Top 10 Easiest to Grow Food Plants

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Purple Carrots

There are many, many food plants out there that are easy to grow and are suitable for beginners and kids. These plants are also great for anyone who wants a low stress, low effort garden. This list is just some of my favorite ones I’ve grown in the past and that I know to be very cooperative for beginners. There are many other plants available that I’m sure are easy 1. Basil – Annual – Can be grown indoors – Pinch to encourage new growth – Likes moist, but not wet soil – Edible flowers 2. Rosemary – Perennial in …

How to Make Seed Tape

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Commercially produced seed tape is great and very convenient but the drawback is that there aren’t very many seed types that are available this way. Seed tape is also quite expensive compared to bulk seeds in packages. The solution is to make your own seed tape and use any seeds you want. You can make your own seed tape by using unbleached paper towel or unbleached toilet paper. Learning to make your own seed tape will help you accurately plant tiny seeds that are difficult to space out properly just by sprinkling. Some seeds like lettuce, carrots, basil and radishes …

Big Fat Worm on Basil

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Worm on Store Bought Basil

So I caved and actually bought a couple of basil plants from the store, I just wanted more of it and the season was passing quickly.  There wasn’t enough time to sprout more seeds. You already know that there’s never too much basil! The plants are doing beautifully and were growing nicely. I watched them for a couple of weeks while they grew and made more leaves.  I hadn’t pinched any yet and was tenderly growing and nurturing these new additions, but then I started to notice some of the branches looked as though they had been harvested or pinched already. But I …

How to Grow Basil Indoors

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Basil sprouts‏ on a windowsill

There will be no need for you to buy the costly basil plants from the nursery once you see how quickly and easily you can grow your own little forest of basil yourself. The plants for sale in the stores are usually quite expensive. This is because they are quite a high maintenance plant for the stores and nurseries. It’s a very weather sensitive plant and they also attract a lot of different pests. When planted in the garden, they’re often a magnet for slugs, snails, all kinds of bugs, bunnies and so many other creatures. The weather is big factor …