List of Edible Flowers

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Anise Hyssop – Mild licorice flavour. Use in fruit desserts and tea or as a garnish for iced tea Arugula – If your arugula blooms then it’s likely that the leaves are too strong to eat. But the little white flowers have a slight peppery taste and are flavourful on salads or on appetizers Basil – This one should be obvious. The tiny white flowers can be used as seasoning and the whole blooming stalk can be used as a garnish for a drink or in soups and stews Bee Balm (Monarda) – The red flowered variety of this plant …

How to Make Seed Tape

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Commercially produced seed tape is great and very convenient but the drawback is that there aren’t very many seed types that are available this way. Seed tape is also quite expensive compared to bulk seeds in packages. The solution is to make your own seed tape and use any seeds you want. You can make your own seed tape by using unbleached paper towel or unbleached toilet paper. Learning to make your own seed tape will help you accurately plant tiny seeds that are difficult to space out properly just by sprinkling. Some seeds like lettuce, carrots, basil and radishes …

The Hummingbird Vine

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Coral Trumpet Vine

The Hummingbird Vine is a very beautiful, fast growing, deciduous woody vine that hummingbirds just love. This plant is also known as a Trumpet Vine because of the shape of the flowers it produces. Aliases Trumpet Vine Hummingbird Vine Star Glory Cypress Vine Trumpet Creeper Cow Itch Vine Hell Vine Devil’s Shoestring Latin Lingo The Hummingbird vine or Trumpet Creeper is called Campsis radicans in Latin. It is a species of flowering plant in the family called Bignoniaceae. The Latin word “radicans” means “with stems that take root”. This is an important characteristic to pay attention to before purchasing and planting. This means that …

How to Grow Oriental Lilies

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Pink and White Oriental Lily

There are so many beautiful Oriental lilies available that they could easily make a stunningly colourful garden on their own without any other flowers. They’re most beautiful standing among other shorter growing flowers and shrubs. Giant Oriental lilies are really easy to grow and they produce beautiful fragrant flowers right from their first year. They are great for novice gardeners and kids gardens. The bulbs are available in the early spring and early fall. They come in a wide range of solid colours and many colour combinations. Their height ranges from 18″ to 72″ depending on the variety. They can …

Perennials to Cut Down in Spring

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Some perennial flowers and grasses need to have the assistance of their wilted summer foliage to use for winter protection and insulation from the cold wet weather. Many need the protection for the many drab rainy months of a temperate climate. These ones listed below prefer to be cut back in the spring for this reason. It’s not the end of the world if you cut something at the wrong time of the year, most plants can handle that and will recover. You may lose some of the more sensitive varieties though. I’ve included the zone range for these plants as well. …

How to Help the Mason Bees

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Mason Bee

It’s important that we help the Mason bees and provide habitats for them whenever possible.  Most everyone knows about the honey bee and how critically important its pollination duties are to the food supply we rely on. It’s also been well publicized that our honey bee is in serious trouble due to viruses and wide spread pesticide use. They’re dying off at an alarming rate. This is why we need to help the Mason bee survive and thrive at every opportunity. We need to take small scale action in our own backyards, it’s not as hard as it first seems. About …

Why Use a Mini Drip System?

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Drip Nozzle in a Cherry Tree Container

Using a drip irrigation system is a very efficient way to maximize your time and effort when it comes to watering. The system also reduces water usage in the garden while giving your plants deep root watering. The use of a properly constructed drip system will keep all the plants watered at a slow rate directly to where it’s needed and you can relax and enjoy your garden knowing that every plant is getting the water it needs. Visit The Drip Depot- Drip Irrigation Store Here Benefits of a Drip System There are several benefits to installing a drip system, …

Flowers That Hummingbirds Love

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Hummingbirds are beautiful, fast, fascinating and elegant all at the same time. Generally, hummingbirds like flowers that have a downward hanging “spout” type flower shape. So if you plant these type flowers you’re sure to attract these lovely birds. Here’s a short list of more varieties of flowers and flowering shrubs in zone 7-8 that will draw many hummingbirds from all around to your garden and from the neighbouring trees.  They are tough perennials that can withstand just about all you can throw at them from dry conditions to poor soil to the restricted environment of a container. Agastache (Texas …

Best Recipe for Hummingbird Food

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Hummingbird Resting

One of the biggest things I want to teach people how to do is make your own hummingbird food. It’s so easy, you’ll wonder why you haven’t done it before. I don’t recommend feeding the hummingbirds that red liquid the stores sell as “hummingbird food”. The red dye is not part of their natural diet and may cause health issues, including birth defects in baby hummingbirds.    I don’t want to have any part of damaging a generation (or more) of hummingbirds. When it’s so easy to make your own sugar syrup for them, there really is no reason to buy the red stuff. If you can measure …

Perennials That Need to Be Cut Down in Fall

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Purple Centurea

As the gardening season nears the end and the flowers have faded, most perennials get a little straggly looking and not so pretty anymore.  Some perennials and many herbaceous plants like to be cut down in the fall due to mildew and other issues in rainy areas.  There are also some perennials that prefer to be cut down in the spring because they use their dead summer foliage for winter protection usually for the crown of the plant. Here is a list of common perennials to cut down in the spring. There are many other plants that are perennial in other …

Getting Ready For Winter

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The warm summer season is fading and now it’s time to start getting ready for winter. Depending on the specific climate of your region, the winterizing tasks for your container garden are going to be different. The biggest thing you can do to minimize the amount of work you needed at this time of year is to buy plants specifically suited for your climate zone. Rain If you live in a very temperate, warm and rainy area then you can get away with minimal fuss and not too many things to worry about. Your biggest concern will be protecting your plants from …

Yuk! I have Spit On My Plants!

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Spittle Bug Foam

You’ll be out in the garden in early to mid spring admiring all of your fall planting work in its emerging beauty. Then, you’ll see something odd… You’ll see white globs of foamy stuff on some of your plants. You’ll think “yuk, I have spit on my plants”. Who spit on my plants?…will be the question on your mind. What’s this stuff anyway? That’s not Spit It’s not spit at all. It’s a foam created by Spittle Bug Nymphs. In Latin they are called Philaenus spumarius. At this point the nymphs are in the early stage of developing into the adult Froghopper insect. Their …