Slugs in January!

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Brown Slug

The garden usually rests around November in the Lower Mainland of BC, depending on the weather and when the rainy season returns. Usually the rainy season has long since arrived by the end of November and the gardeners of this area retreat to the dry warmth of the house.  Unless you have a greenhouse, then your growing time can be extended quite a bit. Now is the time to relax and enjoy the hard earned break from the work load of the spring and summer planting and growing season. That was two months ago. We don’t really get winter around …

Slugs and Snails and What to Do About Them

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Brown Slug Hiding

If you live in a climate that’s even the slightest bit rainy or wet, then you know all too well about slugs and snails and the damage they can inflict on a garden. The wetter, rainier and more temperate your climate is the more likely you are to have an issue with slugs. Slugs like to hide in moist, dark, shady spots in the daytime and then come out in the evening, rainy days and through the night. They’ll come out in the daytime too if it’s cool and wet enough. They have a voracious appetite for your garden. You’ll …