How to Sprout Raspberry Seeds in Winter

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Backyard Food Growing Yellow Raspberries

Sprouting raspberry seeds in winter takes a little effort and patience but it can really be worth it because it allows you to grow different varieties of raspberries that are not available in the nurseries. This is a good project if you have extra fridge space that will be undisturbed throughout the winter, such as a garage fridge or basement fridge. Start this project in the late summer and you’ll see results in the early spring. Always choose a reputable place to acquire your seeds. Don’t buy seeds online from China. Seeds from China have a very low germination rate …

How to Grow Raspberries in Containers

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Red Raspberries

Are you convinced that you can’t grow anything at all and have a completely brown thumb?  I guarantee you – there is hope! Growing raspberries is like trying to grow weeds, seriously.  You’ll be able to grow a bounty of delicious raspberries, promise. They’re so easy and yummy that they make a perfect beginner crop for kids too. They can handle minimal care, less than ideal soil and will happily live in containers for years too. They’ll even take some drought and still recover to produce beautiful berries for you all season long. They thrive best in climate zones 3 to 8. …