How to Build a Vertical Garden

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Vertical Garden

The design of vertical gardening systems are limited only by your imagination, available space and your desired building materials. You can create your own design quite easily. I’ll share some ideas and a few easy projects to show the ease and versatility of doing it yourself.  Sourcing It’s possible to source out supplies to build your vertical garden right in your own neighborhood. Many nurseries have a free “pot” exchange. This is where people can drop off unwanted plant containers and then others can come and pick up desired plant containers for their own projects. This is a win-win situation. Call …

How to Keep Ants Off Hummingbird Feeders

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Umbrella Ant Moat

Feeding the hummingbirds should be enjoyable and shouldn’t be a battle against the ants. They love to live under concrete too so even if you don’t have any grass or ground space most likely you’ll still have thousands of ants.  The hummingbirds will love the feeder full of sweet syrup that you put out but the ants will love it too. They can be quite a nuisance and they’ll quickly clog up the drinking spouts with their drowned bodies and eventually the birds won’t come to feed anymore.  It’s not reasonable to try and kill all the ants to keep them …

How to Sprout Raspberry Seeds in Winter

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Backyard Food Growing Yellow Raspberries

Sprouting raspberry seeds in winter takes a little effort and patience but it can really be worth it because it allows you to grow different varieties of raspberries that are not available in the nurseries. This is a good project if you have extra fridge space that will be undisturbed throughout the winter, such as a garage fridge or basement fridge. Start this project in the late summer and you’ll see results in the early spring. Always choose a reputable place to acquire your seeds. Don’t buy seeds online from China. Seeds from China have a very low germination rate …

How to Grow Grapes in Containers

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Grape Bunch 2017

Grapes are most often seen growing in long rows in vast fields, lined up perfectly on rolling hills in the sun baked valleys of the landscape. It would be easy to assume that it’s impossible to have a grape vine growing in a small space or even in a container. This isn’t true and with a little planning and pruning it’s possible to grow grapes in containers successfully. They just need a lot of nutrition and minerals to be at their best. Micro Climates Micro climates are little pockets of weather and temperature differences within another climate zone. These can …

How to Make Seed Tape

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Commercially produced seed tape is great and very convenient but the drawback is that there aren’t very many seed types that are available this way. Seed tape is also quite expensive compared to bulk seeds in packages. The solution is to make your own seed tape and use any seeds you want. You can make your own seed tape by using unbleached paper towel or unbleached toilet paper. Learning to make your own seed tape will help you accurately plant tiny seeds that are difficult to space out properly just by sprinkling. Some seeds like lettuce, carrots, basil and radishes …

How to Make Hypertufa Planters

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Round Hypertufa Planters

Hypertufa is a mixture of peat moss, cement and sand that you can sculpt and make into your own garden decor pieces and planter pots. You can create statues, birdhouses, planter pots, stepping stones and more. The choices are limited only by your imagination.  For this project you will need some space, if you are limited in your own yard or only have a balcony then ask to borrow a friend’s yard or driveway. Lay down a tarp first to keep the mess under control. Use a picnic table if there is one. Before we even get into the recipe …