Best Food Plants for Containers

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When you’re dealing with a small space in which to build your garden, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when you go to the nursery. There are hundreds and hundreds of different kinds of seeds and plants to choose from! So where do you start?? The staff at the nurseries should be able to guide you towards smaller varieties of plants and veggies that are more suited to growing in containers than others. Smaller plants are great not just for their size but they usually have a shorter time to harvest because of their size. This characteristic can sometimes allow you …

How to Build a Vertical Garden

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Vertical Garden

The design of vertical gardening systems are limited only by your imagination, available space and your desired building materials. You can create your own design quite easily. I’ll share some ideas and a few easy projects to show the ease and versatility of doing it yourself.  Sourcing It’s possible to source out supplies to build your vertical garden right in your own neighborhood. Many nurseries have a free “pot” exchange. This is where people can drop off unwanted plant containers and then others can come and pick up desired plant containers for their own projects. This is a win-win situation. Call …

How to Build a Pallet Garden

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Pallet Garden April 2013

One simple way to create a garden is to plant in containers and then set them on a row of pallets. Building a pallet garden on the surface of the ground creates a portable alternative to in-ground gardening. It’s also much easier than trying to dig up, loosen and repair the soil that’s there, especially if it’s old and hard packed. If you rent your home, it’s a good idea to check with your landlord before starting a gardening project to avoid potential problems. Supplies Needed a pair of scissors or an X-acto knife a roll of landscape fabric some similar …