Garden Videos: January to March 2013

These videos will be from January to the end of March 2013.

If you would like to skip to the page of April through June videos, click here.

Video Tour #1 January 2013

Please bear with me, this is the first video I’ve ever made in my life. I promise they’ll get better.

You may need to turn up your volume I wasn’t speaking very loudly. Tour my garden in it’s most dormant state and watch the evolution of it growing throughout the season in future videos.

I’ll make at least one set of videos for each month of the year all the way until December.

You’ll see the entire life cycle of many different fruit plants and perennials.


Video Tour #2 January 2013

Pardon my shaky hands!


Video Tour #3 January 2013

This is a short one, just in one area of the garden.


Video Tour #4 January 2013

Lilies, lilies and more lilies.


Video Tour #5 January 2013

Visit my shade corner. Then consider the amount of sun that each area of your garden gets. This will help you choose which plants are good for each of the different areas of your garden and yard. If you do this correctly then your plants will be naturally happy and healthy and won’t need a lot of help from you.

Visit the kitchen garden and the perennial rows. Remember all the these videos so far are taken in January when the garden is at it’s most ugly.

Correction: Japanese Blood Grass not Japanese Fire Grass.


Video Tour #6 January 2013

Whew! You’ve made it all the way to my 6th video. Thanks for your interest and watching me ramble about my garden and the adventures I have in it. See more of the shade corner and yellow raspberry alley. Also see my future black raspberries, currents and phlox, tiger lilies, hebe, delphinium and so much more.


Video Tour #1 February 2013

Yay, I’m learning to speak a little louder!…well for a while 🙂

I have only two videos for February because there hasn’t been very much change since January’s videos.

I move a little faster but this one cuts off short thanks to my phone. Sorry.


Video Tour #2 February 2013

Dicentra is up! Rubeckia is too. Blueberries are budding. February is kind of the same as January for the plants and not much has changed.

The growth will start next month and then there will likely be more videos and fast changes around the garden.


Video Tour #1 March 2013

Everything is beginning to sprout, the green is starting to emerge. The grip of winter is starting to let go. Narcissus is blooming.  Lilies are 3″ tall.

What does a lily eaten by slugs look like?


Video Tour #2 March 2013

I apologize I don’t know why the video lags in some spots. The raspberries now have small green sprouts on all the canes.


Video Tour #3 March 2013

The shade corner. Hostas, astilbe, ferns, solomon’s seal and more in the shade area, which gets 2 hours of sun per day.  The yellow raspberry died but resprouted, next year we will get berries from it. The shiro plum tree struggles with our weather.


Video Tour #4 March 2013

March is the month of “waking up”. Everything is beginning to emerge. This video has some lagging issues and I’m not sure why. I apologize for the close ups, my phone doesn’t focus very well on the small things.

Be careful with pesticides! Use them sparingly!! This is one of our first sunny days and the plants are loving it.


Video Tour #5 March 2013

A quick tour of the center rows of the garden.


Video Tour #1 Bonus Beginning of March 2013

Two weeks after the last videos. This is a quick buzz around the garden to see it all a little bit quicker. Meet the kitty “Mia”.  

The trees from above just drop seed pods and other junk.


Video Tour #2 Bonus End of March 2013

This one is longer but an attempt at creating a system so that you don’t get lost as I walk randomly around my garden just chatting about all the black pots that all look the same. It has a few lags, but bear with me.

I promise I’ll get a better camera for close ups as soon as I can! Learn how I re-purpose the shelves from broken plastic greenhouses.

Corry’s powder slug bait is my favorite and really works. So well that I can’t get any slug pictures or videos, because they are all gone! I use Malathion on my currant plants when absolutely necessary. Please be aware that it kills ALL bugs, not just the bad bugs.

Whoops this is video 2!


Video Tour #3 Bonus End of March 2013

Once again around the garden to see the progress of each plant I have. It’s starting to get dark so the video moves quickly so that I can finish up before complete darkness.


Video Tour #4 Bonus End of March 2013

Argh! It’s almost dark, let’s hurry!


There is a separate page for the April through June videos, click here to see them.




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