8 Steps to Growing Great Tomatoes

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Healthy Tomato Vine

Step 1: When you’re at the nursery, always choose the shortest and most stocky young plant you can find. The short stocky, thick stemmed seedlings are grown with care under very close proximity UV lighting. The short thick young plants show that the little sprouts didn’t have to reach for the light as they were spouting and beginning to grow. If the young tomato stalk you’re looking at is lanky and thin or even floppy, this is not a good choice and means that the light was too dim or too far away from the spouts to cause them to …

How to Grow Grapes in Containers

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Grape Bunch 2017

Grapes are most often seen growing in long rows in vast fields, lined up perfectly on rolling hills in the sun baked valleys of the landscape. It would be easy to assume that it’s impossible to have a grape vine growing in a small space or even in a container. This isn’t true and with a little planning and pruning it’s possible to grow grapes in containers successfully. They just need a lot of nutrition and minerals to be at their best. Micro Climates Micro climates are little pockets of weather and temperature differences within another climate zone. These can …

How to Grow Raspberries from Seeds

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One way to grow your own patch of raspberries is to do it from seeds. It takes more patience but the rewarding harvest that goes with it is usually worth the wait. You’ll be looking at waiting and nurturing your seeds and sprouts for two growing seasons before a plentiful crop of berries will grow.  Purchasing seeds is definitely the cheapest way to go but remember that they do require that extra bit of patience and time to mature them to the point that they’ll produce fruit. If you want a quick berry harvest sooner, then it’s best to get cuttings from …

The Haskap Berry

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The Haskap berry is another unique berry that I recommend home gardeners have alongside the blue blueberries and the pink blueberries. In Latin, the Haskap plant is known as Lonicera Caerulea. Sometimes you’ll see Haskap spelled in other ways such as Hascap, Haskaap and Hasukappu. The name is of Japanese origin.  The Haskap berry is growing in popularity and is touted as the newest super berry health food. It has greater health benefits than most other berries. Each big Haskap berry holds a powerhouse of antioxidants that are greater than that of both blueberries and cranberries.  The Haskap berry has higher levels …

The Pine Berry

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Pineberries and Strawberry

 Have you ever heard of a Pine berry? This is a berry that we all should be growing, it’s beautiful and different. It’s unique looking delicious little berry holds a special reward for those who grow them. This is my first year with them so I’ve only been able to harvest two little berries so far. They were very delicious and different. They actually did have a pineapple-y flavour! I’m hooked on them now. The Pine Berry It’s botanical name is “Fragaria ananassa”. It’s a hybrid of Fragaria chiloensis, that originated in South America, and Fragaria virginiana, which originated in North America. It’s …

Pink Lemonade Blueberry

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Have you ever seen a pink blueberry before? It looks like something that just shouldn’t exist! It’s bright pink and perfectly unique.  If you don’t have any of these plants in your garden yet then I highly recommend adding a couple to the garden this year. The best little surprise from the pink lemonade blueberry is that these these eye-catching little beauties have a taste quite different than a regular blue blueberry. You’ll be amazed, they actually have a distinct tangy sweet taste just like pink lemonade. It’s very unlikely that will you see these berries picked for sale in the …

How to Grow Carrots in Containers

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Hugging Carrots

The humble little carrot, in Latin its name is Daucus carota. Carrots of any type or colour are a great way to get yourself or the kids started in gardening. They require little skill, minimal care and minimal effort. You’re almost guaranteed a delicious harvest in the late summer with spring planting effort. Carrots are high in beta-carotene, vitamin B6, vitamin C, niacin and calcium. A carrot is actually the young root of a plant that looks a lot like Queen Ann’s Lace. There are many unusual colours of carrot, such as Purple Haze that you’ll sometimes see in the stores. The yellow, white and …

How to Grow Cherry Trees in Containers

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Cherry Tree

Cherry trees can definitely be grown in containers, just use a toy tub or something larger in depth and diameter. Dwarf cherry trees are quite tolerant to the often less than ideal, restricted environment of a container. When you purchase your young tree, choose varieties that are suitable to your region and tolerant to your particular climate.  My favourites are Bing, Stella, Van, Sunburst, and Rainier. The trees available will be the individual varieties best suited to your region. Some cherry trees are self pollinating and some are not. If you choose a self-pollinating variety, it’s ok to have only …

How to Grow Upside Down Tomatoes

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Maturing Hanging Tomatoes

These planters are designed just for growing plants upside down! It’s very cool and great for small space gardening because they don’t take up any ground area at all. They are commonly used for tomatoes and peppers. Tomatoes are easy and hard to grow at the same time. They are a bit fussy but if you keep a few rules and methods in mind then you should do just fine.                   Do                   Don’t Give tomatoes warmth and shelter Place pots or plant tomatoes under …

How to Grow Potatoes in Bags

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Potatoes Growing in Bags 2011

It’s easy to think that growing potatoes would be a challenge, but it’s really so easy when you use bags.  You don’t even need that much space and you don’t need any ground to dig in either. This is another great way to grow some veggies in a very small space. Benefits of Using Bags Very low risk of soil-borne bugs or worms   The harvest is consistently delicious and healthy It’s temporary gardening and suitable for small space gardening There is minimal mess The bags can be used from year to year The idea of growing potatoes this way has …

How to Grow Blueberries in Pots

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Young blueberry plants are quite forgiving as well, they will grow well in a container for many years. Their growth characteristic is shrub like and they have a smaller space requirement for their roots. They are definitely not like a raspberry plant and will not spread roots and underground runners far and wide in the same way. Selecting a Plant It’s important to choose a variety of blueberry which is bred to your climate zone and region of the continent. Your chances of success increase greatly right from the beginning if you do that. They do best in zones 3 – …

How to Grow Raspberries in Containers

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Red Raspberries

Are you convinced that you can’t grow anything at all and have a completely brown thumb?  I guarantee you – there is hope! Growing raspberries is like trying to grow weeds, seriously.  You’ll be able to grow a bounty of delicious raspberries, promise. They’re so easy and yummy that they make a perfect beginner crop for kids too. They can handle minimal care, less than ideal soil and will happily live in containers for years too. They’ll even take some drought and still recover to produce beautiful berries for you all season long. They thrive best in climate zones 3 to 8. …

How to Grow Basil Indoors

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Basil sprouts‏ on a windowsill

There will be no need for you to buy the costly basil plants from the nursery once you see how quickly and easily you can grow your own little forest of basil yourself. The plants for sale in the stores are usually quite expensive. This is because they are quite a high maintenance plant for the stores and nurseries. It’s a very weather sensitive plant and they also attract a lot of different pests. When planted in the garden, they’re often a magnet for slugs, snails, all kinds of bugs, bunnies and so many other creatures. The weather is big factor …