How to Grow Oriental Lilies

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Pink and White Oriental Lily

There are so many beautiful Oriental lilies available that they could easily make a stunningly colourful garden on their own without any other flowers. They’re most beautiful standing among other shorter growing flowers and shrubs. Giant Oriental lilies are really easy to grow and they produce beautiful fragrant flowers right from their first year. They are great for novice gardeners and kids gardens. The bulbs are available in the early spring and early fall. They come in a wide range of solid colours and many colour combinations. Their height ranges from 18″ to 72″ depending on the variety. They can …

Perennials That Need to Be Cut Down in Fall

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Purple Centurea

As the gardening season nears the end and the flowers have faded, most perennials get a little straggly looking and not so pretty anymore.  Some perennials and many herbaceous plants like to be cut down in the fall due to mildew and other issues in rainy areas.  There are also some perennials that prefer to be cut down in the spring because they use their dead summer foliage for winter protection usually for the crown of the plant. Here is a list of common perennials to cut down in the spring. There are many other plants that are perennial in other …


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Field of Hosta

The Hosta is a fantastically popular and easy to grow perennial plant that’s commonly used in home gardens and containers. It’s another really good one for beginner gardeners. The Hosta is suitable for a wide range of growing zones, all the way from zone 2 to zone 10. This is just one characteristic that makes them perfect for beginner gardeners, they’re almost guaranteed to grow in any region of the country and climate zone! The very tough and weather hardy Hosta is probably the most recognizable herbaceous plant that you’ll see in the nurseries and garden centers.  They’re easy to …