpful and enjoyed the pictures.

This site has been completely revamp and updated with more information and better information in some cases. As time goes on this summer, I’ll be posting a lot of new content and beautiful new pictures. I have a new garden that I’m going to build this spring and summer.

My beloved, beautiful garden that you see in most of the pictures across this website no longer exists. I had to dismantle it and move on very short notice. After 16 years in one place it wasn’t easy to pick up such a mature garden and move it so quickly.

We had to do this in February

In my area that means cold temperatures and heavy rain most days. We did this in seriously soggy, muddy soil. It was very difficult to move the dolly through it with the containers of plants. I even broke the axle of the dolly by over loading it because I was putting too much on it. Thankfully, it was near the end of the job when that happened.

I was digging up 16 years worth of garden love, dozens of pallets and thousands of pounds of stone pathways in just 2 months. I did this all in basically what we call the winter. That took so much effort and sadly I had to destroy so many things I had created, built and grew with love for so many years. I had to reduce the size of the garden a lot. It was a sad, sad time.

I had to be ruthless and heartless as I watched my work disappear. The landlord even took a bobcat to all the stuff I couldn’t get out fast enough. Very aggressive and unnecessary behavior from both landlords. We left and never looked back, I can tell you that much for sure.

We have a most amazing friend that helped me move just about all of my stones and plants over to the new house in his trailer. We finally got everything completely out and moved in the nick of time and we moved on to the next adventure.

It was time for us to leave that house anyway, the kids had grown and we had grown and it’s time was done. The millions of memories from 16 years will live on forever in our hearts and pictures but ended poorly.

The Kleenex Box House

We then moved to a house that we called the Kleenex box house. It kinda looked like one, very cute, very yellow and very rectangular. This house has a water meter, the house where my previous massive garden was built had no water meter. So every plant got as much water as I had time to give it, I was almost endlessly watering for around 6 months of the year.

In the new house however, the water meter and the cost of the water was a bit of a shock. The climate of the new backyard was so hot and dry too compared to the old one, it was crazy! The new garden was an open square frying pan that had very little shade from trees but lots of wind shelter, so it got really hot. My plants we’re dying left and right. I didn’t have time to water often enough.

The trees and surrounding houses being the way they were created a little zone of sheltered calm air, this was amazing because it attracted dragonflies! Nearly the coolest insect there is. 

It was so hot that I found myself choosing which plants I liked the most and selecting which ones got water and which didn’t. It was also a very cold and heartless game that I didn’t like because I loved all of my plants. But I had to because the cost of the water was high and I couldn’t financially support them all.

First, I eliminated the cedar trees, they were old and at their maximum size for the pot they were living in and quickly drying out. Then the ornamental grasses were the next to go. They required a lot of water for not much return in beauty and style.

Then it was some of the berry vines to go, the purple raspberry and the black raspberry. That was incredibly sad because I just love the berries from those plants, but I knew that I would replace them as soon as I settle in a better garden spot.

The only grass I’ve kept is the black Mondo grass. I couldn’t part with that particular one. It’s beautiful, very valuable, hardy and spreads quickly. One of the local nurseries in my area, sells a 6″ square pot of it for $24.99! 

We stayed in the Kleenex box house for 18 months or so but eventually we decided that it was too expensive for what it was. We started looking to move again. We looked across a 50 mile radius in all different cities and neighborhoods in this area and believe it or not, we found an amazing house just 1 block away from the Kleenex house.

The Blue House

We are now in an awesome new house with unique blue Spanish style roof tiles. So cool! No one else anywhere around here has anything that cool on their roof. So when we arrived here at the new blue roofed house, it had the space for all my containers and also an in-ground front yard garden that really needed someone to love it and fix it up. The back garden hadn’t been touched in probably 30 years, I’ve renovated that too. The whole house was just waiting for someone to want to care for it, love it and make it nice and homey again.

The backyard had a broken down old deck from when the house was first built in 1973. This house is built so well and it’s solid cement foundation makes it almost like a bomb shelter. The first thing I did was ask the landlord to assess the strength and safety of the deck in the backyard. He decided that removing it was the easiest thing to do.

The Original Construction Zone - Blank Palette

So when we arrived here the backyard was looking like a construction zone. It was given to me in a blank slate sort of way. He said I could do anything I wanted with the backyard, the landlord didn’t care what I did at all.

Any of you who have gotten to build a garden from scratch knows how exciting an opportunity that is for a home gardener that is a renter. I was in heaven. First I decided, which plants I’d be keeping and which ones would go. I further culled the garden and focused it on berries. I have mostly pink blueberries and blue blueberries, but will be adding back in the black, purple and yellow raspberries as soon as the world returns to normal and we can all go out again.

The Front Yard

The front yard was a whole different story. It had a narrow “L” shaped garden following the walkway up to the front of the house and the front windows. Since it was narrow and didn’t reach the rain from the overhang that’s above it, I decided to remodel the entire front garden, remove a grass strip and make it double as wide and then it would catch the rain as well as it would have the capacity to hold a lot of my plants and the soil I had brought over in containers. 

Then I started planting them in the front while I expanded the width of the garden. I could finally plant most of them, it was great to see them flourish after having abused them for the last couple of years while we were between suitable homes. 

I have a very bad habit of forgetting to take pictures of my projects when I start them, I remember to take pictures after I’m well on the way to being done. That’s what happened with the front garden. I’ll make sure to take more pictures from the projects I have going on from this point..

I have some pictures of the backyard as I’ve been going along, I’ll post those soon. The backyard is still in progress and I’ll document it as I go from here on. The front yard needs a renovation already because I didn’t think to glue the bricks together last summer, so this coming summer I’ll be reworking it and gluing it so it’s more stable.

I guarantee that I’ll have lots of pictures of that! So come back and visit my new garden posts often and I’ll show a completely new garden and beautiful new pictures. I have a new phone with an amazing camera!



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